Best Cordless Lawn Mower 2020


guys who has the best cordless lawnmower

cordless lawn mowers have taken over the

lawn and garden sections in many retail

stores so in this head-to-head test

we're gonna answer the question whether

cordless mower performance can cut it

when compared to gas powered mowers and

we're going to crown the best cordless

mower for you guys so for this

head-to-head we reached out to 10 of the

top cordless lawn mower manufacturers

and we received 12 mowers two different

mowers came from Green Works and cobalt

the models that we looked at and we

tested included Black & Decker

Dewalt ego Greenworks heart cobalt


Rio B and steel oh and also skill I

almost forgot that one so before I jump

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why cordless mowers well operate it

correctly gas-powered motors they

require a lot of service and that

includes things like oil changes fuel

filters spark plugs and air filters you

do that stuff right course you do

oftentimes people don't and they wait

until the mower won't start to get it

serviced anyone who has had a small

engine repaired

this can be a hassle and a huge time

sink cordless mowers eliminate that all

of it and they eliminate the fuel

purchase and they're quieter and do not

emit fumes so while this head-to-head is

not a scientific research project we did

take some measurements and I want to

talk about that we evaluated each mower

in several categories and we rank them

against each other we always try to

figure out how to make our tests

consistent repeatable and fair often we

even try to figure out how to take out

the human variable out of some of our

tests we couldn't do that here with

mowers we look at the following

categories in order to give you the best

cordless mower those categories were

quality of cut that's super-important

noise another important category runtime

gergan aa mcc's

we also looked at handle height comfort

and adjustments adjustability and

maneuverability of the mower we looked

at deck height adjustability and how

easy it was to adjust the height of the

deck and we also compared it to cutting

roughs to heavy tall grass and lastly we

looked at storage we collected so much

data that I cannot possibly do justice

here in the video if you're one of those

people that you need all the information

to make a good decision on these mowers

such as the model numbers the deck

heights the sizes of the decks the

weight of the mowers even the miles

traveled go to the toolbox buzz website

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it's called head to heads

head to head tests all of our head to

heads live there

let's move forward so all the twelve

mowers that we looked at have fairly

similar features and I'll show that in a

table but one of the things that was

interesting to me is how many batteries

are powering the mower that's a really

good question and I think one that

you're going to want the answer to there

are some mowers with extra inoperable

battery storage base for example heart

and steel others have onboard batteries

that either swap over automatically like

Greenworks or you manually switch over

when the

realizing you switch to the next battery

and lastly there are others that run

batteries in parallel like Dewalt and

Makita now Makita stores four batteries

two of them run parallel and then you

have to switch over with a switch

alright let's talk about cut quality

that's a big one the winner of that was

ego now to evaluate the cut quality we

mode adjacent areas with each mower

side-by-side after cutting the grass we

evaluated how well the grass was cut now

the cut quality of the grass areas was

excellent and I'm pretty sure this is

probably due to the fact that all the

mowers were brand new and they all had

extremely sharp and new blades there was

no big discernible difference in the cut

quality of the Mo's and again we weren't

cutting sod so the grass that we were

cutting was a field quality it was a big

lawn and as a result the grass plant

type was probably not particularly

uniform right it wasn't sod so we didn't

test on that kind of grass this made it

the cut quality harder that determined

for us as if it were some sort of

perfect lawn now since we were a valiant

cut quality we ended we wanted to note

that one mower had a different blade

configuration the ego mower comes with

three blades the mower itself runs on

two blades a two blade combination the

top blade is consistent it just stays on

and and then you can do a combination of

the bottom blades so the bottom blade is

designed to be switched out with either

what they call their premium mulching

blade or their premium bagging blade

they're a little bit different the

blades so the premium mulching blade is

ideal when you're mowing giving you a

cut quality and run time expected on

high and like a high end gas lawnmower

would give you the premium bagging blade

is a heavy duty blade a little bit

beefier and turns grass and to find

fragments and that's ideal for bagging

impulsion we wanted to see if there was

a difference in the cut quality between

all the single blade mowers compared to

the two mowers that had unique blades

now the the ego like I said had those

two blades and then the gree

which actually had two single blades we

attached grass backs to the mowers and

we mowed consistent sections of grass we

looked for good sections of grass to do

that we closely examine the clippings

and sorry substantial difference in the

size of the grass pieces mulching and

