hello there beautiful how are you doing

today you were looking stunning as


today this every hair stylist nightmare

we have box dye in my house today and

I'm horrified who have I become for this

YouTube channel who have I becoming I

don't like it we'll be putting this to

the test today this box dye will be

competing with this professional hair

color we're gonna see who ranks supreme

I will be giving this box dye a very

fair test and I will not sabotage it on

purpose but I will be looking closely

for flaws now we all know how I feel

about box color not good there's been a

lot a lot of hair fail videos that

include box dye and that is one of the

reasons why I despise this stuff but

there are a lot of other reasons why I

despise it and we're gonna get into that

today we're gonna talk about the risks

that come with using box dye and also

I'm going to be using the same exact

color in both box dye and professional

colors on two separate heads once I had

the two heads colored I'll be rating the

final results on 5 different categories

I'm giving each category and 1 through 5

rating and those categories are category

one is price how cheap or how expensive

is it category two its usability how

easy is it to mix this color and apply

to the head category three is shine and

lust you to file a is this color is it

shiny or is a doll

number four is odor and toxicity is it

bad can you do this in your home without

actually dying of some kind of

chemically induced illness because

sometimes it's bad it's really bad and

number five is predictability does the

color you see on the box or the swatch

come out too the color that you want on

the actual hair that you're coloring so

those are the five categories that I'll

be judging today and I'm really excited

to put both of these colors to the test

because listen there's a possibility

that the Box color might be great but I

do know that there are only certain

times when you could really use box

color and

is on virgin hair if you virgin hair out

there box color is not the absolute

worst idea however you've ever touched

your hair with color within the past

five years please just stay away from

the box side because it is gonna react

completely different to colored hair

I've actually never used box color in my

entire life I grew up in a salon my dad

always had a hair color around I'm very

interested in seeing what happens when

you use it and how easy it is to use so

first I had to go to a drugstore to buy

box color which was very nervous about

it I was hoping I wasn't gonna see a

subscriber of mine and have to explain

myself okay it's very nerve-wracking so

I went to my local Duane Reade and

walked in and saw the Boggs color aisle

the vio the scary box color aisle and I

have never walked in me bar and I avoid

like the plague so I was in that aisle

and I'm not gonna lie I was a little

disoriented there was a lot of options a

lot of different brands I didn't know

what one to go with um which ones did

different things I don't know they

really all seemed pretty similar um even

the pictures on the boxes were very

similar there was nothing really

catching my eye someone need to work on

their marketing on those boxes because

it's bad so I wanted to pick a color

that was gonna show you guys as much

life and vibrancy as possible on the

dark hair that I'm leaving coloring

today so I decided to use a violet red

sort of like a level 3 very plummy red


I thought this would be the perfect

color to show like intensity and

vibrancy and just how much pigment they

put in box die so that I walked on the

street to Ricky's which is my local

professional hair care supplier oh you

can also go to Sally's whatever kind of

beauty supply store you have around you

I didn't want to order my own color

though for this video because I thought

it'd be nicer if I went to a store that

was also accessible to you guys so if

you did want to do something like you

saw in this video you could go out and

buy the product yourself and this was a

little bit less complicated for me as a

professional I sort of knew what was

what and I wanted to bury again the

vibrant violet red I also didn't want to

over complicate the formula so I picked

just one color that way again if you

guys want

it's not too complicated for you and

also I wanted to compare just one tube

of color to one box ID so I picked 3v

which looks very similar to the box

color that I picked out with that all

said you guys why don't we get it

started I'm gonna bring my clients in

now and let's apply some color so today

we have Tammy and Rebecca my lovely

clients / today aren't you guys all

ready for this

don't worry I'm gonna still have you

guys looking like twins you both should

get the same hair color if I did this

right which is debatable so we're gonna

see what happens

you're gonna get in the Box dye and

you're gonna get a professional color

I'm sorry okay Rebecca was it Rebecca

this is Tammy or you can be Rebecca you

guys look too much alike for me great

let's do it all right so my girls are

now ready we have Rebecca over here with

the box dye

I'm sorry girl and we have Tammy over

here with the professional color and

today I'm using a color Tango by Ella in

the color 3 V mixed with the developer

that it recommended on the box which is

the color Tango 20 volume developer the

20 volume is gonna offer us one to two

levels of lift and then it will deposit

the color into the hair follicle you

guys didn't already know this the higher

you go up with your developer the more

levels of lift you'll get today I'm not

gonna be using anything over 20 because

her hair is already at a level 5 6 and

I'm bringing it down to a 3 so I'm not

really trying to lift her hair at all

but I do want to get a little bit of

lift that way when the pigment is

deposited later it gives it more

vibrancy so I have my scale here and I'm

gonna measure this color out make sure

it's all perfect and calculated

precisely to the mixing ratio provided

here it is a one to one mixing ratio so

equal parts developer two equal parts

color not in 79 grams any grams of the

color of a developer I meant perfect now

typically on a virgin color application

I would start at the mids and ends and

then do the roots after because you get

