These Are 10 Best Protection Dog Breeds


dogs perform a wide variety of services

for their humans some assists disabled

people help those who struggle with

anxiety and depression or offer support

to children with special needs others

use their incredible sense of smell to

find hidden items but the ones we're

talking about today are the 10 best

protecting dog breeds ever these dogs

have an unrivaled love for their humans

and they're willing to do just about

anything to keep their people and home


number 10 Great Pyrenees while they're

not a prototypical breed for personal or

family protection great pyrrha nieces

are well suited for a number of

protective contacts they were developed

to protect livestock from coyotes and

wolves and nearly everything about their

personality and appearance points to

this history great pyrenees

are independent loyal and brave dogs

with an apparent size that will

intimidate just about anything short of

a polar bear number 9 American Bulldog

the American Bulldog is a sensitive and

affectionate breed who is typically

fiercely protective of his family

originally developed to help control

cattle these dogs are as brave as they

are energetic and they really require a

regular job to remain happy and well

behaved American Bulldogs vary quite a

bit they come in several different

styles and combinations thereof and they

vary greatly in size number eight


a guarding and herding breed originating

in France the beauceron is an 80 to 100

pound dog that looks a bit like a 3-way

cross between a lab

Doberman and Rottweiler like these

breeds the beauceron

is intelligent affectionate and loyal

although they keep strangers at a

greater distance than most labs do but

while these dogs have plenty of great

traits their notable for being quite


number 7 giant schnauzer giant

schnauzers are sensitive but lack the

intensity of some of the other good

guarding breeds these dogs are

affectionate and loving with their

families needing plenty of attention

from their humans to remain happy they

are proud territorial dogs whose size

helps make up for their refined

appearance they're actually quite

powerful dogs capable of effectively

defending their family number 6 Doberman

Pinscher originally bred to accompany

tax collectors Dobermans excel and most

protection oriented applications

Dobermans are sensitive loving loyal

intelligent and brave dogs who are

instinctively compelled to protect their

homes and families they are a bit

lighter on their feet than these other

breeds and they probably require a

little more space and exercise - number

5 Belgian Malinois the Belgian Malinois

is likely the favorite breed of

professional protection dog trainers and

they're likely the most common breed

working for police and military units in

the u.s. Belgian Malinois superficially

resemble small German Shepherds but

these dogs have even more intensity and

energy than their more common

counterparts do though all this makes

them very well-suited for full-time work

it can make them a bit of a handful for

typical families but when matched with a

good active owner or family Belgian

Malinois is make loving loyal and

capable companions number 4 German

Shepherd German Shepherds have been used

by military and police organizations for

decades they exam

most of the traits found in good guard

dogs as their intelligent loving and

brave shepherds are also physically

imposing despite their modest body

weight in part this is due to their long

fluffy coat which exaggerated s' their

size but they also have very broad deep

chests and a set of ears large enough to

pick up basic-cable number three Dutch

Shepherd Dutch shepherds have a lot in

common with their Belgian and German

cousins but they're often regarded as

being easier to Train they are a bit

rare by shepherd standards standing

around two feet high at the shoulder and

reaching only 75 pounds or so Dutch

shepherds are smaller than most German


but while they might be a bit on the

small side they have all of the

intelligence strength and courage needed

for guard dog or protection work number

two Connie Corso although their owners

typically know just how sweet and

lovable Connie courses are few people

would care to stand toe-to-toe with one

of these giant canines these dogs have

an incredibly intimidating appearance

and they exude a calm confidence that is

impressive to behold they are always

ready to protect their family members

without hesitation

number one Rottweiler originally

developed a herd cattle and accompany

soldiers in the battle Rottweilers check

off every box on the guard dog checklist

they are one of the most intelligent

breeds in the world they love their

families in a way that is truly

difficult to convey and they are ready

to face down any threat be it a bear

nefarious human or vacuum cleaner and

without a moment's hesitation and most

are ready to back up their bluster if

need be

these are not ideal for inexperienced

dog owners as they require a calm

confident alpha I really hope you

enjoyed this video now a question for


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