Top 10 Dog foods - UK

it's time for the top 10 best dog foods

in Britain today ah it's about time

someone did this research after doing

the top 10 worst dog foods I soon

realized just how bad my purchasing has

been in terms of dog food over the years

I have my first dog when I was 20 years

old and no no idea

I knew animals granted I don't have been

working with horses by 4 by 12 years by

that point but research foods of the

finances to research foods so I'm

putting this video out there for idiots

like me who thinking of Garrett already

just got a dog and you think you've seen

behavioral differences and differences

in their bowel movements or whatever and

you just want to know if the food could

make a difference to that


number ten we've got that Toria regional

chicken dry dog food us as all of these

ones I'll be reviewing today made in

Portugal it's a five-star dog food it's

biologically proven to be appropriate

for all dog breeds developed by vets are

nutritional lists so what better advice

can you take on 100% grain free guys

which is rare

sixty percent animal origin ingredients

now that includes salmon oil sweet

potato eggs fruits vegetables even

seaweed so this is the gentle dry dog

food is produced by elite dogs limited

this one guys is new to the market but

it's already among the best a

cold-pressed ease kibbles instead of

extrude in them so they use cold

temperatures to press the food to create

pellets serve in the nutrients much

better it makes this food much easier

and this and it makes these foods it's

very adjustable for any breed i don't

say things well sometimes but you

understand me this is free from

controversial preservatives oppress

kibbles has a very short shelf life so

if you buy this one and i'm sure it's

expensive you're looking you're looking

at a high turnaround with with the

eating of it


but eight guru surf-and-turf

again a newcomer and again cold pressed

for kibbles in 30% dried ground beef

even the board ingredient in this

product mix off from grain rice and sea

fish big potatoes this site provides a

top not wet top knowledge site provides

a top-notch website its Robin Robin this

product offers a top-notch website which

promotes other animal products that are

also very high quality so we like them

again I'm gonna take this one on the

screen cuz I have no idea how to

pronounce it but I'm gonna go with it to

play on origin didn't regional red

Canadian produced product five star a

plus grade in any freeze-dried blocks in

that natural flavor

this one's preservative free for all my

fellow cheap people who if they're not

that expensive either so this is

probably the best one for you guys

origin regional red make sure to look

that one up guys because you do

everything you can to make sure he dogs

getting the best thing even if you can't

afford to take that bad origin regional

where it is very expensive it's not

cheap at all this is pretty high five I

take it back man I've take it back


but six this one's called true line

grain-free and its 75252 ins complete

and balanced for all life stages so

puppy adult and senior its UK produced

by peril I don't know if peril it's a

play on the Spanish word for dock which

is para but it's kyookie produce which

is always a comfort represent it as a

five-star dog food but has 75% meat be

5% vegetables all ingredients are

sourced locally here in the UK the 100%

grain free



Simpsons 8020 premium dog food this is

the first 1820 dog food to be produced

in the UK they offer free delivery

well better at the highest quality foods

for years 80% meat chicken beef or duck

20% vegetables 0% grains is formulated

with the best quality ingredients no

chilly hypoallergenic again 100% grain

free free from wheat gluten dairy soy

products so it's got a very high meat

content high standard content at that

from both fresh and dry sources we like

Simpsons 80/20 but again I know this

one's relatively expensive so I've got a

do what you can guys


for even wolfhard 8021 again is produced

here in yorkshire it's got a massive

ninety four percent protein between

animal and fish right ninety-four


animal fish content credible you a 6% is

frites h & herb's and then again you

have no percent grains actually

hypoallergenic and this one is free from

gluten grain rice white potato chicken

eggs beat pope a synthetic preservatives

and additives


at number three is the app Keller 80/20

food it by a company called hope Rea

this one is perfect for working dogs

these farmers out there all hunters you

know we're off to the veterinarian

approved sink rain free again artificial

flavors colors its relatives colors or

preservatives this was considered

universal so great for all dog breeds


even 80/20 original game made in Britain

this one's 80/20 fresh prepared English

free one chicken Scottish salmon north

atlantic herring darling

additionally read Suffolk duck whole egg

in naturally hypoallergenic and

probiotics are included to support the

digestion number one today a a tu 8020

it's salmon duck or chicken a single

protein dry kibble a single protein dry

kibble single protein it's great

suitable for severe allergies stuff like

ice brilliant the world's first single

protein foods results they've

incorporated the super 8 complex eight

types of fruit eight types of veg and

eight types of herb eight types of herb

any types of plant extracts con

kilobytes a plant extracts go this one

is a premium dog food this video has

been helpful guys make sure to like it

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