heat from the scalp but today it doesn't

matter because my client is plastic

perfect all right so let's go more out

and start applying some color



so I finished 3/4 of the back of the

head so far and I just ran out of color

I'm definitely gonna take this into

account when I talk about pricing

definitely spikes up the cost we're

using so much color on one head

so hopefully this lasts the rest of the

entire head and mix it up and keep

applying it the color there's definitely

some fumes coming from this also it's

gonna be like a little bit of a headache

I'd also have very good ventilation in

here so I can really smell it but it's

not killing me and it's not burning my

eyes so that's definitely a good sign so

some of the things that I love about

professional color is that it's very

customizable so say if you want less

lift use 20 volume use tenderloin

depending on what you're going for

there's always different ways to mix the

formula and you know exactly what you're

gonna get typically I mean depends on

the person's hair black imperative - box

color which you don't really know

exactly what the results gonna be

because you don't know what is actually

in the color I'll get to a little later

once we do the Box color but that is

sort of the reason why professionals use

professional hair color because it's an

art form because it takes a lot of

schooling believe it or not to get

really good at this craft I'm also going

to say that the consistency of this hair

color is very nice it's very creamy it's

not watery doesn't drip on the floor and

get really messy but also distributes to

the hair very easily I really like that

about this color and yeah I'm just gonna

finish this off and going as fast as I

possibly can I mean not right now I'm

talking but I am going as fat that

possibly truck coats get it on her face

because this never comes off of these

mannequins so I just finished applying

the color on this day right here her

face is a little bit of color on it I'm

sorry I was rushing okay just don't call

me out for it okay so the directions say

to leave this color on for 45 minutes so

that's exactly what I'm gonna do and in

the meantime I'm gonna start coloring

miss Rebecca over here look at you you

looking cute honey you've jealous of

your sister yeah you jealous well you're

about to get this on your head so we're

gonna now move on to the dreaded box dye

I am excited actually to use this

oh okay well I got two boxes thank God

because there is literally nothing in

this box don't understand how this is

gonna cover her entire head you guys

this is the color so it comes with a

little shampoo and a little conditioner

probably nothing use it but it's reached

interactions cuz I don't know what this

is okay we have our directions here okay

here we go

comes with gloves - you're wondering so

it says okay unscrew the lid on this one

pour this in here okay this is pretty

easy alright so we have that in there

and then it says Oh to put the serum

inside I don't understand why this isn't

just pre-mixed inside the color already

but we're gonna go with it and now it

says carefully open the color booster

which is this tiny thing right here and

we're gonna put this in here fun fun fun

okay okay okay 25 minutes apparently

this only has to be on the hair for 25

minutes I'm guessing that's because

there's such a high level of ammonia

that it doesn't need to be on the hair

ever very long because 25 minutes is an

absurdly short amount of time for hair

color to be on a head but we're gonna

see and I'm gonna try to apply it with

just this bottle because that's how

people at home we're doing it this feels

wrong but okay I don't even know how to

start this I guess just start pouring

out whoa that's some red color like this

kind of fun I'm gonna show you guys the

front oh no this is really weird

like this I'm like like shampoo

okay I mean it's very vibrant don't trip

don't trip don't trip don't draft oh my

god this is difficult okay so bad

definitely smells a lot less oh my god

it's getting really dark oh my god I'm

gonna be so high but in this video this

also seems like a lot more red so I hope

we get a good comparison over here

because hey I hate this so messy no I

want this to be over I make a mood swing

it does look really pretty like Apple

color please you guys do this an event

area if you're gonna use box color I'm

actually surprised though I am I don't

think I'm like halfway out of this

bottle yet and I nearly covered the

entire head okay so that's the end of

the bottle I'm gonna like try and comb

this through it's like lathering like

shampoo it's kind of funny but the main

reason why I don't like box tie is

because you literally have no idea what

the formula is this is probably has a

lot a lot a lot of ammonia in it which

is not healthy if your cuticle when you

could just long we're customizing that

color to fit your exact needs Wow oh no

no no no that's pretty good image and

clean up her face a little bit

I'm so sorry oh all right so I have

Rebecca and Tammy all finished with

professional color and box dye color

they're looking like two very different

turquoise but I can't really see

honestly looking very pretty and in 25

minutes both their times will be up and

I'll print out full for them and

blow-dry them for you guys and then

we'll do the final comparison to see

which one is prettier so let's wait 20

minutes rinse it out blow-dry I'll be

right back

alright so I just finished washing both

of them I already see kind of a massive

difference between the two colors umm

again this is the professional hair

color and this is the Box dye let's get

started blow-dry


alright so I just finished blow-drying

our professional color girl she is

off-camera right now because I will show

you the results when I'm all done

blow-drying my baby over here and then

you guys will see the direct comparison

in the box color to the professional

hair dye

let me keep would right now



okay so I just finished blow-drying both

and now let's judge them let's judge the

crap out of them on the criteria I

talked about before first up we have the

box are you ready okay so I'm guessing

you can't really see much on this camera

but I have close-ups that I'll show you


