How To Make The Worlds Best Southern Cornbread Dressing: Crispy Outside Creamy Inside

look at the inside of the cavity because

in there you're going to find this you

boil and you take the meat off of it and

you put this in your dressing to use

this water to boil the giblets that you

saw me take from the two cavities of the

turkey before I get them giblet meat in

here I'm going to sprinkle this with

just some Creole seasoning

just to give it some flavor in fact I

don't like the smell

boiled raw meat so when you wash your

seasoning then it gives it up you know

the smell is very nice this I'm putting

in is just some garlic and I'm also

going to put in just some regular table

salt and this is a probably of table

salt cut about a tablespoon turkey neck

I'm going to put that down in there

preacher's nose or the tail of the

turkey this is the turkeys liver this is

a gizzard we're going to put this in

here and boil it we're gonna bawl all

this until it's very tender then we're

going to chop it up and without put it

inside our dressing here you see our

giblets where they have cooked and this

is the juice or the put came off of a

giblets his sort of a fatty broth that's

the word I was trying to think of not

juice please see we have our neck and

all these pieces and I'm have a pan here

I'm just going to go ahead and take

these pieces up in the pan

they've already cool they're not really

hot this just liquid and all the O

giblets are cool we're going to throw

this out we're not going to put on put

this to the side we're not going to put

that in our dressing everything else

we've been putting it in our dressing

and I just want to show you these this

is the neck some of you are not going to

know how to what to do with your neck do

you want to cook these giblets until

they're totally soft and falling off the

bone when it cools then you want to take

the neck and you want to just use your

hands to pull the meat from the the neck

here hey guys I just wanted to go ahead

and show you what I was symbol here that

we're going to be using for our dressing

so here I don't know if you can see this

or not let's take it in a little bit

here I have this is bell pepper this is

1/4 cup of bell pepper here I have about

1/4 cup of the banana peppers and I'm

just chopping but let me show you the

jar that I got them out of so I just

took them out chopped up I have about a

little bit less than 1/4 of a cup here I

have my giblets that I've already cut up

I have onions here and then you can see

that I have black pepper

I have salt garlic powder and adobo

seasoning and the star of the show in

this dish it's going to be sage to use

sage Ernest okay so we're going to use

all these things to bring our dressing

making just enough I'm going to be

feeding about 5 people so we're making a

very small amount of dressing if you're

going to make this for a holiday

I would quadruple what you see here

everything to see here I would pour

drupelet or even more depending on how

many people that you're making it for

now dressing is going to be something

you're gonna have to play by ear you're

gonna have to figure out about how much

you want like a couple of pans of

dressing or the big long aluminum pan

just how many people you're feeding

that's how you're going to determine how

much you want to use but like I say here

today I'm only feeding about five people

so I don't need that much dressing I

have here two slices of just regular

sandwich bread this is wheat bread but

it doesn't matter what kind of bread it

is I'm using this because this is what I

had and I've already toasted it because

I want to just

little crunch on it I have here like

leftover cornbread that um just a little

bit I knew I was going to be making some

dresses so I just put that away for my

dressing so what you're going to do is

you're going to go ahead and just break

up all of this and I also the bread the

white bread or the corn bread and you

know you're gonna make dressed and you

can leave it in the oven extra long so

that so that it gets crispy you don't

really want your bread to be soft you

want it to ideally you want it to be

crispy look how beautifully and rich

delicious this broth is and here's just

a little bit of some of the skin from

the turkey that's left in the pan I'm

going to just really I guess kick this

up and just pour it in oh my god you see

how rich it is you see all the fat in

this that's what's going to make your

dress and taste good

now I'm not calling it something I'm not

calling it stuffing because we're not

going to be stuffing the bird we're

going to be um making dressing on the

side stuffing the bird is kind of

dangerous in County yucky you can't get

much stuffing into the cavity of that

bird either way so we're going to be

making dressing so now there are

Portland brought off in over my bread

I'm going to go ahead and begin to add