fine fine clippings the ego clippings

were much smaller than the second-best

sample and that belonged to the 25 inch

Green Works mower now both of these

mowers cut graphs into finer pieces than

the single blade mowers they they both

did better we rank the ego in the top

spot followed by the 25 inch Green Works

mower the 10 single blade mowers that

followed all received a third-place rank

for quality alright let's talk about

noise the winner of the noise was Makena

one of the biggest reader questions that

we often get is they asked about how

much noise does the cordless mower

produce we did a basic decibel test to

measure the noise of the motors and we

did it in a controlled situation to get

a relative comparison to the noise the

test consisted of running each mower

with its deck raised to the midpoint

sitting on a concrete slab in a barn

we placed each mower in the exact same

spot designated spot that was taped off

with a decibel meter at the same height

and relative position to the mower we

ran them the test long enough to let

them always reach their maximum and

stable rpm speed many of these mowers

start high at rpm and then they cycle

down they slow the slower speed and they

do that to save energy our time interval

took the readings before those speed

algorithm step them down because because

it's a no load condition

Makeda one that with eighty and a half

decibels and was notably quieter even

without a decibel meter we noticed it

hot came in second place with eighty two

point four decimals and then ego was

third with eighty four point one

decibels guys for reference the average

gas mower produces somewhere between 95

and 100 decibels the average of our test

cordless mowers was

86 compared to the hundred decibel gas

mower noise levels these these noise

levels of the mowers the sound energy

you hear is just over 20 times now

decibels are in a logarithmic scale 14

decibel difference is 20 times louder

you know in fact many communities have

adopted noise restrictions that limit

the time that you can actually mow the

grass because they're so darn loud a lot

of condominiums and such I also want to

point out that these mowers were

measured running on top of a concrete

slab in practice or in reality these

mowers are much quieter when they're

used on the lawn okay let's talk about

run time because it's a big question on

the minds of people considering

purchasing of battery power mower is

it's gonna run long enough to do my lawn

runtimes affected by many different

variables that makes sense we get that

things like the height of the grass that

you're cutting the thickness of the

grass and the type of grass or

conditions of the environment in order

to get a relative comparison of runtime

we test the our mowers in a pretty large

open area a large field under load

conditions the field grass type and

height was very consistent now we set up

the deck Heights on on the mowers to two

and a half inches they're all at the

same height and it's important to note

that all 12 of the mowers have different

battery amp-hours capacities and

voltages this what it is it's hard to do

apples to apples so how do you make any

sense of that in order to determine the

best run time well you just didn't go by

how many hours at ran or you could look

at other things so we took performance

of the mowers out of the box and we

normalize that performance and what you

did on the basis of energy available we

used watt hours what hours calculated is

calculated by multiplying the voltage

that's the actual voltage not the max

that you know companies advertise by the

amp hours voltage times amp hours this

calculation allows us to compare the

total energy available to do work based

on both the voltage and the size of that

battery pack which is amp hours all

right so our

runtime procedure so like I said for

this runtime test we measured and we

marked out mulling lanes for each lower

and we measured everything out

everything was very consistent we kept

track of our time and the total distance

that each MOA traveled we counted the

laps we set each mower to its maximum

speed if it was self-propelled and for

the non self-propelled or the push

mowers there was the DeWalt and the

Black & Decker we asked those operators

to move at a comfortable pace not to go

for a race but just go to pump some pace

it was very interesting to note that a

40 year old man in good shape pushing a

mower non self propelled is faster than

the self-propelled mowers that we tested

you may also want to consider that if

you're thinking of if you know maybe you

have a large area lawn and you mow when

you like to move quick right we require

the operators also to make sure they

place the wheel on the furthest extent

of the previous lap so that we stay

consistent on our coverage our overlap

coverage in the event that any mower

completed its entire lane we lowered the

the mower deck by one additional inch

and recut the entire lane so the cobalt

80 Volt took first place

it ran eighty five point five minutes

and at mode 38 thousand six hundred

square feet and that's four point two

miles in second place was the makita now

that mower ran eighty three minutes it

mowed 35,000 square feet and that is

33.8 miles third place went to the Green

Works 21 inch mower that bad boy ran for

65 minutes at mode twenty-seven thousand

seven hundred square feet and that's

three miles the heart mow were in the

least for 22 minutes and it mowed eighty

four hundred square feet

okay let's talk about ergonomics the

