I Tested 28 Drugstore Dry Shampoos To Find Which Is Best (so you don't have to)


it's our friends so guys a week ago or

whatever I don't know maybe it's two

weeks ago I did a video where I went to

the drugstore and I found a bunch of

hair products that I wanted to try out I

want to try it wanted to try it out I

liked a lot of them I didn't like a lot

of them and a lot of you guys were a

little upset about the dry shampoos

about t say dry shampoo everybody loves

I didn't like it not your mother's dry

shampoo I didn't like it so today I'm

gonna be picking out about 30 dry

shampoos some dirty yeah I want to give

him a fair try you know fair shot let's

see which rank supreme they among them

all who is the finest dry shampoo of

them all we'll find out today

my motto is eat your Channel let's go

let's go




oh man I really went for it today with

this oh I spent um nearly $300 on dry

shampoo today and I feel good about that

oh my gosh there's every brand you can

possibly imagine in here every truck is

tore dry shampoo I could find in New

York City basically so I'm here to help

you today I'm here to test them all for

you so you don't have to waste $300

trying them all we're gonna find out

which one is the best overall that works

on brown hair and blonde hair because

there is a big difference when you're

using a dry shampoo on brown hair

because usually it like turns the hair

white we'll see what happens but I'm

excited I love getting experience with

more products so we'll try each brand

we'll figure out what's one of the best

from each of those brands and then we'll

go through all the rest of them and

we'll compare them all side by side and

see which one is the best of the best

dry shampoo and if you guys into my last

video where I tried drugstore hair

Clark's I tried a lot of different

products in that video it'll be linked

below also but in that video I tried out

this one the fiber full dry shampoo foam

by og X and I absolutely am obsessed

with it I've been using it ever since

and I won't be comparing this one today

to any of the other ones but if you like

foam dry shampoos this is Bay but

otherwise I'm gonna be comparing all

aerosols today that way I keep it fair

and I'm so stoked about it so let's do

this I'm gonna grab my Miss mini Queens

today and let's get testing

Wow so this looks bad creepy welcome to

my shop so we have our two mannequins

here and as you can see they both have

different hair one brown one blah like I

said they both have very very greasy

hair I did it douse their hair with oil

before this that way they are nice and

prepared to take a mince and dry shampoo

and you can really try and see what

happens when your hair is very oily and

you use these dry shampoos so let's do

this let's first start on the blonde one

and the brown one and back and forth and

back and forth and let's get testing and

see what strategy boot is the best okay

category is know your money all right

cool I did test this my last video but

I'm wanting to give another try I didn't

exactly like them last time but a lot of

you have a lot to say about that and

we're gonna do it again because I

believe in second chances

alright okay so the first one we have

here is about your mother said that

refreshing dry shampoo absorbs excess

oils fresh volume leaves no residue and

the unscented one so also through the

directions really quick shake vigorously

spray generous amount on a route

throughout the hair if needed work with

fingers brushed through to fuse the

powder and watch them to of excess oil

style is desired okay shake it

vigorously I know it doesn't look like

I'm spraying very far in camera I swear


I'm spring so far away in real life okay

and there is a white residue okay I'm

gonna say it really helps when you brush

it it really helps get rid of that white

residue I definitely still see it and it

definitely absorbed the oils without

giving it too much like texture

sometimes the dry shampoos give a lot of

like grits so that was decent now let's

try the other one

see if there's any difference between

the two it's one of the originals so

this is the unscented and this is the

original so it's the same formula with

different scent maybe this one's more

pleasant I really didn't smell literally

there's no scent to that one which I

really enjoy okay this one yeah

sent kind of nice though I'm actually

having a way better experience of this

this time than last night not your

mother isn't so sorry for the last

review I gave you it's actually not a

bad product listen I apologize it really

helps when you brush it out really not

bad at all I'm kind of shook and didn't

really leave a residue really absorb the

oils okay

listen it was good but I'm not sure yet

