Best eReaders in 2020 - For Ebooks & PDF's!

when it comes to buying the right

products there's a lot to look out for

that's why today we've picked and

reviewed the five best models for you

we've spent many hours researching these

products and we've ranked them by many

different factors such as price quality

durability performance and more you can

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before we jump into the best Erie ders

first I want to talk about a few things

you should look at before buying one

firstly sighs one of the most important

things you need to check out before

buying an e-reader is the right size

nowadays there are plenty of great

options when it comes to size if you

want an e-reader that you can take with

you you should look at something with a

smaller size however if you want a

larger screen you can read more

comfortably then you should check out

the larger ones you just have to pick

the right size for you

secondly screen type another important

thing is the screen type before you pick

an e-reader first you'll need to know if

you don't mind reading books on an LCD

screen or if you prefer the more paper

light look of something like the e-ink

the good thing about the e-ink is that

it reduces eyestrain and it improves the

battery life on the other hand an LCD

screen can display color and it comes

with a touchscreen which is great

however in the end this all depends on

you thirdly

battery life another important

consideration is battery life if you're

a person that likes to read only when

you're at home then the battery life

might not be a big problem however if

you're a person that's always on the

road and love to read while traveling

then the battery life is one of the most

important things

eery ders that have web browsing and

Wi-Fi tend to have a shorter battery

life compared to the ones that don't

lastly storage another important thing

is storage this one determines just how

much media you can fit on your e-reader

if you're a multimedia eReader that

likes to play music and watch videos

then you should take a look for

high-capacity eery ders however there

are a lot of readers that come with a

slot for an SD card which is great so

without further ado let's take a look at

our top 5 picks are the best

eery ders in 2020 and see if you can

find the e-reader that fits you best at

number 5 it's the Kobo Libre h2o as you

may know since their introduction Eve

readers have been continuously improved

to cover every book lovers needs

nowadays there are plenty of great

readers that are very light easy to use

and even waterproof one of the best

waterproof e-readers in the market is

the Kobo Libre h2o it's perfectly sized

for one-handed use as it may

six point four by five point seven by

0.3 inches and it weighs around six

point eight ounces also you can get this

one in black or white matte plastic it's

seven inches which is good enough and it

boasts an IP x8 certification and this

means it can survive for up to an hour

in two meters of water which is great

furthermore when it comes to the display

this one has a 1685 1260 for PE

resolution which translates to 300

pixels per inch which makes this ereader

ideal for comfortable reading the back

of the libre h2o looks pretty nice and

it has a great stipple texture it has an

e-ink screen which is great for reading

in both dark rooms and direct sunlight

and moreover I should mention that this

one connects to the internet using 2.4

gigahertz Wi-Fi this one has a storage

of 8 gigabytes which means you can store

up to 6,000 books it has 512 megabytes

around which is good enough but when it

comes to big PDFs it may be a bit of a

problem as it may crash it has a pretty

nice software which lets you tap and

hold the text to search for unfamiliar

words adjust fonts and more what I like

most about this eReader is that it has

the ability to save articles online and

then you can read them later with pocket

this one has a 1200 mAh battery and it

can last you for several weeks which is

amazing it has many more great features

and it really is one of the best in the

market at number four it's the Kobo

Klara HD moving on we have the Kobo

Clara HD this one is very easy to hold

with a nice design sharp screen color

changing backlight and many more great


it measures 6.3 by 4.3 by 0.3 inches

that it weighs around 5.9 ounces the

gara HD has a six inch 300 dpi e-ink

carter screen which is very sharp the

back on this one is a bit tapered with a

stipple pattern that makes it very easy

to hold it has only one physical button

and that is the power button you should

know that the Clara HD has thick bezels

but the thing is that they help with

holding the device comfortably while

you're reading furthermore on the bottom

it has a micro USB charging port which

sits along with a power button it has

every feature that an e-reader should

have the only thing missing is the water

resistance every

eles is top-notch as I mentioned earlier

this one has a 300 dpi e-ink screen

which produces sharp images and crisp

texts it can also manage brightness

