iPad vs Kindle for Reading Books

hey guys welcome back to the channel if

you're new here my name is alia I'm a

junior doctor working in Cambridge and

in this video I'm gonna be answering the

age-old question of whether an iPad pro

is better for reading or whether an

Amazon Kindle is the one that you should

go for this is a question that has been

plaguing philosophers for thousands of

years but I'm hoping to answer it for

you as quickly as possible in this very

short video so basically the answer is I

would recommend a Kindle for reading

most things a Kindle is absolutely

amazing because it looks like you're

actually reading on paper so this is the

book of bad blood

it's about thoroughness that blood

testing startup that turned out to be a

bunch of lies but it's a sort of book

that I'm gonna be reading cover to cover

it's a sort of book I would read from

start to finish and therefore reading it

on a Kindle is absolutely perfect

because it looks like real paper it

feels like reading an actual book and

I've been using the Kindle to read about

99% of the books I've read for the last

like 10 plus years the the only thing an

iPad is good for in my opinion when it

comes to reading is for things like

medical textbooks where you want to be

able to kind of scan it from page to

page you want to be able to flick around

you want to be able to grab your Apple

pencil and maybe annotate some bits and

bobs on your iPad that's the sort of

thing that is just completely impossible

to do with the Kindle so if the sort of

reading you're going to be doing

involves actually reading cover to cover

100% you should get a Kindle even if you

have an iPad it's just a far better

experience reading on a Kindle because

it looks like real paper you can read it

in bed it doesn't strain your eyes the

new Kindle is a waterproof iPad is not

waterproof the Kindle is cheap and like

you can carry it around wherever you go

the iPad is not cheap it's kind of like

you can't sort of carry it around it's

quite hard to use the iPad pro

one-handed you could use the iPad Mini

one-handed but fundamentally reading on

an iPad feels like reading on a screen

whereas reading on a Kindle feels like

reading on real paper that completely

sells the Kindle for me like yeah like

if you if you want a device for reading

you have to go for the Kindle if you

want a device for browsing through text

books or PDFs or whatever I'm annotating

them then the iPad is better I'll use

both extensively whenever I go on

holiday I take both the Kindle and the

iPad pro with me and people sometimes

say oh why are you carrying both devices

can't you just use the Kindle app on

your phone to read and yeah you can but

it's just so-so noise really gonna

Kindle reading on a phone feels like you

know I'm just looking at my phone so I'd

hundred percent recommend the Kindle in

fact I've made a couple of videos about

this the Kindle is probably the second

most valuable purchase I've ever made in

my life

after the

your camera that I bought which

kick-started my youtube channel so I've

been a Kindle fanboy since like 2008 or

something like that and that's only

gonna continue I've got hundreds of

books on Kindle and I automatically

assign them to my Goodreads account when

I'm reading so I can keep track of

everything I've read I also have the

Kindle app on the iPad and it's alright

on the iPad I sometimes you know if I

absolutely have to I would use the

Kindle app to read on the iPad but it's

just not as nice it's like reading on a

screen rather than reading on paper so

yeah that's that's pretty much it if you

want to read then you should get a

Kindle if you have an iPad but don't

have a Kindle I would still probably

recommend you buy the Kindle because

it's just for a far better experience if

you have a Kindle should you get an iPad

well maybe but not for reading purposes

if you want to get an iPad you should

get an iPad for all the other reasons to

get an iPad the iPad is not a device

very well suited for reading things

cover to cover it's amazing for all

sorts of other things so that's pretty

much it get the Kindle the Kindles

amazing I'll put an affiliate link in

the description below so if you buy it

I'll make like one percent commission

from Amazon for selling something from

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