5 Best Budget Red Wines (ALL Under $15!!)


hey guys it's Jen and I have Ethan here

and we are obviously wine connoisseurs

all right so we are going to go through

the top 5 best red budget wines under

$15 so if you're a young millennial on a


neither burn wine you don't know what

the hell they're talking about we got

you covered we did our research and

these are the best rated lines under $15

okay so we used the vino app basically

you could be in any wine store and just

scan the label


the first one is Bogle vineyards -

Cabernet Sauvignon 3.6 rating by

fourteen thousand five hundred fifty-six

people and it is an average price of $12

pretty good pretty good pretty great so

we are gonna taste it we've actually

never had this one of you I have it I

don't member there's no blackberries

when I was sniffing it in and didn't

even take a sip yet I was like yeah

there's a really nice smell sherry for

sure this might be my new favorite wine

I got this one for $14 at my local

liquor store but it doesn't always have

the best prices there the average is 12

so it's pretty good for wine for a

Cabernet Sauvignon the taste is good

it's pretty oaky it's really it's a nice

full body that's not too heavy

yeah I'm getting some some cherry smoke

medium body a little bit of a peppery to

it so you have that little thing of

pepper taste at the end the aftertaste

is this enjoyable it doesn't make it a


I honestly what I guess this was $12

yeah it's pretty good

I could definitely have this with cheese

so this one so this wine is stop doing

that whenever you through this right so

this one is very high tannin so this one

is very high tannin you get that from

wines that are aged in oak barrels which

is why you get a very oaky flavor from

this one yeah so this is vintage 2016

that's 13.5 percent alcohol from

Clarksburg California let's do supposed

to just speed up for a little taste

that's not fun another trick when you

only have one y bus horse motor in it


this one is called the Pinot projects

2018 peony are from California and I

actually get it all the time I really

love this one that's why it's already

open because I had it last night Ernie

the average price is around $13 but it's

amazing I love Pinot Noir because it's

just much lighter than a Cabernet

Sauvignon I usually love the cab but

when it's not that cold out yet and you

want a good red wine it's just really

light and easy to drink

so yes give it a taste hey doesn't have

as much of a smell as the last one but

that's also cos cabs or it's smells it

smells sweeter yeah it's got another

coat nice ruby red color to it okay

honestly it's been open for a day good

though I know it's not really less a

little less flavorful and less full body

than the Cabernet just because that's

the nature of Pinot Noir in general but

it has a next spice to it which is what

I always loved about it I like that this

is been pretty dry actually yeah that's

what I mean has like a spice it's like

dry and yeah it's like it's sweet from

the black cherry and it's okie but when

it hits your tongue it's just like spice

the oakiness is similar to the Bogle

Cabernet Sauvignon but it's definitely a

little lighter and a little bit sweeter

outside I also just love the label in

the packaging if you need to go

somewhere trendy that was the fakest

laughs most ever done this has a nice

brightness to it as well I mean yeah

honestly no yeah we've been online to

outline tastings all over the world and

our parents love wine so we've tried

like wines from all over the world in

different price ranges and these truly

are so good you would never know so if

you want to impress the girl bring this

lunch they'll think you brought her to

eat another bottle of wine

oh but actually she wouldn't because I

just hate her you know I have balance


if you want to act like you know what

you're talking about - listen to this -

they're saying bring the photo everybody

said here will act it out yeah

and I mean I don't really know anything

about wine I'll ask you like know about

me yeah the next one is Peter goes

Meritage Napa Valley 2017 red wine there

was a better rated Trader Joe's wine

unfortunately in shows didn't have it

today so this is one we love with we'll

see if it's okay push on the recommend

Trader Joe's in general because they

only have that the traders with wine

shops you don't just go to your local

Trader Joe's and expected but I know in

New York today I think the only one is a

new Union Square yeah and every single

one of them has a really good price so

far all the ones I've had a been really

really good value we'll see if this

one's okay even though the raining isn't

as great yeah so by the way this is the

Trader Joe's Meritage 2017 red wine

that's from Napa Valley and I believe it

is a mix of a few different grapes okay

so this one actually excited to try

because number one I've never tried

Trader Joe's wine and number two this is

the first one in the video that I've

never turned before right off the bat

from the smell definitely gets various

Oh black berry no cherry again even this

one is that funny though it just smells

like 14.6% alcohol and it's more than

wine probably should be at least in a

Chianti we were always told that why

should never really be more

13% naturally interesting this is my

least favorite one so far

- one thing I always look for and a red