automatically throughout the day which

is amazing it uses the Comfort light Pro

technology this feature is a blue light

filter that works by tracking the time

and your time zone automatically and it

reduces the amount of blue light

exposure you can download plenty of

great books using the Kobo store and

this eReader connects to the internet

using 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi if you tap on

words you can highlight them share

quotes and get dictionary definitions

which is amazing it has many more great

features that you should check out and

see if this is the e-reader you were

looking for at number 3 it's the Kobo

former another high-end Kobo e-reader is

the Kobo former this one is pretty large

has great features - it has an 8 inch

1920 by 1440 e-ink Mobius screen which

delivers sharp images it has a handle

next to the screen with some buttons on

the back side of this eReader is

textured overall the design is pretty

nice and it looks very premium it

measures 6.2 nine by six point nine

seven by 0.33 inches and it weighs

around 6.9 ounces which is great I

should also mention that this one too

features a color-changing backlight and

you can manually slide from yellow to

blue the screen of this one is built

like a rock which means that it's very

durable but I would recommend that you

get a cover for it just in case it is a

bit large but it still feels very light

and comfortable to use the fact that

this one uses a plastic back e-ink

mobius screen makes the former more

flexible and durable it supports a

pretty wide range of formats like epub

mobi PDF HTML CBR and more it has 8

gigabytes of storage and 512 megabytes

of RAM but unfortunately it doesn't have

a micro SD card slot for connecting to

the store

this one has 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi which

is good enough something else I should

mention is that there are 17 lights you

can make the screen white warm cold and

more it's waterproof with a certified

IPS 8 rating which is amazing it has

many more great features that you should

check out and see if this is the

reader you were looking for at number


it's the Kindle oasis one of the most

premium readers in the market right now

is the Kindle Oasis this one has a

pretty large high quality screen

automatic brightness great design and

many more great features that might help

you a lot during your recording sessions

it's a bit expensive and it still uses

micro USB charging but everything else

is top-notch it also has the color

adjustable integrated light which allows

you to customize the color tone from

warm to cool something else I should

mention is that you can schedule the

screen warmth to update automatically

with sunrise and sunset which is great

it's available in champagne gold or

graphite it's fully waterproof to ipx8

if I'd and it has a pretty sharp 300

pixel per inch 7 inch display one of the

best things about this e-reader is then

it has an improved generation of ink

which is much faster than other

e-readers in our two buttons on the

right for skipping forward and backward

you should also know that the screen is

backlit by 25 LEDs which is amazing you

can get the 8 gigabyte version or the 32

gigabyte version and you also have

access to over 1 million titles and

thousands of audiobooks which is great

it really is one of the best and you

should definitely check it out at number

one it's the Kindle paperwhite coming up

at the top of our list we have the

Kindle paperwhite if you want the best

of the best you should definitely check

out this one as it delivers amazing

value for its affordable price it has a

pretty nice looking design it's

waterproof has audiobook integration and

has many more great features that will

deliver you an excellent reading

experience it doesn't have a flashy

design but it still looks very nice

thanks to its minimalistic looks it has

a pretty lightweight construction and

it's very thin it's made of matte

plastic construction and it's very easy

to hold in the hands you can read for

hours and I assure you you won't feel

any discomfort whatsoever one of the

best things about this one is that it's

very durable and it can last you for

years without a single problem I

recommend you get a microfiber cloth and

clean this device from time to time

because it tends to pick up fingerprints

and dust pretty quickly something else

you should know is that the paperwhite

has an IP x8

proof rating and this means it can be

submerged two meters deep into

freshwater which is amazing moreover

this one has a six inch e-ink display

with 300 pixels per inch resolution and

there are plenty of LED lights on the

sides of the screen when it comes to

battery life this one can last you for

weeks and it only takes 90 minutes to

charge fully from a drained battery

which is amazing everything about this

ereader is top-notch I would highly

recommend this device to anyone who's

looking for a solidly built ereader that

has plenty of features and has a very

reasonable price thanks for watching I

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