winner of that was the 25 inch Green

Works now organ honest I ensign and

producing tools that improve worker

efficiency make sense reduce comfort

fatigue risk of injury for the

ergonomics we evaluated seven different

areas on these mowers and they included

things like the adjustability of the

handle the comfort or I should say the F

from maneuverability of the mower the

ease of foldability for storage deck

height adjustment the controls in organ

of the ergonomics on the controls now

the Green Works mower were identical

both of modes are identical and the

ergonomics were off the charts they

scored extremely well these mowers

handle adjustments factors the edge of

the the ease of folding and unfolding

and the design of the mowers in general

their controls everything about them

they just shined in close close second

was the ego mower now the Eagle mower

also is just easy to operate and really

nice we also looked at handle

adjustments and controls and Greenworks

one that as well when it comes to

comfort with respect to push mowers the

handle is a big deal you don't want that

spring thing digging in your hands

both Greenworks mowers were superior in

the group in terms of comfort handle

height and adjustments adjustment is

easily done with two slides on either

side of the handle you simply just pull

on them and they disengage and then to

set them back the adjustment you just

move the handle up and down to your

height and then you can release those

slides and once you do that these pins

these spring pins just lock back into

place and you're ready to go now the ego

also has a simple very simple and

intuitive adjustment it's a lever on

either side and it's a clip so clamps

onto the bar handle we also liked the

large over molded rubber handles and

found find it just really comfortable

the controls were easy to use and

everything that was intuitive most

buttons and levers on the ego are green

and we noticed that and so if there's

anything needs adjustment it's green and

that's on the ego now the skill has a

wide paddle switch for self-propelled

mode along with an easily adjusted or

easy handle adjustments and runner up in

this category ok we looked at

maneuverability in the winter that was

Black & Decker we evaluated how easily

the mowers were to push into cut around

trees and other obstacles this category

is largely based on the mower weight the

the self-propulsion and the wheelbase

design black & decker in the DeWalt were

the more more maneuverable mowers in

this category and I we believe that it's

because they were not self-propelled the

self-propelled units require the user to

disengage the propulsion in order to

maneuver tightly you have to turn off

that gear now the user must then push

against the propulsion if you don't a

mechanism to turn the mower tightly so

it's it's difficult times the 25 inch

green works was the best manoeuvrability

in the self-propulsion mowers and this

was probably due to the fact it has a

very short wheelbase front to back the

mowers that had the longer wheelbase

they rank towards the bottom of this

test for scoring the maneuverability of

push mowers is especially important if

you think about it because oftentimes

you're gonna trim around Gardens trees

and other landscaping features so it's

it's a factor the ease in which them

always turn largely as a result of the

wheels the wheel basin and the weight of

the mower okay moving on we looked at

deck height adjustment and the winner of

that was Rio B all of the boers we

tested included a single lever height

adjustment feature this sure beats

adjusting each individual wheel like the

old style modes that I grew up with the

Rio be actually the mower has a dramatic

stand out and it has this like grab

handle that allows you use it to just

lift or drop the mower while adjusting

the weights like a counterbalance spring

rather than the rather than the other

adjustments which all relied on a short

lever and a lift to lift the mower ego

took second place here and they have a

deck height adjustment on the deck it's

clear and there's no obstructions third

place on this went to skill the large

handle and reinforced plastic detent

plate worked smoothly and easily other

mowers some of the other modes had

knuckle-busting setups that we're

basically you would cut you move the

lever and you knuckles would hit the

handle as you were doing it when you're

adjusting for taller cutting

speaking of taller cutting we looked at

rough stuff cutting what I mean by that

is we took the mowers to a

field that had 18 inch tall grass and

weeds to see which mower could handle

this condition now we recognize that

this is the wrong application for a lawn

mower and we did not use it in the

results of our rankings almost all of

the mowers pushed the larger weeds down

the big stuff and just simply cut the

leaves off them

the lighter mowers with plastic decks

tended to floor it up over the top of

the weeds the skill and the heart mowers

were especially prone to this amazingly

only one mower failed this test that was

the 40 volt Cobalt it stalled out three

times in quick succession and was the

only mower that we felt did not finish

some of them all were stalled out but

quickly started back up or were simply

clogged up with leaves and grown weeds

in the bag and once cleared again

started back up the Black & Decker both

of the Green Works mowers skill skilled

cobalt 80 volt mowers completed the test

without stalling or needing their bags

