The Best Emulators for Android

hey everyone mr. Suja no here in today's

video I'm going over my picks for the

best emulator apps on Android in 2020

let's get started so why did this video

just a few years back and things have

changed considerably since then I'll

leave a link to this video in the

description below if you do want to

check it out now there are a ton of

different emulator apps available on the

Google Play Store when it comes down to

it at the end of the day it's going to

be your own personal preference that

dictates which one you use

there is really no real wrong answer if

you really like a certain emulator that

is absolutely fine now one of the

biggest changes since the last video

that I did is that the good emulators

now the I would say the cream of the

crop emulators the best ones available

you have to pay for they're no longer

all free for example my boy is no longer

a free app now yes this app is only $5

but for example if you are purchasing

well I don't know maybe 10 different

apps for ten different systems it's

going to run you at $5 a piece it's

gonna run you 50 bucks now if you want

to spend the money and purchase all of

the best apps you can that is absolutely

no problem but I will say just because

you purchased it doesn't mean it's going

to be the best app out there forever

something else may come along and may do

something better now with the state of

emulation on Android things are always

getting better things are always

improving it's really really fascinating

because things don't necessarily get

stale there's always some sort of

improvement that comes along if you are

looking for the best free emulator the

best free app overall I would highly

highly highly recommend retroarch

this one is a little confusing to set up

I used to not recommend it because it

was confusing it does take a little bit

of effort but they have made some very

big strides in the past few years and

have made this considerably more user

friendly on top of that retroarch can

emulate almost any system you want to on

Android any system that's available to

be emulated on Android retroarch

probably has it it's truly an all-in-one

solution and it's very very good I can't

recommend this enough I do have a video

on how to initially set this

I will leave a link to that in the

description below but I will be coming

out with a video to make it even easier

I highly recommend trying this out and

giving it a whirl because it's free and

it works very well

on top of that there is a 64 bit version

if you have a 64 bit phone that you can

try out as well

another big selling feature of retroarch

is the fact that Bluetooth controllers

work incredibly well with some of the

apps Bluetooth controllers can lag a

little bit retroarch does an incredible

job at handling that bluetooth

connection now if for some reason you're

dead set against using retroarch that's

absolutely fine it's your own personal

preference and if you want to use

standalone apps you can and they are

available so I will start with the

handheld systems if you're looking at

emulating the Game Boy

I'd recommend Pizza boy it is a Game Boy

Color emulator absolutely free if you

want some more options there is a paid

version of this app that does Game Boy

and Game Boy Color and that is sitting

at four dollars and fifty cents so it's

piece of boy Pro it's the paid version

it unlocks a few more features now

continuing on with a Nintendo theme here

for Game Boy Advance I would recommend

pizza boy GBA free it's absolutely free

there is a paid version of this app as

well and it is four dollars and fifty

cents now by upgrading to the paid

version you do unlock some additional

features which is great but at the same

time you can get away with just using

the free version it's really up to you

if you like the free version and want to

upgrade that's fine if you like the free

version and just want to stick with it

that's fine too it's four dollars and

fifty cents to upgrade it's not a whole

lot but if you are upgrading all of

these systems to the premium version

they do add up now for a Nintendo DS

this emulator is very very good and that

is drastic so this is a five dollar

emulator but well worth it if you are

into emulating Nintendo DS it's

extremely easy to use it works on a lot

of different devices and it works very

very well I do have a video on how to

set this up and how to get going with it

and I will leave a link to that in the

description below for Nintendo 3ds I

would recommend Citra it's actually I

think the only one available out there

right now it's currently in beta form


we'll be coming to the Google Playstore

eventually the Citra team is hard at

work and making an official version of

this but right now there is a free

version I'll leave a link to that in the

description below I also did a video on

how to set this one up if you're

interested in emulating the Neo Geo

pocket then ng P mu is the emulator for

you it's a very good emulator and it's

listed at 5 bucks now if you want to

emulate the old game gear on Android you

can is this the best system absolutely

not not by a wide margin but at the same

time if you're a fan of the game gear

then you can emulate it I'd recommend

using master gear so it's for Master

System and Game Gear it is listed at

$4.99 it's a pretty good app now if

you're into emulating PSP well there is

an app for you for that ppsspp is very

very good at emulating PSP games and I

really like it it is absolutely free

there are no ads it's an amazing app if

you do want to pay there is a paid

version for $4.99 and that is ppsspp

gold the difference between the two

nothing there is no difference between

the two the $4.99 for the paid version

just goes towards the developer so if

you really like the app and you want to

support the developer you can there is

that option otherwise you can just try

it out for free and see if you like it

for the Atari 2600 2600 emu is probably

your best bet

outside of retroarch and it's listed at

$3 for any other version of the Atari

stick with retroarch

now for the ColecoVision there are two

versions of this app a free version with

ads and a paid version

I'd recommend picking up the free

version first and seeing if you like it

if you do you can spring for the paid

version which is ad free at $4.99 now

for you turbo graphics 16 and PC engine

fans PC EMU is the emulator for you it's

listed at 3 dollars and 99 cents for the

turbo graphics there aren't really a lot

of great options out there retroarch

does a fantastic job but if you don't

want to use retroarch try PC EMU for the

original Nintendo there are two apps

that I'd recommend outside of retroarch

and that is nostalgia NES if you're

looking for a free version there are

in this version but it runs fairly well

if you're looking for a paid version for

the better version that is any SMU and

it's listed at four dollars now for SNES

I'd recommend snes9x ax+

this is a great emulator I mentioned

this emulator on my emulator Awards of

2019 I'll leave a link to that in the

description below as well it is a very

very good emulator for the n64 I would

recommend em 64 plus I've said or FC if

you're in the States this is a very very

good emulator there are two versions a

free and paid version so you can check

it out for the free version or you can

pay 399 for the paid version this does a

great job with the n64 and it's very

easy to use now if you want to emulate

the Nintendo GameCube on Android you can

heck if you wanted to try to emulate a

Nintendo Wii with very little success

probably you can as well using this

emulator so this is dolphin emulator it

is absolutely free it's a hundred

percent free and it's very good you will

need a very powerful Android device in

order to run this well but it does run

GameCube games the emulator is in beta

form and the team does a great job to

continually make improvements so if this

does not work well on your phone now

either a pick up a better phone or be

wait some time because this emulator

gets better with time for the Sega

Genesis the Sega Megadrive the Sega CD

and the Sega Master System I would

recommend MDM you this is a very good

emulator it's listed at $5 and if you

can see the theme here dot emu there all

done by Robert Prague Lea who also did

snes9x e^x + which is also a very good

emulator I would say generally you can't

go wrong when you're choosing one of

these they will add up in price but at

the same time they generally work pretty

good for the Sega Saturn

I'd recommend yabba sanshiro now there

is a free and paid version of this app

the free version does contain ads the

paid version of this app is called

llaves and shiro pro and it's a little

more expensive than others listed at 5

dollars and 60 cents for the sega

dreamcast the

undisputed king outside of retroarch is

read reams so this emulator is free to

download on the Google Play Store but it

will cost you six dollars this app has a

great interface it's very intuitive it

looks nice

it runs very well and it's easy to use

for the original PlayStation the PSX RPS

one I'd recommend EPS X II it's a very

good emulator it's listed at $3.75 but

anyways that's all I've got for today I

did try to hit all of the major systems

I might have missed one or two I hope I

didn't if I did let me know in the

comments below and I'll try to comment

back with an emulator that I do

recommend at the end of the day I do

recommend retroarch above everything

this is the one-stop shop that I would

recommend trying out first so if you

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