Best Dishwasher in 2020

hey guys in this video we're going to be

checking out the five best dishwashers

on the market I made this list based on

my personal opinion and hours of

research and I've listed them based on

quality durability price and more I've

included options for every type of

consumer so if you're looking for the

best product money can buy we'll have

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so let's get started with the video the

fifth product on our list is the SPT SD

22 o2w countertop dishwasher

we recommend the SPT SD 22 o2w

countertop dishwasher for those who live

in an apartment or condominium where

space-saving is vital and without the

need for intricate plumbing work it

features a durable stainless steel

interior built for quality and longevity

an eight-hour delay to schedule your

washes and multiple modes including

heavy normal light glass speed and soak

its 148 degree max temperature is a

significant step up from the average max

temperature of 100 degrees found in

comparative countertop dishwashers the

included faucet adapter will provide you

with a quick and easy solution to get

hooked up without having to deal with

expensive plumbing and potential

warranty issues it can hold plates up to

ten and a half inches in diameter and at

twenty one point six by nineteen point

seven by seventeen point two inches with

a weight of forty eight and a half

pounds this dishwasher doesn't take up

much space unfortunately we did notice

that the SPT SD 2202 W has trouble

during the dry cycle and doesn't perform

as adequately as we expected

still the space and cost savings make it

a compelling package for those who

require its convenience the features

include faucet adapter you'll receive a

faucet adapter with this dishwasher for

hooking it up in your kitchen delay

start this dishwasher can be set to

start running up to eight hours in

advance for your convenience one button

start you can start up this dishwasher

with just the push of a single button on

the front of the appliance the pros are

easy to use this dishwasher is designed

in such a way that it is very easy to

set up and use durable construction the

stainless steel interior of this

appliance makes it very durable and

long-lasting compact the small

dimensions of this dishwasher mean that

it won't

a lot of space in your home and for the

cons some customers have complained that

this dishwasher can be fairly loud if

you need a small but reliable dishwasher

in your kitchen this one offers a simple

but effective design that will make your

daily home life a bit easier

the fourth product on our list is the

Black & Decker BC d6w countertop

dishwasher though seeking a countertop

dishwasher to save space but don't mind

a permanent installation may find the BC

d6w to be right up their alley it's a

stylish and contemporary dishwasher that

will sit well in just about any modern

kitchen there are six different place

settings for you to choose from making

it ideal for families

the sliding dish rack can be used to

stack plates up to 10 inches across with

separate racks for cutlery glasses cups

silverware and assorted items the seven

unique programs this dishwasher offers

include intensive normal eco glass 90

minutes rapid and soak the Eco mode can

be particularly useful if you're trying

to conserve energy to save money on

utilities each month you'll be able to

set a delay on this dishwasher up to 24

hours to plan your washes well in

advance and the LED display features

electronic touch controls with a bright

and clear display allowing for greater

ease of use all of this plus a child

lock safety system for peace of mind the

only con we noticed is the need for a

pre rinse in the sink before the actual

wash which is less than ideal especially

when one factors in the Energy Star

certified efficiency rating the features

include child lock there's a child lock

feature that will prevent your kids from

getting injured by accident LED display

this dishwashers LED display gives you a

clearer look at all of the settings that

it offers sliding dish rack the sliding

dish rack can be used to wash anything

from wine glasses to dinner plates the

pros are lots of programs the seven

different programs this appliance offers

will be sure to meet your needs no

matter what touch controls the

electronic touch controls make it easy

to activate the various settings this

dishwasher offers save money there's an

eco mode that you can use with this

dishwasher to save money on your utility

bill and for the cons it can take a

little while to figure out how

everything works at first

measuring 24.8 by 23.3 by 21 inches with

a weight of 46 pounds this dishwasher

isn't over

bulky and doesn't take up a ton of space

it is easy to load and we'll provide you

with years of reliable operation the

third products on our list is the LG

24-inch top control smart Wi-Fi

dishwasher this is a great smart

dishwasher the LG 24-inch top control

smart Wi-Fi dishwasher is aimed

specifically at those who want a fully

functional high quality smart dishwasher

for the right price LG has made this

dishwasher more attractive by openly

proclaiming no need to rinse your dishes

before inserting them it is equipped

with multi motion spray arms that

provide maximum coverage Plus LG's Tru

stream technology for equally excellent

Steam coverage meaning 60% less water

spots smart thin cue technology even

allows you to monitor your dishwasher

remotely on your smart phone the glide

rail and ball bearing wheel design

ensures that the upper rack always stays

on track

you can also trust that the lower rack

will glide smoothly every time for

effortless loading and unloading without

slipping off the base what's truly

impressive however is the cleaning speed

at the fastest setting turbo the

dishwasher performed flawlessly without

a speck of food on any dish there are

interior led tub lights in this

dishwasher that light it up inside which

makes it easy to check on your dishes

the height adjustable third rack in this

appliance provides you with additional

