Best Standing Fan: Top 5 Cooling Fan Reviews

if you're looking for the right fan to

cool down any space standing fans are an

excellent choice

they're powerful versatile and

adjustable enough to blow continuous

cool air wherever you need it since they

do not require a platform to be perched

on whether you need it at home or at the

office indoors or outdoors here are our

top 5 best standing fans number 5

honeywell hyf 290 b this is at all sleek

fad that provides a wide range of

cooling options while also looking nice

in any environment it's 32 inches tall

and has a great array of features it

oscillates for whole room cooling has

eight speeds and is exceedingly quiet

the controls are good too with one two

four and eight our auto shutoff options

and a dimming feature with five lighting

selections you can set it to 100% 75%

50% 25% and 0% it assembles without

tools and has a simple remote control

though for larger rooms it may not

provide the power you need number 4

Seville ultra slimline tower fan you get

two fans for the price of one here

there's a 40 inch oscillating tower fan

as well as the ultra slim line 17 inch

oscillating personal Tower fan they are

both slim in profile and are lightweight

and compact with a very small footprint

they both have multiple speeds timers

and remote control only the larger one

oscillates though and neither is

powerful enough to cool a large room by

itself when used as a pair they give you

a wider range of cooling options number

3 trust tech oscillating tower standing

fan this is a great standing oscillating

fan with a number of great features it

has a 70 degree rotation to cool a lot

of area and can blow air over 16 feet

it is bladeless so young kids sticking

their hands in it will not get hurt and

it's very quiet which is great for use

while watching TV or sleeping the

lighting on this fan can tend to be a

little bright so it may bother some

people who use it in a dark room at


it has a timer to shut off at night so

as to not get too cold and a temperature

balance feature to get the most energy

efficiency when used with an AC unit

number two Rowenta fan oscillating fan

with remote control the Rowenta

standing fan has a ton of power but it's

still incredibly quiet which makes it a

great fan for so many different types of

spaces the airflow output allows the fan

to cool up to 2436 cubic feet per minute

which makes it perfect for big rooms it

has five speed settings and comes with a

really convenient remote control it does

have a metal cage around the fan blade

which is not the safest option if kids

are around it has a timer feature as

well for away from home or overnight use

overall it's a high-quality fan with

excellent features before we reveal

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number one Dyson cool a mo7 air

multiplier tower fan Dyson is such a

well-known name in the consumer

electronics space and making such

quality products like this tower fan is

why first its bladeless oval design is

lightweight and compact with a small

footprint there are a whopping ten

different airflow settings so you can

fine-tune its cooling power in any

situation there are hidden LCD controls

- so it can be completely dark at night

and not disturb sleep it smoothly

operates with almost no noise so it is

perfect for almost any use all in all

it's the perfect combination of safe

quiet and powerful the right standing

fan can simply make any area more

comfortable day or night and in any

space there is a fan to help you stay

cool all year long head over to the

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