if it was the best I'm very shocked that

I like this one because I really did not

like it last time so weird wait so I

worked on blonde hair I mean that's the

easy one right let's see what happens

when we do it on a brunette lady right

there I mean it is quite a white cast

but let's see if brushing it out really

helps a lot it like works nicely but for

some reason it's like the hair fibers

are getting little white dots all over

them and if you kind of like really rake

it out with your hands it gets rid of

them but it's not bad like I'm not

saying this is a bad product like I'm

actually quite impressed at today but

let's try the original on the other side

and let's see how this performs they're

both pretty much the same with different

sense except they must have changed

something that formula to get rid of the

scent completely but it pretty much

works the same I mean it works but the

residue ain't cute honey not my favorite

overall so far these are decent I'm

gonna say that I judge this brands dry

shampoo too hard my last video I have

changed my mind a bit still not so

impressed with them I feel like we can

definitely do better I'm gonna bring the

unscented with me to the next round and

I'll be fine because I definitely for

the unscented better and think it

actually works better and the original

scent not really a fan of baby powder

scent so so the next category is a

bigger and it's a controversial one

because last time last time last time I

reviewed this one y'all weren't happy

with me and I saw that coming I knew

that was gonna happen

I really did but it's better and we have


here we are let's start in the blob in

again move forward so here's our first

section and we are gonna use the

volumizing one first removes oil to give

hair show-stopping volume what collagen

added into it it says shape well fold it

12 inches away from the head massage and

brush through to refreshing life okay

seems to be a theme we should shake

these all very well alright I actually

really like this nozzle on this oh wait

they're not all like this are they no

they're not really like this nozzle it's

like a jet it's like a jet stream of dry

shampoo ok this actually smells pretty


not much of a residue okay hold on Betty

say again judge them very hard in the

last video but I also didn't use this

one do you spray at all too close you

get white that is sort of normal with

dry shampoo but sometime just leave a

less of a white cast and others oh oh

though if you're looking for TV volume

girl I don't feel any volume in there I

don't feel like that added anything I

mean any dry shampoo will give you a bit

of volume because it's adding basically

powder into your hair and if acting has

enough fluffer and your hair but overall

whoa impress really great nozzle I love

good nozzle this is definitely some

stiff competition

I'll check about that okay this is the

clean and light up air we get the award

winning you dry shampoo and a clean and

light fragrance and won't overpower the

perfume well there's dry shampoo on

everything am i stupid

okay so immediately this one has way

more of a cast of white it does brush

out again but yeah pretty much is the

same thing think of the one feels a

little bit softer or something also curl

this is not a light set this is highly

scented definitely doesn't compare it to

the volume one I don't think any of

these are but let's keep working through

this is called light and breezy fresh

this is also a different scent so right

now we're at this point we're just time

trying sense so let's keep trying the

scent oh I don't know clean just Coakley

as faster I don't I just the scent is

like too much man this is the tropical

version this is coconut scent I mean if

you really like coconut this is your

girl but uh otherwise I'm gonna have to

say no this is the original which I used

my last video let's smell this one again

oh my god my table is covered in like

snow right now look at this this is

great awesome

okay okay actually this one isn't bad

this scent is pretty nice light and

clean let's pull the dark medic in and

quickly run through this one really

really heroin a lot whiter let's keep

going I don't know this is a little not

very good for dark hair but we do have

one for dark head we're gonna try oh

that was one little squirt I mean this

leaves quite a bit of a white residue on

brown hair I'm very far away from the

hair okay I mean you can just see all

these little dots and like a super super

white cast on there which is fine I mean

like if you don't mind your hair not

looking perfect like it's not a bad dry

shampoo the volume one I like I just it

really let the white cast again but they

do have one for brown hair so let's see

what happens when we use this okay wow

