5 types of duvets and how to decide which is best for you

well nothing beats snuggling up in a

nice warm bed at the end of the day for

me anyways but how much do you need to

spend on your duvet to get what you need

Thank You Bryce here with help fashion

stylist Janice Meredith and so what's

really good is if you can get the right

duvet to fit with the way you sleep and

your sleep hygiene and your sleep

personality you've done all the research

for us yes okay I tried to break it down

for you there's so many components that

affect the price and a fact you know all

the different ways that your personality

needs to be we're going to start with

the most inexpensive 160 dollars this is

from Ikea Price is Right to me yeah no

this is perfect

I actually have this in the twin which I

think is like $35 for my twins for my

kids because it is polyester fell yeah

so you can throw it in the washing

machine and dryer easy easy you don't

even need an industrial one you can just

go in your highschool dryer and you just

have to make sure that you really dry it

because it's polyester so it needs to

really like a certain high temperature

it has to reach okay why it works for

them is that it's not super too hot like

I find little kids they're hot here yes

so this is perfect for them and

literally when they were babies it was

getting washed like every second day and

I did have some ten years in so it's

perfect so one thing to be concerned

about is that it's a channel baffle box

that means the stitching here is where

all the fill is yeah and so you really

do have to shake it up because it will

bunch down at one end got it what they

do is they turn it around every time

like so every night it works its way

down they get back into the bed they

flip it around and it's not the top

again that we're going to see when they

crunch on totally that's perfect okay so

this one's a little bit more $150 150

because this is bamboo so if you are

more environmentally conscious and you

want a renewable sustainable product

yeah this is the once again it's also

hyper allergenic so if you do have

allergies this is your choice it is

definitely more dense so it almost feels

like you know those they were talking

about those anxiety blankets because you

weight having waited this would be

another great option for you as well oh

that's good yeah this is easy to wash

and maintain as well nothing special

that's out of the box what about the

bunching situation it's all spread out

the baffle box is there it's

a lot more dense okay spread out or

you're not gonna have that problem okay


yes now if you want to spend $400 on a

duvet you absolutely can

why would you want to okay so this is

white goose down now white geese are

bigger than a duck so that's why and the

down is actually the underside of the

belly of the bird and you think it bit

down it's like a dandelion head so the

bigger it is the more it can offer the

fluff and the more can regulate your

heat with your body and that's the whole

point of the goose down is that even

though it might be this is an extra warm

one it shouldn't make you overly warm it

should actually just you know work with

your body temperature now another thing

the baffle box the stitching this is a

like a 12 inch baffle box so

everything's gonna be condensed in that

box and then what happens they talk

about the fill power which is how much

goes in there so you'll notice on some

of the other examples it's less so it's

a little bit more lighter so here we've

got a high fill power yes in the baffle

box which is a tight 12-inch one right

and then even the casing which is your

fabric and this shoes and the baffle box

yeah everybody's on the same yeah so

it's just it's this square right and

then the casing is a high thread count

this is a 500 thread count so and the

fill power is you want around 500 to 700

yes good fell now a 500 thread count

what does that mean for my sleeve well

just me a lug Morgan luxurious fabric

right so it's a tighter weave you're

just gonna feel pretty supple in there

yes yeah okay so this one's got it all

which is why some people might want to

spend the money all night and it will

have their have garand warranties with

them they should last 25 years you

needed to get professionally dry-cleaned

yes that's okay you're gonna throw any

of these other ones in the washing

machine is the polyester okay so let's

go to this one that's $100 yes so now

this one has a really big baffle box and

this is duck down okay but so it's

smaller down but it's also a combination

of feathers so the down is what gives it

the fluffiness the feathers give it the

density but also feathers have that

spine the quill so it can poke through

yeah even like touching this you can see

some stuff coming out right so we've got

it so you can already even see

piling down here so you're always gonna

have to shake it out yeah I move

everything around to spread it out so

that's you know it's $100 but if you

know some type people just use them to

fill the and as more of a look at the

end of their bed and they want - I hate

the pinpricks of those feathers coming

through yeah because I've bought so many

questions like that and I regret it and

now all the feathers are sweater sweater

it's jabbing you in your back it's like

such a little thing but I don't I would

rather go for the $60 than the 100 throw

it in the washing machine and no job and

done that's good and 150 this one is a

little bit more because it's still from

Ikea it's got a smaller baffle box than

this one and it's got a different

combination between the feather fill and

the duck fill and again the duck is a

little less expensive than the goose

felt okay if I want to wrap it up with

the biggest tip to save a budget yes I

don't know if maybe Leo is a cool

sleeper he's a bear yes

and I'm freezing so my biggest tip is to

go get two twin get one cool one get one

extra hot one go it up the center and

just make sure it's on your side the

extra hot it's not a good idea

I use him for his body to get so that's

good that's great thank you for that

lesson let's