💜 Best Electric Blankets On The Market 2019 - 7 Top Brands Review!

best electric blankets on the market

2019 seven you are deciding on a new

electric blanket then this review is for

you we looked at seven ultra soft

blankets that will heat your bed and are

high quality but without a steep price

tag whether you have a twin queen king

or other size bed one of these blankets

will fit they are perfect for cuddling

while watching TV reading a book or just

relaxing to make this top seven we have

analyzed 3278 customer reviews and

looked through 165 products you will

find all the links to the products shown

in this review in the description below

the video at number seven on the list as

the quilted fleece heated blanket from

Sunbeam it comes with an easy set pro

controller with ten heat settings in a

10 hour auto off function it senses and

adjusts to deliver consistent warmth and

is made in 100% polyester it is machine

washable and dryer safe this blanket is

very soft and it comes with a controller

that works very well we like the pre

heat and timer options that it heats

very quickly and is very lightweight

another plus of this model is the very

large range of temperature settings on

the negative side it does not always

heat evenly and it is a little slippery

and may slip off the bed during the

night number six

reversible heated poncho throw from

comfort spaces this ultra comfortable

and stylish heated wrap has a lattice

pattern and comes with a three setting

heat controller

safety features include no

electromagnetic field emissions and an

auto shutoff function after two hours

with all ETL certified safety standard

and the blanket is machine washable on

the cold program with a gentle cycle

comfort spaces offer a 5 year product

warranty with 30-day free return this

one is super soft and gives maximum


we like the length of the cord and the

plastic zippered pouch for easy storage

this one does not shed and it comes at a

great price but construction could be

more durable number 5 max care electric

heated throw blanket the snap button

design makes this model easy to control

it will heat fast and has three heat

levels from 95 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit

the silky flannel side and the other

side with Sherpa shoe Velveteen brings

an optimal sense of comfort it will shut

off automatically after four hours of

continuous use so there is no need to

worry about forgetting to shut it

and the overheat protection ensures a

safe user experience of this electric

throw blanket it comes with a long nine

point eight feet power cable the max

care electric heated throw has good

safety features as luxuriously soft and

easy to maintain

on the downside some customers found it

to be a bit small number four heated

throw blanket with foot pocket from

degrees of comfort this model keeps your

toe hot finally you can stop fidgeting

and fussing to tuck the heated throw

underneath your feet it has three

different heating levels that you can

control with the custom LED controller

it comes with a 6 feet long power cord

for plenty of reach to any nearby outlet

warranty on this one is five years

degrees of comfort has good customer

service and the blanket has high ratings

online we like the foot pocket that will

keep your feet warm but some customers

reported that the covers were difficult

to change and another small drawback is

that the location of the power port is

on the side as opposed to the bottom

number three heated electric flannel

throw from home D this one is made of

high-quality flannel is comfy cozy and

ultra soft the controller is easy to see

and use and features three warming

settings it will shut off automatically

after four hours of continuous use

so no worrying about forgetting to shut

it off plus the overheat protection

gives you a safer user experience this

electric blanket as machine washable and

dryer safe after the controller is

detached it comes with a 10 feet power

cable it is the perfect size for one

person on a couch we like that it gets

hot quickly the soft comfortable

material and the long 10 feet cable on

the negative side the heat could be more

evenly distributed throughout the

blanket number two pure relief plush

heated throw from pure enrichment the

reversible design of this one offers

super soft warm comfort on both sides

you can adjust heat easily between warm

low medium and high settings with the

built-in LED controller a safety feature

automatically turns the blanket off

after 2 hours of continuous use to

conserve energy and prevent excessive

heating the silky Andy pill micro mink

and the super soft sure power machine

washable pure enrichment gives a 5 year

warranty on this product we like the

reliable customer support from pure

enrichment and a built in LED controller

on the negative side this is not the

biggest blanket and some customers

didn't find it

hot enough at number one is a solid

microlight Berber heated blanket from

Beautyrest to keep you snuggly warm for

the cold winter the face on this blanket

is 100% micro light flesh on the reverse

side it is 100% Sherpa Berber the heated

controller is equipped with 20 heat

level settings it is equipped with

secure comfort technology which is

designed to virtually eliminate

electromagnetic field emissions this

model features 10 hours auto shutoff for

extra safety and it is machine washable

for easy care this blanket is available

in four sizes twin king queen and full

we like the 20 different heat settings

the build quality and the wires that are

soft and flexible but some customers

found the cord from the blanket to the

controller to be too short and this is

the most expensive model in this review

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