so the dark hair one divine dark is

really really good for dark hair we're

doing these two to the next round and

Betty say you are today and category is

so I didn't really know dub made it

products for awhile but now I do we're

gonna try to detox and purifying dry

shampoo first its refresh hair and

absorb oils with no visible residue

we're gonna test that

so this one really claims to have no

residues we're gonna see what happens

here I mean I see a residue it's

definitely not a bad residue mmm weird

fragrance definitely was the hair soft

okay I do like this one I think it has a

very very strong fragrance to it but

let's keep trying other one this is the

fresh coconut one let's see how this


smells like okay I will say this one

leaves much less of a residue than the

other ones I tried so I will give them

that however I do like the coconut one

better than the detox and purify this

smell is a bit better and lastly let's

try the volume fullness this is supposed

to give you a little bit of volume and

fullness okay they all kind of smell

like candy not exactly feeling any more

of a grip on this one than the other

ones the only difference in the

ingredient list is silica on the

volumizing one and I looked up what

silica is apparently supposed to rebuild

your hair so I guess it doesn't exactly

just give you volume right away but it's

more of a timely thing that maybe you'll

get more haribol if you use this but I

kind of maybe doubt that I don't know

doesn't seem like the worst thing in the

world okay now let's try them the brown

head and see what happens on that one

cuz most of you guys have brought him

okay so this one definitely leaves

really no residue on brown hair however

it doesn't exactly evaporate the oils as

well but I'm willing to sacrifice that

for no residue see like this is actually

really great there's none of that like

clumping going on like batiste had this

is really really good now let's just try

the volumizing one over here okay

really really impressive stuff here I'm

gonna go with this one the volume is

fullness dry shampoo I decided I really

like the scent of this one and if

they're claiming will rebuild your hair

I'm all for it alrighty let's give the

tea tree mint one a chance peppermint

oil tea tree oil in witch hazels this

dry shampoo easily absorb oils and in


with an integrating sense not really in

the tea tree but if you guys like mints

maybe this is your girl immediately it's

leaving much more of a cast than a dove

one actually kind of into the mint set

it's very different for a dry shampoo

except I think it's a little

intoxicating and it's like why would you

want your hair just like mint

pretty nice though like not bad now

let's try the next one which has coconut

oil essence of tight air okay so it's

coconut and vanilla scented I definitely

like this one better that actually

worked quite nicely but I don't doesn't

come across on camera very well but you

can see little clumps of whites in the

hair I don't know exactly what in the

formula makes that happen but for some

reason that didn't happen with the dub

dry shampoo which I'm very shocked about

I thought they were all gonna do that

let's give it a shot in the dark here

now okay heavy residue on that oh no

girl Daddy knit uh-uh uh-uh

try the other one no okay the coconut

oil one not too bad it leaves a heavy

cast and those dots in the hair but

we're gonna take the coconut oil one

along with us on this ride and we're

gonna go alright so up next we have

Pantene this is the cozy dry shampoo no

water with fresh takes your hair a fresh

look even on the second day and this one

is the volume one let's see what let's

see what the difference is in this one


let me read this again Oh

Pantene what's going on here this one's

for volume and this one's no water

refreshed but they do have the exact

same ingredients unless I'm crazy maybe

one has less of something and I don't

know but seems like they just change the

packaging maybe but let's give them a

try well that actually works very nicely

it's like a luxury smell and you're not

paying luxury a price so I totally get


just now my favourite smell but not bad

and let's try the other one which is

just the regular one this is the

volumizing one and this is the regular

Wow these are actually really good okay

let's move on to the brown hair


so it didn't leave like any residue on

the brown hair I really like these

they're a bit more of a wet formula you

can feel that there's more alcohol in

these which I tend to like because it

does a good job of drying out the hair

without leaving the white cast on it

really like this

I'm gonna go with the volume one quite

impressed with Pantene here next is one

that I have never used before