pine is the aftertaste you never want to

drink wine that's like a tough to push

through you want drinking a bottle of it

to be pretty seamless and easy and

enjoyable so even though this is my

least favorite I still could imagine

drinking a bottle of it pretty easily

it's still somewhat well-balanced medium

body I think it's easy to drink not my

favorite at all but it also is the least

rated of all five that we have for you I

definitely wouldn't like a boy Trader

Joe's wine because these had better

there it's like very much blackberry in

the sense that like the aftertaste is

sour it's a little acidic it's a little

sour there Finnigan sour but not in a

terrible terrible way just like a

blackberry way but like acidic red wine

is with me I feel like it balances out

the richness of me pretty well so if you

are gonna grab this one I think it would

be a good good parent with a red meat


filling I like to say scorn the thing I

picked up from Denmark when I'm studying

abroad there he's all cultured I'm

pretty well cultured I like a lot of

friends too I have to say the more

drinking this I don't paint in it every

every step is I get a different feedback

but a lot of people actually find that

with the most expensive bottles of wine

they're actually their least favorite

because there are a little bit more

complex and they there and they're not

as much of a punch your face you know

this is the flavour it's a little bit

harder to dissect and figure out and

just Ilana I wasn't just like sitting on

my phone who's been really important

a lot of times if you drinkable Hawaiian

was just one type great it's very much a

certain type of flavor very specific so

you'll either hate it or you'll love it


so this is the second mobile that we're

trying today this is the old bonds of

fidel 2016 california so this one has a

3.7 an average price of 1150 great and

how many people rated it 4 3 4 7 8 mm so

that's a pretty damn good rating so

obviously we have a lot of wine

experience for people our age but I've

to my knowledge never had a suit Findo

that was cool

let's try it nice school it's dry you

feel it you feel it in your nasal

passages a little bit was it kind of my

high school though goals are my

favorites the balls have been the best

so across the board I'm just putting out

there right now here in a wine shop

looking for a good budget line I tried

about two to three bubbles in my

lifetime right now and they've all been

great I'm getting I'm getting some

vanilla notes in here nicely balanced

it's it's dry which is cool I have

enjoying the dryness of it here's the

thing if you're someone who doesn't like

line you're probably less people that

wants a sweet wine so now looking back

you might actually prefer that Trader

Joe's line but if you're like that and

you like a full-bodied dry line which is

what we prefer this one is incredible

I'm tasting so many different flavors

from fairies vanilla it's almost like

everything we've had combined into one

but it's not too overpowering definitely

deep bread definitely drunk by now guys

oh that's got sweetness from this


where do I get a little me too let's

let's read this actually the old head

trained thighs are unique because it

produces a smaller crop of fruit that is

unusually rich in concentrates we have

crafted a wine that displays intense

blackberry blackberry and

Oh what

Oh $11 first one of our favorites of the

five that's the cheapest one yeah I mean

in terms of value this is one of the

best wife's there and I don't know if I

mentioned it before

bogel the best rated one is essential

red they just didn't have it at the wine

store I went to so this is amazing

and the incentive right is rated 10

times better it's probably pretty

good oh all right we're getting

more tired because hey guys this is our

last one kind of my things you die this

is the Josh cabernet sauvignon vintage

2017 let's try shallots just through

mancine it's your favorite so this woman

has three point eight rating forty

thousand ratings 43040

so this is probably the most expensive

one but it's still under $15 and it's

rated the most like you probably would

know this you want to love that because

you looked at me how to talking about

something else and you thought your head

loved her skull sorry

getting like like hazelnut interesting

yeah like not very not great not very

it's like french vanilla or like whoa

what was that so today's an item in do

you need me me free now I do this is

definitely the most complex why we have

which is really cool because you get

some unconventional flavors if you're

like that hazel not okay I'm getting

like spices in here and this is

definitely full body this right oh yeah

if you like that does it came oh yeah

this is okay yes so what's the average

price fourteen 1458 should probably see

at your local place for 1516 if you live

in the city if you live somewhere more

modest you'll get it for fourteen are

below number one number two respect

number three

respect and it was open and old number

four but this one could have been here

and there this one could have been here

yeah here a paradigm story new don't

start no one can see it she's yes

comment your favorite line below if you

tried any of these or your favorite

budget line below and we'll do it wait

line one soon but we felt this was

fitting for fall and winter

give us some recommendations tell us

what you want