The PERFECT Employee Challenge - Job Simulator (VR)

I think a little girl just stole my

ketchup return my mustard and left

behind a million dollar lottery ticket

does that count as a mistake right

he took him I didn't hand it to him

that's his mistake right oh come on

what's up guys and welcome back to job

simulator so today I decided to return

to try to do the most difficult thing in

this game my job okay I've done a lot of

screwing around in this series but

that's the easy part

like actually doing your job correctly

and making no mistakes is borderline

impossible I don't think I've ever

actually managed to do it so today I'm

gonna try to be the little employee and

if I screw up enough not only am I gonna

get fired for my job and have to move on

to another one

but as equal punishment I'm gonna be

forced to say something nice about job

BOTS but not to his face because we're

doing this an infinite overtime so


yeah you know what I think I might be

ready yeah I'm ready we're gonna start

off with the store clerk because I feel

like this is definitely the easiest one

to screw up well I know I'm ready but

I've been meaning to ask are you sure

you're ready like how is it that you

drink coffee when your mouth is just a

line on a screen do you ever go into

sleep mode like how do you have bags

under your eyes when you don't have

eyelids these are the things that I need

to ask I'm just concerned about your

well-being okay so that's how that works

not all that well I just think you need

a little bit less coffee dribbling down

your chin and a little bit more USB plug

in time baby we're open 24/7 so I can

expect a customer any minute now but the

way this is gonna work is if I screw up

three times if I get three strikes I'm

out I'm fired I have to move on to

another job but for every single strike

I get I have to say something nice

this idiot and I'm also just now

realizing that we didn't turn gravity on

which is gonna make things so much more

complicated I'm not gonna lose my

condiments I'm not gonna have anybody

steal from me okay we good I think we're

ready for customer I am gonna keep

throwing these at your face because that

is perfectly legal it is possible to get

to burrito just one burrito

so burritos would be in here and I'm not

gonna eat it

um do I need to heat it up I don't think

so okay we're just gonna there we go and

in the you see what I mean complicated

slushy okay that that carrots is being

bagged good slushy let's see here we got

slushie machines and you wanted blue

we're gonna give him the right color oh

we only have green and purple green and

purple don't make blue ah crap maybe if

I try really hard I can make blue oh oh

oh that was kind of blue that was almost

blue almost there we go that's gross

here you are good oh you want to are you

supposed to check oh hold on that's not

a mistake

he didn't leave with it we're good we're

good you need duvet cover ointment for

your grandfather

okay goods I didn't give him the wrong

thing that's good I thought I was just

gonna give him something random and that

would have been a mistake okay so now

everything is turning up properly 498 I

don't know I there's a thing like I

can't read this this doesn't help me

you get back to job have a nice day I'm

not even gonna steal your hat you take

your floating burrito there we go

one customer down you see what I mean

like I got to avoid like scanning my

hand and handing them a wrong thing and

this is gonna be way more difficult than

any other job I've done I don't suppose

you would want to make yourself useful

or anything but maybe clean up that

bathroom if somebody comes in here is

about to have an emergency I really

don't want to have to tell him to take a

dump in the recycling bin

but that's why do I try what why do I

even try hello ma'am like I don't know

do we give refunds for moldy apples do

we sell apples what's the right thing to

do here I'm definitely not gonna eat

that and throw up in your face is that

the right thing to do do I eat it and

throw up in her face I don't know how

about we do what it tells us to do and

just see what happens

Apple is one cents okay

is this a cent I just put this in here

this is 498 that doesn't make any sense

get it does it make any sense because

it's just one cent technically

technically I did my job right oh god it

just floats off into space you see

that's the thing I can technically still

screw with people I need to screw with

people it's part of me I just need to do

the job right so technically we actually

did do it right there if I had eaten the

Apple and then throw up then it would

have been a mistake

next customer what have you got for me

somebody weird no doubt

oh yeah that's weird hello Elton John


people really shop for chips I feel like

you just go buy chips yeah okay no I'm

not gonna question you right you're the

customer so freaking tempted to steal

your hat and glasses but that would be

against the law so instead I'm gonna

jumbo-sized a bag of chips snacks did

you want the blue ones did you want to

shop around we have a whole lot of

different kinds of chips we got blue

yellow blue orange that kind of thing no

I think he just wants blue okay

triangles what the was that oh no no no

no no no no no no no hmm that's gonna be

difficult to fix ah crap you see they

don't label the buttons this is a


cash register I don't know what I'm

supposed to do here that doesn't work

okay that that makes things worse that

makes things worse that makes things

just don't clear his fruit the five

finger discount isn't clear what about

this goods I think we're good I don't

think that's technically a mistake okay

I have your triangles where'd your

triangles go oh oh oh that's I have your

triangles now

we're gonna make them extra big you now

have a pillow of ranch-flavored

triangles we're gonna shove them in the


I should have rang them up first there

we go

we could see here slushy Mart coupon

half off sometimes valid when purchasing

some things Oh God um Bryce may actually

be tripled or quadrupled good to know

good to know so if I trouble quadruplet

by accident did that did that do

