BEST Battery Leaf Blower Review 2020 | EGO Ryobi Dewalt Echo Makita Toro Milwaukee 👀

welcome back everybody my name is I'm

not ready for the blower's yet



welcome back everybody my name is Andrew

and this is kite army so I'm gonna give

you a warning I'm pretty excited today I

mean waiting for this day for about

three years since I did my last beach

ball blower bonanza

check out this table this table is full

of ten of the most popular cordless

blowers available at Home Depot check

them all out and what I'm gonna do today

here is one of my favorite videos the

beach ball blower Bonanza in addition to

some other tests so we're gonna find out

how these guys perform all right so

before we jump into checking out these

blowers and doing some testing I

actually need to talk to you about some

of the numbers you're gonna see when

you're shopping for one of these blowers

there's two types of numbers the first

set is CFM and miles per hour

mph so CFM is cubic feet per minute now

an example is something that moves a lot

of CFM as a box fan but not so good at

moving leaves now miles per hour a great

example of something that gives a lot of

miles per hour is a air compressor but

again since it's a narrow stream it

doesn't do a great job of moving leaves

so you're looking for a blower that has

high CFM and high miles per hour if you

want to move a lot of leaves you're

looking for a performance blower so keep

that in mind now the second thing has to

do with battery power now battery power

there's two numbers voltage and amp

hours now you're gonna see on these

boxes 80 volts 40 volts don't let that

confuse you because there's another side

to the equation amp hours now there's a

formula where you can take those two

numbers and multiply them together to

get something called watt hours and that

gives you the total power density of

these batteries so if you're shopping

for a blower and you're looking for

power and longer runtimes make sure you

consider watt hours remember the higher

the watt hour number the better the

performance now let's go and check out

these models so for the purpose of this

video I'm going to keep the description

of each one of these ten blowers real

simple just the basic features now if

you're looking for more and you're a

glutton for punishment there'll be a

link somewhere down here just be patient

because there are ten blowers I'll try

to get them all out there as soon as I

can now when you're in there looking

those links feel free to meander over

here and hit that subscribe and like I'd

really appreciate that anyway let's go

and check these blowers out










yowzers that was a lot of information

but don't worry because I have your back

I've got you a spreadsheet so clearly

there's a lot going on in this table but

let me point out to you the things that

I think are most important in the CFM

column the cubic feet per minute the

Toro is rated the highest it's 605 CFM

according to the manufacturer now this

rating makes it 18% higher than the

average in this group now in the

miles-per-hour category the ego at 168

miles per hour was the highest there and

that's 38% higher than the average in

this group now in the battery category

the watt hours again the ego was the

highest at 280 watt hours now that's a

significant 87 percent higher than the

average of this group that's pretty

impressive now the cost we're looking

for the lowest number the ryobi was the

lowest they're at a hundred and sixty

dollars all right guys so we just saw

all the manufacturers numbers and that's

all good and well but here at kite army

were a trust but verify operation

meaning I want to test this stuff so

that's exactly what we're gonna do here

today here's the first test it's a power

test what we're gonna do is we're gonna

put all these blowers on maximum power

turbo we're gonna give you all we got

we're gonna try to raise those balls up

the highest the balls goes the more

power so let's do this


you've got the power put your fist in

the air like this


alright guys so we just finished off

test number one and that was the power

test test number two it's just important

it's the battery runtime test so in this

test what we're gonna do is we're gonna

run these blowers as long as we can

until the batteries are fully depleted

now before this test started I charge

the batteries they're topped off they're

ready to go also during this test I'm

gonna try to adjust the blower so the

ball stayed equal height so we can

compare things all equally let's do it

four minutes guys




guys we're approaching the 20-minute

mark this is a real deal

I still got six blowers working


it's about 22 minutes in Toro down

snappers now out of the game it's 23 and

a half snappers done Ryobi just win same

time about 23 Milwaukee right at around

26 minutes the Milwaukee Quinn

we're down to two blowers folks we're

down to one blower folks we are left

with the ego let's see how long this

goes for


alright guys we are still going here

with the ego

at the 40 minute mark

we cook dinner next it's not going the


that was quite a test like last year the

ego came on top on the performance and

the runtime so by show of hands let's

see who does not like beach balls


so guys I finally finished up the beach

ball blower bonanza test and I feel like

they were very fruitful but I don't want

to do a lot of interpretation like I

normally do during a wrap-up I feel like

those videos stand on their own the one

cool thing is there was some real great


Black & Decker at the bottom ego at the

top in both tests the power test and the

battery runtime that's pretty cool now

there are are a few standout blowers I

want to talk to you about number one is

Milwaukee and I only have this on the

list because I know some of you out

there that's right I'm talking to you

who are like I'm a Milwaukee guy no

matter what I saw or what you tell me

I'm a Milwaukee guy I have Milwaukee

batteries I'm staying with Milwaukee the

Milwaukee kind of did mid pack it didn't

perform really great or horribly it just

did ok so for those guys you can get a

mediocre blow if you like the second

blow I'd like to talk about is the works

this guy is actually one of the cheapest

and it's absolutely the lightest in the

category so if you have a very small

property and you're looking for a very

light blower definitely considered it

works now the ryobi was the third blower

I'd like to talk to you about the ryobi

again did OK and I know some of you are

looking for the lowest cost blower and

this is absolutely the lowest cost of my

list however you do sacrifice a lot with

this blower for example it's not a

brushless motor like many of the other

blowers the bill construction and

quality it's just not there feels like a

really cheap throwaway blower it might

work for you though so the fourth blower

on the list is the ego now this

shouldn't be a surprise to any of you

and that is because the ego had the most

power and ran the longest in fact

speaking of running the longest it ran a

total of 40 minutes which was 15 minutes

longer than its nearest competitor it

gave me enough time as you saw in that

little video to break everything down

and it was still running it was really

impressive the other impressive thing

about the ego is just the build quality


look at it and see this is a quality

rugged piece of equipment anyway with

that guys I need to get out of here so

please make sure you subscribe to my

channel like this video check out all my

other content and I'll see you guys

around real soon I didn't feel that

beats ball blower Bonanza that was

working good shot me