Kindle Oasis vs Paperwhite vs Basic | eReader Comparison

well hello there this is Chris went

expert and today we're gonna be taking a

good long hard look at the Amazon Kindle

family so here on the left you've got

basic Kindle which is available for 69

pounds here in the UK in the middle

you've got the kid little purple white

which cost 119 pounds bit of a jump up

in price they're almost double the cost

and then here on the right we've got a

fresh new Kindle Oasis 2019 just

unveiled last week and that's 229 pounds

so definitely one if your mr. or mrs.

moneybags now if you're thinking of

buying an e-reader chances are you're

going to get an Amazon Kindle there are

alternatives available such as the likes

of the COBOL form which is actually a

really good strong rival to the Kindle

away system not as premium device with

full waterproofing and everything but of

course the cables are one of the most

popular and the Kindle Store offers

great support in terms of thousands of

thousands in fact of e-books but of

course even if you do decide to get a

Kindle the question is which Kindle is

best for you so you just go for the

basic 69 quid model or should you really

splash out on something like the

paperwhite of your waist as well as do a

full comparisons you can see exactly

what the difference is between them and

which one might be best for you so it's

not naturally with desire now as you can

see the basic Kindle and the Kindle

paperwhite very very similar the pip-boy

is ever so slightly taller despite the

fact that they both have a 6 inch e-ink

screen but the killer louis's is

definitely the big fat mama of the tree

or as you can see there it's actually

got a bigger 7 inch screen but it does

have quite skinny bezels above and below

on to the right but to the left you've

got this big fat chunky bezel that's

partly to house the physical page turn

buttons which you don't get with the

other two models and it's actually also

because of the ergonomic style design

here on their waist asaji can see their

one edge does juts out it's heavily

weighted towards that edge which just

gives a nice comfortable grip and it

doesn't matter which way you have hold

it either left-handed or right-handed it

works a charm

definitely for those extended reading

sessions as long as you can see there

the basic Kindle and the Kindle

paperwhite support the same flat

finished nor economic style fanciness

there that said all three of these

Amazon Kindles are very very comfortable

to Klutch for a long lazy afternoon in

terms of the weight you got hundred

seventy four grams versus 182 versus 188

so as you can see even the the standard

basic Kindle it's not a big hefty chunky

monkey or anything like that that said

if you are going to be indulgent in the

old cheeky reading session in the bath

and you'll want to be looking at the

paperwhite all the Oasis both of these

or IPX

water-resistant them is if you drop them

in the bathtub or god forbid a swim and

pull something like that they'll be fine

they can be submerged in up to 2 meters

of water for up to an hour whereas the

standard basic cannot avoiding nor water

splash resistance at all so you want to

keep that mother as dry as possible

probably worth pointing out the other

that is fresh water we're talking about

here not sea water so don't go swimming

in the sea with your Kindle not a good

idea and last up on the design front

while the standard basic Kindle and the

Kindle paperwhite or made of soft touch

plastic around the back you get a nice

metal finish here on the Kindle Oasis so

it is a bit more rugged and one of the

advantages of grabbing an e-reader over

simply reason unlike your tablet your

phone something like that is it is an

e-ink display that's a nice low powered

display uses very little power in order

to run while still providing a really

nice easy on the eye comfortable reading

experience there are a couple little

differences between these three Kindles

so first up of course is a 6 inch

display here on the basic and the

paperwhite rose the wiz has bumped that

up to 7 inches good news if you are like

really large text or if you like to read

a lot of graphic novels there is a

difference in terms of resolution as

well the paperwhite in the Oasis offer a

nice crisp 300 pixels per inch whereas

here on the basic model you just get 167

pixels per inch it's a lower resolution

you'll notice that if you look really

particularly closely at some of these

cover art images here the text you'll

see it definitely is sharper on the

other tube you don't have to look quite

close in order to notice that where

you'll really notice that difference in

resolution is if you really like small

text so for instance if you look really

close here you'll see the text appears

nice and crispy on the paperwhite and

the Oasis res on the basic model

unfortunate does look a bit fuzzy it's

not very pleasant to read but of course

the main reason for bumping up to that