overall I'm not that impressed I'm not

that unimpressed but I'm definitely not

impressed I was actually really rooting

for the Box die so let's go down the

list under the criteria that I want to


okay so first let's talk about price the

price for this box die is $13 that to me

is a really good price but you also have

to think about how much time it's gonna

take you to apply yourself time is money

and if you can't do work while you're

getting your hair done like you're

really wasting a lot of time so for that

reason 1 out of 5 I'm gonna give this a

4 okay I'm gonna give it before it's a

good price it's a pretty good price it's

pretty low okay

next category is usability now I was a

bit skeptical about using this bottle in

here but it seemed to have lathered

really really well and kind of was easy

to apply except it did drip all over my

floors my floors are completely stained

so for the reason that it dripped a lot

I'm gonna have to give it a bullion this

it was definitely easy to use but also

created an entirely new best that took

me ages to clean up okay now let's get

into the juicy stuff which is shine and

luster this completely failed you guys

I'm sorry there is literally less shine

than before I colored it it was really

shiny and now it's looking extra dull it

is not lustful it's definitely like

right in certain lights but this is

definitely not very shiny um I'm gonna

have to keep this open

being nice um it definitely changed the

color it just doesn't look like vibrant

or like Oh like it doesn't have that

that thing to it it's it's just kind of

like dull and boring okay now let's talk

about odor and toxicity the box diet was

definitely stronger and and seemed to be

a lot more talks it could definitely

give me a headache fast this set was

like okay it wasn't like atrocious it

was a nice kind of fragrance but it was

strong and for that I'm gonna give it a

two and now for the last category which

is predictability which is does it look

the same as it does as its supposed to

on the package here that looks nothing

like I'm looking at something right okay

predictability it's gonna get a 1 from

me because that was not predictable

as I expected so the total score for the

box dye color is 12 so now let's move on

to the professional color let's move

that away I'm gonna grab a decline here

oh right a ax now that is purple I hope

it's showing on camera this is a lot

more purple than the last one not

perfect I will tell you guys the things

I don't like about this I'm not trying

to side with the professional color on

purpose I'm genuinely going with what I

see and what I feel so for price two

packs of these and 20 volume developer

costed $19 and again the box dye costed

$13 which is a $5 price difference which

really is not much so if you're going

based off price to pick a hair color to

use you crazy because that isn't not

much more expensive than using a box tie

from your local

the store so for price for being

professional ah I'm gonna have to give

it hair color but again you can't work

well getting your hair done because

you're not in a salon so it's kind of

dumb and now for usability is it user

friendly I'm gonna say hell yeah okay if

you know how to measure things on a

scale then you probably know how to use

this color it's not very hard you mix it

together you weigh it and you put it on

the head and it's quite creamy so it

doesn't drip all over the place so for

that reason I'm gonna give this one

because it didn't you trip on my floor

and the other one did okay and now for

shine in lustre oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

this was shiny much more shiny and than

the bogs color think now would have been

really awkward for me it was like the

opposite it is definitely a lot more

shiny and a lot more vibrant by like ten

levels okay this actually looks purple

to me it looks much more shiny than when

I started with which is always a good

sign because color should actually make

the hair look healthier when you started

typically so for shine and luster but it

looks amazing okay odor and toxicity

this did smell bad too it wasn't very

good it was definitely not one of the

more pleasant haircolor lines I were

used it was a little gross so for that

I'm gonna give this


worse though to a nap and lastly

predictability is it coffee same as in

the box

well didn't show you the box but it had

a swatch which I'll show you in this


it said 3v this is definitely level 3

mmm honey no level 4 ish and it's

definitely violet so therefore I'm gonna

have to give this a 5 out of 5 because

looking very violet and look in the

other 3 ish so therefore you get a 5

which brings our final score for the

professional hair color to a 19 and a

half which puts it in the lead by 7 and

a half points which makes Timmy the

winner of this competition

congratulations Tammy

you can go brag to your twin sister now

about hookers prettier that is it to you

guys get out

so is this comparison perfect no because

there's all sorts of color lines you

could use and they're all different

going in as a person who's never used

box head before and like a common person

who would go into a store to clear their

hair I think that's a pretty fair

judgement on box dye and do I absolutely

hate it no you guys I don't absolutely

hate it it's just very uncontrollable

and usually use in the wrong way there's

just no way predicting what's in the box

what it's made of it just wouldn't be

what I would recommend wanna get an

actual beautiful professional rich

looking color

so please just stay away from box color

just go get your hair done it's not even

that much more money you can get a

single process color like what I did

today for around $40 depending where you

live and up from there depending on how

nice the salon is and how experienced

the person is go get it professionally

done pampering yourself and feeling good

and make yourself more productive for

life after that because you're all

relaxed and it's just it's just you know

what it's an investment on yourself and

I think is a very good investment maybe

you learned a thing or two hopefully if

you guys enjoyed today's video please

give it a like follow me on all my

social medias don't forget to live your

extra life and I will see you next time