anything I saw a barcode so I swiped it

but am I supposed to hit the button oh

that's not good it's done tripled or

quadrupled right it were 99 cents a

dollar dying down something like that I

don't remember crap okay um well if it's

half off

then I thought was this nope hmm hold on

hold on hold on mm that's not right

that's not right I'm getting there okay

we're give it back stop doing that and

try to get this right okay there we go

99 cents and then half off hmm

99 cents and then off half off and then

we're gonna ring him up for this is it

my fault I Drive my best or what do you

mean half of 99 cents is $2,000 fine

fine fine fine you know what that's

that's a mistake this is only one

mistake okay that there's only counts as

one this wasn't fair so excited to where

you stopped flashings over your face has

punishment to have to say something nice

about job art and that thing that I'll

say is that he's tough okay

I've brought hon of stuff at his face

every episode and always Wingham and

he'll spark and he'll flinch but he

won't complain and and that's the true

sign of toughness I'm so happy he's not

hearing me say these things right now

next customer all right you're pretty

tough too if I can ever actually manage

to hit you in the face with stuff

sometimes it just floats off hi little


what happened to your voice you're very

pink with pigtails

but it's like two o'clock in the morning

raining out bad part of town and you

sound like a dude wait a minute didn't

you say that this was a loser but you

have to get anything out of it you'll

take anything in return but he scratched

off three of the same thing this is

clearly a winner this guy one did too

this guy won a million dollars I mean

it's not technically smuggled bucks it's


a lot of money and is a lot of money

worth another strike the first thing

that comes to mind is do I steal this I

really don't want to give you a million

dollars uh hold on let's just yeah

that's the price of the tickets okay so

I'm supposed to give you a million

dollars which I probably have in the

safe no no no no no not my condiments

ten pots I think a little girl just

stole my ketchup return my mustard and

left behind a million dollar lottery

ticket does that count as a mistake

great he took him I didn't hand it to

him that's his mistake right oh come on

all right fine there's my second strike

so now I need to say something else nice

about job lots god I don't have anything

prepared oh my god this is actually

impossible I've been standing here

listening to this awful music or like

three minutes trying to come up with

something the job bot is really good at

undressing me with his eyes he has a

real talent for staring at humans and

making them naked in his weird little CR

T head I don't know okay that definitely

counts is that count like that counts

that's why I didn't hit you there of

course hello

Dumbo's how's popsicle I could do but

you stay the hell away from my whole lot

of money I need to put this somewhere

safe yeah you know what I think probably

somewhere it's safe would be in here

with all the floating cheese there we go

you saw nothing

popsicle would be in the freezer right

okay there we go

so freezer popsicle you wanted blue

right blue I'm just gonna assume this is

your order because people are never

specific there we go okay so I'm not

gonna eat it I'm gonna keep it away from

my mouth I don't know if I trust this

thing with food I was a little bit

steamy or

I laid it there and I hit it and it did

a whole lot of steam oh you know what

it's probably fine yeah everything came

up fine being sanitary is a part of my

job description I'm sure so you can go

in the bag and bring it up then put it

in the bag why is it so hard to note no

give it back okay I gotta bring it up

gotta bring it up first lady stop that

mmm I swear to God okay

hey my condiments are back the ketchup

come from you just go right there okay

bring you up put you in the bag you

really don't want me to hit some buttons

on the register trust me you're coming

in at a dollar ninety-nine right now I

got a hit three buttons I don't even

have a choice here how am I gonna hit

three buttons to bring it to a dollar

ninety-nine this is impossible

um okay there you go you can just put

that in your face as oh that's whoa whoa

whoa that's kind of weird do I just have

an infinite source of coupons what is

going on why do I have two coupons now

with the other coupon come from I need

to do both oh I don't know what's

happening oh crap okay hold on hold on

we got three buttons to press how are we

gonna fix this with three buttons you so

double it in half and then three and

then we can ring you up again right okay

three what then we'll bring you up again

dollar ninety-nine okay good good

everything just you take your coupons

with you lady okay

dollar ninety-nine popsicles aren't

produce that's that's not how that works

should I be giving her the coupons no no

no no she stole my mustard my mustard

was in the bottom of her bag yay oh my

monsters back okay that doesn't count as

a mistake she returned it everybody okay

you guys all saw was that a mistake no

that's what I thought perfect okay so

stop getting stolen you can I don't know

go go over here someplace safe I did it


that counts I got a promotion I'm

feeling really good about the heck how

many strikes on my own right now - right

- because of the money that I earned um

did you just see that I'm pretty sure

there was a ghost drawer there a second

to go hold on what was that that was


okay keep an eye out for any kind of

ghost lottery drawers appearing and

disappearing that was that was

concerning finally getting this stupid

cash register down pat people aren't

gonna mess me over the ghost register

thing is back you see you see it's there

what is wrong with this thing oh I got a

bunch of oh hey hey hey I'm not looking

for trouble guys okay

but they all came in with you

I'm so confused right now so am I not

being robbed or what nobody can look me

in the eye these most Awkward robberies

ed what are they doing that's just

floating around so I need to I need to