300 pixel per inch resolution is if

you're going to be enjoying comic books

graphic novels or any books with


this is here if you want to be reading a

full page of a graphic novel without

hambo zoom into all of the individual

panels something that the Kindles can do

you'll notice that the text here is

perfectly legible on the paperwhite and

the Oasis or as you're really struggling

here on the basic Kindle it's really

hard to make out some of those words

because they are as I say a little bit

fuzzy if you're not bothered about all

that governs however the basic Kindle

does have a very good screen it is now

fully backlit in this 2019 incarnation

which is great to see so

matter if you're trying to read in a

pitch-black room on a really bright

sunshiny day all three of these devices

will do the job nicely and of course

fully adjust the brightness here in the

Kindle settings scene but all the way

down to basically off if you like to

help preserve battery power otherwise as

I say if you're trying to read in a

really bright environment then you can

bump it all the way up to the top and

that will definitely do the job the

Kindle Oasis does seem to go a little

bit brighter than the other two which is

definitely good to see and you'll notice

there as well that the Kent Lewis's

actually has an auto brightness setting

which is something that's missing from

the other two Kindles so what I'll do is

it basically just takes a read of the

environmental conditions and it can

automatically scale up right into

something done so you don't have to keep

diving into the settings so friends are

supposed to turn all of these lights off

and just make the room nice and dark as

you can see there it started trickling

down just to match the environmental

conditions it does sometimes take a

little while to get going unfortunately

so it's not the swiftest of auto

brightness it certainly isn't as fast as

a smartphone or something like that but

as you can see it does work it does mean

you don't have to even think about

changing the brightness it'll just do it

all on its lawn some lovely and well

through these devices are backlit the

you Asus does offer a stronger

performance in terms of the uniformity

of that backlight and you get four LEDs

here on the basic Kindle you get five on

the paperwhite and you get a whopping 25

here on the Oasis again that's not one

of those things that most people will

even really notice to be perfectly

honest the back line is good here on the

more basic two models but you will

notice that it's becoming a little bit

patchy especially if you're reading in

the dark whereas the Oasis it's nice and

flush nice and uniform throughout the

display and you will notice that the

Kindle Oasis has another display setting

that is lacking from the other two

Amazon devices as well and that is the

color temperature scale so what you can

do is you can boost the color warmth all

the way up to the maximum there it's

really good for those law light reads

and experiences so if you read a lot in

bed at night we'd recommend the Oasis

purely for that setting it's a nice

comfortable easy on the eye experience

and it's a lot less disruptive to any

bed partners things like that as well

now this probably isn't quite so easy to

appreciate when you're seeing it on

video as opposed to if you actually seen

it with your eyes in real life but I've

knocked up all the lights and definitely

the us's is so much nicer

to stare at in this state with the nice

warm colors come back with rather harsh

glare coming from the other two of

course you can bump down the brightness

to sort of come to that and sort of get

it at a level where you're comfortable

with it but you can still actually read

the text but yeah if you are doing a lot

of nighttime reading the Oasis is the

way to go and it's also worth pointing

out as well you can actually schedule

the color temperature change as well so

you can have it automatically turn

warmer between sunset and sunrise or

actually manually set up between two

particular times and one last little

difference before I forget it as well of

course the kindle basic in the kindle

paperwhite were designed to be read in

this orientation nice and simple but the

fact that you've got the physical

controls here on the Oasis means you can

hold it either in your left hand or your

right hand and the screen will actually

reorient it depending on which way

you're holding it as well which is a

nice little feature lookups the actual

Kindle UI there's not much difference at

all between these three devices as you

can see your whole desktop is busy the

same you've got fast access to your

library and then you've got various

recommendations from the likes the

Kindle Store depending on what you've

read previously you also have fast

access to Goodreads and the Amazon

Kindle Store and all three of them so

you can dive straight into that store

and get some new books on the go it is