emptied which was impressive and the ego

and 25 inch green works cut well which

we attribute to both having dual blades

all in all the 25 inch green works the

21 inch green works the cobalt 80 volt

Louis perform the best in this test no

stalling and they do a really decent job

at knocking down really tall rough weeds

and grass okay we moved on from there to

compact design and storage and the

winner of that was ego users know that

folding up and storing mowers is an

important consideration in purchasing we

don't always have the space we need to

be able to store things tight so we

examined what it took to fold these up

and how much volume it takes to store

them additionally cordless mowers can be

stored vertically without the fear of

spilling the gas onto the floor or

filling a cylinder with engine oil the

ego really just blew everybody away blew

away the competition with very easy

storage design in just 15 seconds you

can quickly fold the unit and store it

vertically in a space the size of a

suitcase offering a better solution in

tight storage spaces no doubt and it can

be vertically stored both the Greenworks

and the heart mowers also fold up

relatively small and easily the makita

model does not fold and that is due to

its durability and pro grade

construction it's important to note that

this mower is designed to be a

professional-grade lawn mower piece it's

a piece of equipment and it's gonna live

in a landscape trailer the handle was

specifically specifically designed not

to fold and that's to eliminate a weak

point or a hinge point it was smart

all right this moves us in the fit and

finish winter and Makeda crushed it

Makena stands out in this category it's

because this mower was built for daily

use by professional landscapers it is a

designed beast it features large

diameter rubber over molded wheels a

steel deck and everything about it is

tight and made to stand up to hard use

screws and bolts hold everything

together including the handle which is

non adjustable foldable you need a

wrench just want to remove it almost all

of the parts on this machine are metal

so in short this is a high quality pro

tool that is made for the long haul

now the ego and the Green Works mowers

also stood up with regard to fit and

finish the ego has pretty heavy-duty

parts lots of plastic simple to operate

levers and clamps and very polished

appearance it was designed to be a

cordless mower as was the Green Works

this mower also has heavy duty parts and

smooth operating features ok one of the

things we often do is we talk about the

best value in the test and the best

value foot for us was the Green Works 21

inch mower at the time of publication

the 21 inch Green Works was priced

around 349 bucks with a 4 amp hour

battery given the performance and

overall quality this is a solid pick for

the value this mower came in second

place overall in this test and is the

second least expensive in the group

there's no doubt this is the best bang

for your buck mower my opinion

all right you've been waiting for this

who has the best cordless lawnmower

these test guys and evaluations that we

do they're very difficult and take a lot

of time and ultimately eliminate they're

limited in scope in the fact that we're

not a professional testing company ul

Laboratories Consumer Reports whatever

we also cannot do long-term testing that

might shed light on long-term durability

longevity so in order to choose the best

cordless lawnmower all ten evaluated

categories were scored in ranked one

through twelve we had 12 mowers to

define the winner we then talked or

tallied the those numbers to come up

with a total number the lower the number

the better ego took first place as the

best cordless lawnmower with the 21 inch

Green Works one point behind it really

close these two motors guys third place

went to the 25 inch green work so Green

Works took the show really second and

third place the fourth place was Black &

Decker and that had a really really

solid showing nice mower all right the

ego the ego has excellent portable

design it performed well in every single

category especially in the quality of

cut the fit and finish the handle

comfort adjustments controls and

ergonomics ego also offers just a

platform of outdoor power equipment with

blower a trimmer and edger they have a

hedge trimmer a snow blower chainsaw a

multi head system with all these

different parts on it

and a power station which is really cool

it's important to note that ego is also

the above average and cost compared to

the rest of the Loess was one of the

higher priced mowers now Green Works

came in one point behind it also offers

a solid outdoor power equipment platform

with chainsaw blower trimmer edger hedge

trimmer pressure washer which is cool

and a powerful portable power station

both eco and green work tools work off

the same battery platform so this

complete solution for your lawn and

garden they just all work off the same

batteries which is awesome

my overall thoughts on this while

gasoline mowers have been around since

1914 the advances in battery technology

have created battery powered lawnmowers

a market of them that can a cut up

basically accomplished and complete what

many users need and it can replace the

gas powered mower today's cordless

mowers the owners are no longer have to

sub be subject to the noise the smell

the maintenance issues and all the

hallmarks of the gas motor ownership

guys thank you for watching if you

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