but it is called hask we have four

different types here and let's get to it

let's try them out we have the coconut

which I found that I don't really like

these ones but we will give this one a

try it just reminds me too much of like

going tanning when I was younger like

just unhealthy if this no Cass

no residue love that let's move on

though don't like this scent very much

this is the purifying dry shampoo and

this one has charcoal and citrus ah I

love charcoal and citrus what a nice

smell Oh hardly any residue like this

this is the volumizing one this one has

a chia seed oil so for whatever reason

this one is just not really like

absorbing the oils very well I don't

know this one acted different maybe it's

just me but today I really like that one

this one has biotin in it this is the

thickening one spring biotin in your

hair not gonna make a difference you

have to consume biotin but we'll see

again not really absorbing that well but

these ones do by far have the best sense

out of any of these products so if

you're really into cents maybe you go

with this line the hell this isn't

working at all really disappointed

because the cents are really nice and

also like releases the worst cast nah

man this ain't it I mean we'll keep

going but like this ain't net you know


your sensor great but holy residue not

pretty clumps up does not even absorb

the oils really I'm gonna have to say it

don't really want to even bring any of

these into the next round like I really

don't like these not impressed okay up

next we have Tresemme between washes


wait a strong scent very nice ooh

bro they got good Kemosabe use those

never-ending budgets oh nice fruity

pretty clean smelling kind of nice

doesn't leave a residue on the blonde

hair let's try it in the dark hair now

these work quite nicely doesn't leave a

residue until you brush it out but

that's fine but it doesn't like clump up

it absorb oils nicely I like this let's

keep this one this one's good too but

alright so we have completed all of the

different brands that we had and now we

have one offs of everything we have

seven more to go I'm gonna run through

this really fast

let's complete this let's try a nexus

one out first

dry shampoo refreshing miss with pearl

extract I think I keep spraying this one

and nothing's really happening more a

little bit of residue not much I think

I'm having to spray a lot of this on for

it to do anything to the hair I don't

know it doesn't really seem to work that

well alright and now we have the Aussie

clean volume of dry shampoo I mean with

Australian sea kelp whole cleansing dude

Aussie is killing it it's the one that

has more alcohol in it it wets the hair

a little bit and kind of like can really

smell more alcohol in this thing coming

off of it I'm going crazy I've been

sucking these fumes in for an hour and a

half now it pretty much left no residue

it smells nice

okay up next is the Herbal Essence

volume white grapefruit and mosa mint

same thing you guys if I can been sent

to it so if you like mint probably not

your girl but really good okay now that

look fully insane and these fumes are

making you really are gonna now try the

big sexy hair dry shampoo okay so I do

like this one

it's pretty good the sense however it

could really use an upgrade does work

nicely doesn't leave a residue

definitely don't hate it at all just

doesn't compare scent wise so I'm gonna

have to get rid of this one just not

that's good you know okay like this is

definitely one that you guys have been

waiting for which is the volume and

fullness dry shampoo with chia seeds

cloudberry nourishing weightless normal

to oily hair and a lot of people live

for this stuff so have to be better left

a cast left those little dots all over

the hair smells like kind of bad dude

for me sorry up next swabs salon proven

contrition my camera Rita anymore

actually I never could we read read

observes oils and precious hydrogen

washes let's give it a trot Wow very

strong citrus smell I really like citrus

so I'm gonna say I like that one woah

really nice like this so far yeah not as

good on the brown hair if you like the

scent works good on blonde hair but

overall not like the absolute best so

for that I'm not to get rid of this

alright and our last ride shampoo this

is L'Oreal long-wear dry shampoo

refreshes make sense Allen's or oil cool

bottle let's give it a shot


this one literally isn't doing anything

not a ton of oil absorption like pretty

much nothing not into this that's


and here we have the final nine this one

kind of doesn't really count we'll talk

about in a second these are what I've

picked we have tress Emily we have OGS

yeah but teased a surprise surprise we

have Pantene we have dub not your

mother's also a surprise we have Herbal