worth pointing out though if you do want

to jump online on your Kindle and

download some new books you only get

Wi-Fi support here on the more basic

Kindle whereas the paperwhite in the US

has come with an option of having some

mobile data support as well as you can

actually download all the 3G or 4G if

you can't get connected to a Wi-Fi

network and that's all absolutely free

to use once you've paid for the Kindle

it will cost you a little bit more for

the model that supports that mobile data

though there's also a bit of a

difference on the storage front as well

here on the more basic model you only

get four gigs of storage I see it only

that's still enough for hundreds if not

thousands of e-books depend on what your

downloads and as the other two models

you get a choice of either it or 32

gigabytes of storage definitely good

news if you're downloading a lot of

audiobooks there's basically bugger-all

difference between these three Kindles

as far as the reading features are

concerned as well once you actually dive

into a book so for instance in quickly

and easily change up the size of the

text you could play around with the

actual font and the jumbled way that the

text is displayed you can have the time

display when you're reading you can see

exactly how much time you have left in

your particular chapter or in the entire

book if you want to wrestle Ong to the

line the numbers on recently introduced

themes to the Kindle range as well which

just makes it quick and easy to change

up your settings to a particular style

that you'd like without having to mess

around in the settings manually of

course when you're actually in a book

you can just long press on a words on a

on all three of these Kindles they'll be

highlighted and then you'll get a

dictionary definition and you'll also

have the option of being able to check

it out on Wikipedia and of course you

can bookmark highlight share stuff

online all kinds of stuff as for the

file support well it's exactly the same

again on all three of these Amazon

Kindle devices you can of course

download audible books on all three so

you can listen to a good audiobook on

the go a few your hands are not

available for proper reason of course

you don't have a built-in speaker on any

of these three Kindles you will need to

connect a pair of headphones or a

speaker via bluetooth now you've got

full support for PDFs docx files gifts

PNG z' things like that that you can get

the full list on Amazon's website but

basically you can look at a good range

of stuff on this not just stuff

downloaded from the Kindle Store and now

finally in this comparison let's discuss

battery life and of course the Kindles

back in the day used to have insane

battery life they would keep on going

for a month or two in between charges

but now of course got all that backlit

screen action things like that means

obviously the battery doesn't last quite

as long Amazon is very very bad at

giving exact specs on its battery tech

in its personal devices however the

killer louis's does seem to have a

slightly bigger battery than the other

two probably helped along by that larger

chassis so it does seem to get an extra

couple of days of use compared with the

standard Kindle and the Kindle

paperwhite just based on an hour or two

of Reason day but basically all three of

them you probably be charging them up

every week these days and then

fortunately all three of these Kindles

do use micro USB to charge or rather

than the fresh new type C which is a bit

of a bummer and that right there is my

full comparison between the all new

Amazon Kindle range for 2019 as you can

see the basic Kindle has a lot gone for

it if you just want a straightforward

device for reads and ebooks or last you

a good long while it's got a backlit

screen and everything which is fantastic

it'll definitely do the job however if

you do want something that's

water-resistant with a nice crisp screen

I would definitely recommend bumping up

slap paper why it's better you if you're

gonna be reading a lot of graphic novels

things like that

the Kindle Lewis is is difficult to

recommend at that ridiculous 229 pound

price point compared with the paperwhite

considering the screen resolution is


you've still got that water resistance

and everything here on the paperwhite

the only real advantages that the USS

offers is I do slightly prefer the

design the ergonomic finish the fact

you've got those physical page turn

buttons is a big selling point for me as

well I really enjoy that and then of

course you've got the the fact they've

got the auto brightness and the color

temperature settings the color

temperature in particular is really good

for those low-light reading sessions so

which one of you most tempted by and why

defi let us know in the comments down

below be gritty or thoughts hopefully

that was helpful and if you do want more

on the latest and greatest tech please

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