space for a variety of items this LG

dishwasher dares you to challenge its

performance although the relatively

expensive price tag might put a damper

on that if you can make it past this

minor caveat you'll enjoy one truly

powerful smart dishwasher in your home

the features include dual zone this

dishwasher automatically changes the

intensity in the upper and lower racks

to accommodate different items in each

load half wash mode the half wash mode

is great for him serving energy and

saving money on your utility bill LED

display the top control panel with LED

display gives you a clear digital

readout at all times the pros are easy

to load this appliances glide rail and

ball bearing wheel design make it very

easy to load and unload quiet operation

operating at only 42 decibels this

dishwasher is very quiet while it is

running on any mode great filter system

the three-stage filter system that this

dishwasher uses ensures that your dirty

dishes get completely clean every single


for the cons changing out the filter

that this dishwasher uses can be a

little tricky measuring thirty three and

a half by 23.3 by 24 inches this

dishwasher is a bit larger and therefore

requires a decent amount of space the

second product on our list is the

KitchenAid 24-inch stainless steel

dishwasher this is a great quiet

dishwasher if it's peace and quiet

you're aiming for kitchen aids 24 inch

stainless steel dishwasher can tackle

the job while looking beautiful at the

same time the inclusion of a stainless

steel tub is enough to turn heads by

itself not to mention the handsome

minimalist exterior the KitchenAid 24

inch stainless steel dishwasher offers

easy navigation thanks to an electronic

touch sensitive control scheme for quick

and easy operation it features an

adjustable upper basket along with satin

glide rack and folding tines for

flexible loading the eight-hour delay

start will make it easy for you to plan

your cleanings according to your

schedule we especially like this

appliances third level rack which

accommodates up to 14 different place

settings the huge amount of interior

space gives you the ability to clean all

of your dishes at once the fewer loads

you have to run each week the more money

you save on utilities and that's backed

up with Energy Star certification the

KitchenAid 24 inch stainless steel

dishwasher can be a little hard to

figure out at first most notably when it

comes to the loading structure but this

goes away quickly it also needs a rather

long time to run its cycles which may be

an issue for time-sensitive households

that being said the pro wash cycle with

soil sensor heated dry option which may

be too hot for some and concealed

controls at the top make for a superb

dishwasher that looks beautiful in your

home the features include adjustable

upper basket the adjustable design of

this dishwashers upper basket gives you

flexible loading to make this chore a

little easier eight hour delay start you

can delay your dishwashing for up to

eight hours so that it doesn't get in

the way of your busy schedule sanitize

mode the sanitize option that this

appliance offers makes it easy to ensure

that all of your dishes are cleaned

thoroughly the pros are energy efficient

design this dishwasher has a very

energy-efficient design to help you

reduce your utility bill each month

large capacity the large interior

capacity of this appliance makes it easy

to wash all of your dishes in one load

simple design everything about this

dishwasher is simple and easy

for pretty much anyone and for the cons

some customers have reported that the

knobs on this dishwasher break off

somewhat easily measuring 34 and a half

by 23 by 24 inches this dishwasher is

fairly standard in terms of its size the

first product on our list is the bosch

500 series dishwasher this is our Best

Overall dishwasher for parent luxurious

performance that maintains its regal

elegance the Bosch 500 series dishwasher

is the one to beat it comes with an auto

air option which opens the door at the

end of the cycle to allow the moisture

to escape which aids in drying this

dishwashers electronic controls in

bright LED display are very easy to use

and are hidden when the unit is closed

to maintain its good looks it supports a

stainless steel tub numerous folding cup

shelves and a 24-hour delay start

feature for precise planning of your

washes according to the schedule in your

household the unit offers several

cleaning cycles depending on the makeup

of your dish loads and each vary in

terms of duration it's also quieter than

many of its competitors the Bosch 500

series dishwasher accommodates up to 16

different place settings for plenty of

space when tackling larger loads it's

also Energy Star certified which can

help you save money on utilities while

doing your part for the environment it's

well-priced for the sheer amount of

features it offers and the quality of

its work for that reason it's the one we

recommend for the person who's looking

for top-tier quality the features

include electronic controls there are

numerous electronic controls on the

front of this dishwasher that are very

easy to use third rack the third rack in

this dishwasher gives you additional

space to get all of your dishes clean in

one go delay start you can set it delay

on this appliance for up to 24 hours

providing you with all the convenience

you'll ever need the pros are plenty of

settings there are numerous settings to

choose from including rinse hold half

load delicate wash and normal installs

flush the pocket handle on this

dishwasher allows you to install it in

such a way that it seamlessly integrates

into your kitchen easy to use this

dishwasher is easy to use electronic

controls and settings that aren't

complicated in the slightest and for the

cons a few customers have complained

about water sitting on the bottom of the

dishwasher after it's done working this

dishwasher gives you an easy simple and

efficient way to get your dishes clean

on a daily basis

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