Essence and we have Aussie and Betty's

say over here but again we'll talk about

that in a second here are my top picks

for best drugstore shampoos Oh took a

little break everything more

clear-headed now I'm gonna order them on

the table here from least expensive to

most expensive okay so here we are least

expensive all the way up to most

expensive so this is quite interesting

Aussie six dollars and twenty-nine cents

holy crap that is so cheap Pantene is

$7.99 dove is $7.99 now your mother's is

$7.99 Herbal Essence is $8 49 cents

Tresemme is $8.99 but t-state volumizing

is $10.49 batiste dark brown is $10.99

and last is OGX

and it is $10.49 now these are all

pretty good prices for drugstore brands

and what drugstore brands you're not

always getting premium quality and that

is why they can bring down the price of

lots but if you are kind of ball in a

budget and you know you can't afford

salon quality which I do ultimately

recommend salon quality but I know that

everybody doesn't want to splurge on

that all the time let's reorganize them

based on how much product is in each of

us okay I everywhere them from the least

amount of product to most amount of

product in the can based on fluid ounces

let's do the reveal now so this has the

lease which is four point three ounces

tres tonight which has four point nine

ounces I'll see this has four point nine

ounces this has four point nine ounces o

GX has five ounces of product doth has

five ounces of product that TSA has six

point seven three ounces of product but

T's a brown has six

seven three foot ounces and lastly not

your mother's has the most product which

is seven ounces of products as you can

see these were the two cheapest products

and they are the one of the three with

the least amount of product so that

makes sense to me

Tresemme with the least amount of

product and up there on price point I'm

gonna have to say I'm gonna get rid of

this one because nine dollars this much

product doesn't compare to the other

ones I mean you're still really good but

you're out this one keeps falling right

in the middle kind of like a medium

price point and medium amount of product

so I'm gonna say that was pretty great

now the OGX one is in the middle how can

you have less asked the product and more

expensive though the packaging is quite

beautiful and it sounds quite nice so I

appreciate this brand but for today's

experiment we're gonna say it's not any

totally best option okay so now this one

is so dope I'm feeling like I know what

my favorite I don't know dove one of the

least expensive ones and has a lot of

product in it so this one is gonna go

forward but Tisa actually is kind of

expensive not actually expensive but

compared to these products it's

expensive but it also has nearly the

most products in it so I'm not mad at

that price I really like this nozzles so

I'm gonna put this one forward that was

a stand up for me this one is great for

brown hair but I'm gonna have to you

know only take pick one batiste a

product we're gonna keep this going last

one it's better and it works on brown

hair too and lastly this is cool this

one has the most product but this one is

7 ounces of product huge and I like this

one except it definitely had more

residue than these other products so I'm

just gonna have to say me

not today but a great product alright

guys so overall these are gonna have to

be my top 5 picks I set out on this

video to pick one which is the best but

these are my top 5 drugstore in shampoos

that I really enjoy different reasons I

mean this one has a nice alcohol formula

this one I believed in - I like that

because it doesn't leave no residue at

all this one also did - and it has a

really nice scent and is a little more

natural this one has a great price point

and great amount of products and they

can I like I just love this one because

it the nozzle and it worked quite well

and I thought you can find this in a lot

of different places so these are my top

5 thanks or drugstore my shampoo tada

these are bad alright hopefully you can

find one of these at your local

drugstore and that is all for me today

if you guys want to see me do another

one of these videos where I test out

some other kind of product or that'd be

shampoo conditioner anything let me know

which one you want to see and I will do

it I will buy 28 more products and spend

my entire day testing it again for you

give this video a like please if you

would enjoyed it don't forget to follow

me on instagram brad mundo NYC and my

brand ex long hair for updates on new

product launches come soon I swear I'm

working I'm working really hard over

here and thank you guys so much for

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