by other ingredients I'm going to put in

I didn't mention this before but I have

here a fourth of a cup of celery chopped

celery you can put more if you like I'm

gonna put in my bell pepper my um banana

peppers they're not very hot they're

just going to give it a nice little kick

a nice taste that it won't be hot at all

I'm going to put in my onions I have X

here I didn't mention my eggs before but

I have two eggs and I am going to crack

them and add them one at a time

I'm going to go ahead and begin to add

in my own spices so I'm going to put in

just a little bit of black pepper I'd

say this for this amount this is about

1/4 of a teaspoon I'm going to put in my

adobo seasoning and I'm gonna put in

also about 1/4 of a teaspoon I'm going

to put in my sage and here's where I'm

going to put a lot in there not going to

scrimp on this at all I'm putting about

that's about 3 tablespoons about 3

tablespoons of sage I'm going to put in

a little bit of garlic not much at all

that's maybe less than anchor of a

teaspoon I would say and oh here's my on

chopped up turkey giblets I'm going to

go ahead and add those in I'm not going

to put any salt in because I see some of

the meat not tasted this ugh these

giblets and they are very well seasoned

they are very delicious and I'm not

going to add any salt in because I've

already put a dough ball so I don't want

to risk making it too salty so let me

just get this made up

now what I'm going to do is I'm going to

let this sit so that this bread can

still soak up more of the liquid I'm

going to let it sit about 15 minutes or

less and let it and let it soak up it's

going to get just a little bit we don't

want it quite this loose so it's going

to get just a little bit more dry some

of the juices going to soak up I also

meant to tell you that when you're using

your giblets that this was a lot of

giblets for this small amount of

dressing but if you're making a dinner a

big dinner for more than just a few

people you're going to need these

giblets and maybe some more so what you

can do maybe some more meat in it what

you can do you can buy a pack sometimes

I buy a pack up short thighs and I boil

those in with the giblets and it makes a

really nice rich broth and I cut the

meat up from the short side not the skin

just the meat and I can put that inside

here I have also sometimes used a lot of

times I use it just into it today I'll

use like just the regular sausage that

you'll have sausage patties in the

morning just got regular sausage up and

I'll put it in here and it gives it a

really really really nice taste but I'm

not doing all that today but you just

have to adjust this this is something

that you have to adjust I didn't say how

much broth I put in because that's going

to depend on how much you're making I

just want to show you the consistency

and how it should now you're going to

see how wet this looks okay we're back

and you can see that it's soaked up the

bread is soaked up a lot of the liquid

we do have some liquid steel here and

that's going to be okay because we're

going to put this in the oven and we're

gonna let this cook on 375 and they'll

probably have to cook about 30 minutes

so let's go and get this pan into the

pan and we'll get it into the oven I

want you to take a good look at what

your dressing is going to look like

going into the pan you see that it looks

pretty wet here there is still some of

the juice in the broth in this but not a

lot don't worry about it it's going to

come out crispy on the sides and very

moist that juice is going to make sure

that it's soft and moist on the inside

oh yeah see nothing yet wait until we

take this out you got to see exactly


into the oven 375 degrees look what I

tell you

look at this showpiece masterpiece this

is wonderful

look at those edges mmm can you see that

these edges are actually crispy right

along the top and on the sides that the

sides are all they're crud they're

crispy there it's just so good but

inside it's very very moist and very

creamy trying to find a place where you

I can cut it for you guys I think right

here is going to be okay because I

really want you to get a I really want

you to get a good look at this oh look

look can you see that it's crunchy right

around on the top but inside you see how

soft and creamy this is guys you won't

believe how good this tastes I hear you

you know I hear what you're saying me so

taste it miso taste it okay I'm gonna do

it for you anything for you guys here I

go mmm

okay now hmm mmm delicious

let's get it plated up mmm so good so

here guys you see what I've done I've

gone ahead and plate it up I've got

gravy on the dressing I've got Turkey

here I've paired it with some English

peas and some corn and of course some

cranberry sauce this is so delicious my

family is chomping at the bit guys

I'm gonna feed them but thank you for

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