hit him with stuff I've never seen this


um uh I guess I could use let's just

newspapers right I'm pretty sure that's

the kind of thing you would use

yesterday's news these are worthless

let's just stay yep super lame get the

hell out of here that is so close I

could make this a little bit easier on

myself there we go now I'm not gonna

miss sadly it is sir trust me I didn't

think so either but suck it now I got

giant newspapers floating around my

store that's nice do you just randomly

like bring up facts as you splash

yourself in the face I think he's

short-circuiting I honestly think the

seal around his screen isn't all that


and that little dribble on his chin is

kind of leaking down onto his hard drive

or something like that you didn't notify

me of the weird little ghost drawer it

was there again if I pull this is gonna

show up no Oh howdy partner what

happened to the other dude right the

dude that I kicked all the customers out

for I got rid of three paying customers

for one guy and he never freakin came

back good now your problem sorry I know

you have no idea what's going on I just

need to make some hotdogs great hot dogs

easy enough I got hot dogs down here I

might waste a few but that's okay let's

be honest you don't waste hot dogs

they'll sit here for weeks at a time get

some nice toasty buns you want a toasty

bun man that's on sexual harassment okay

don't don't don't get on and move in

here here we go just gotta get my

wieners down hold on it's so difficult

mmm so difficult to cook wieners in

syrup that's not a mistake that that

doesn't count as a mistake that doesn't

count that doesn't count

you can't tell if they're cooking or not

because of zero gravity so do I just

thought of them I think I just saw them

out there we go no you guys just blowed

around I might need you later and you up

in the bag goods what's what about my

hymen something about human baby I'm a

male no I don't carry them the females

carry them that's how that works

anyway oh I'm allowed one hotdog

pre-shift okay that wasn't that wasn't

stealing shut up over there $2.99 thank

you that is what money does welcome go

steal more human babies elsewhere crazy

lady people you see late at night man

they're freaking me out there again did

you saw hmm I don't know what that is

why why are you haunted is it because I

stole the money is it because I stole a

million dollars and now I have the

drawers of ghosts Past coming to visit

me this is absolutely absurd our next

customer what do you got for me

somebody weird yep hello ma'am sir still

not sure yeah still still not really

sure super super big soda that's pretty

interesting okay I think I've done that

before um where do I keep giant soda

would that be in the fridge we very

rarely use the fridge yeah there we go

okay so that is the type you want right

there we go cool and crisp sweet generic

off-brand Cola and super-sized hmm it's

fine is fine okay I'm technically

turning our hot dogs into sausages but

that's okay that's perfectly that is a

lot of Cola lady this can't be good for


good just just a second hold on

sledgehammer sledgehammer okay sure yeah

you didn't even give me a second but

yeah why not okay there we go and dollar

ninety-nine you hear that tenth box it's

very important you shouldn't be judging

me for taking on this job I could be

doing freaky things to robots out behind

the store late at night but no I'm in

here working hard

I appreciate you we're just gonna does

that mean I should be giving you change

no I don't think there's any change good

good good okay I haven't really screwed

up all that much yet I might not even

get fired by the end of this episode I'm

really really good if we can get to 50

tasks I'm gonna be really happy

I never gotten through this challenge

how're you doing sir you have to force

that one out the word slushy is kind of

constipated is that again they want blue

I don't have blue blue is really

difficult I don't suppose I have like a

blue Cola I could mix in with this to

make my life a little bit easier but

yeah you see that's like big blue ish

it's never quite what the sign appears

to be so in why would you want your

slushie in a bag it doesn't even have a

top do it it just mmm okay yeah that's a

good price sure all right

and then oh three buttons great this

again so last time I went double have

double three beep and then pull there

you go thirty minutes of happiness you

know you're supposed to drink it not

bang it like bad that's all yeah I'm not

gonna ask questions you do whatever you

want thank you have a nice day just keep

wait wait wait was there something in

that bag or was the coupon okay we're

good I thought he stole something they

were not taking back that slushie after

he's done with it okay I'm not giving

that to somebody else after he's had his

weird robot dick in it last customer all

I need to do is not screw up and I'll

have gotten through the challenge I'm so

freakin close I could taste it it's like

a giant floating sausage hello oh you

want another refund this is like the

first person again why do people keep

ringing rate and for okay so then

grapefruit is a scent

I'm gonna have to give this to you I

suppose I don't really like that but

here we go

that's the sound of success if I've ever

heard it I got promoted come here I'm

cutting you off I was gonna say I'm

cutting you off you've had too much and

what is going on with this ransom okay

you know what we're just gonna end the

way that we started things off Cheers

you know what I think that's gonna be it

for this episode of job simulator guys

and I can't believe I didn't get fired

honestly I thought for sure I would get

through all of the jobs and then

probably lose by the end of this episode

but I didn't get fired once which is

kind of debatable I think I'm only

screwed up more than two times but we're

just gonna sweep that under the rug

if you guys want to see more of the good

employee challenge I guess I'll call it

then be sure to leave a like in the

video let me know and then maybe I'll

return to do more leagues when watching

his video I hope you enjoyed and I'll

see you next time