Equipment Review: Best Digital Kitchen Scales & Our Testing Winner & Best Buy

if you're not using a kitchen scale you

probably don't realize what a

game-changer it is a scale is essential

especially for baking the only way to

guarantee success is to measure dry

ingredients by weight on a scale let me

show you something when we're not using

a scale we measure flour with the dip

and sweep method even with this method

which is pretty good we've learned that

you can get up to 20% difference in the

actual amount of flour measured out 20%

makes a difference too little or too

much flour can make a cake flatten heavy

instead of fluffy tall and tender we use

kitchen scales in all sorts of other

ways that make cooking more reliable and

easier if you portion burgers on a scale

you don't have to guess if they're all

the same size and they'll all cook at

the same rate or you can measure

ingredients right into a bowl on the


pushing the tare button to zero out the

weight of the bowl each time our

longtime favorite is the Aqsa Good Grips

11-pound food scale for 49.95 it's still

great but newer cheaper models are

coming out all the time we bought 10

price from $12 to $67 they can weigh a

maximum of 9 to 15 pounds then we went

to work we assign scales to test cooks

to use every day for a week we drop the

scales from a height of 2 inches onto

the counter the way you might if you

were putting it away on the Shelf just

to see how tough and durable they are

and we evaluated how easy they were to

use clean and store at first we checked

every scale for accuracy using

calibrated lab weights on multiple

copies of each brand all of them were

accurate but here's the bad news

half of these scales were so crazy

difficult to operate or so hard to read

and so cumbersome to clean up that we

just can't recommend them now in the

Test Kitchen we often switch between

grams and ounces particularly if we're

dividing a recipe or cooking from an

international recipe this should be

simple to do so we ask testers to weigh

5 ounces of flour and before they begin

we set all the scales to grams and ask

the testers to switch them back to

ounces then measure the flour on some of

these scales our testers fumbling around

for ages

the worst one had a tiny toggle on the

underside of the scale underneath the

battery cover we had to look it up in

the manual to find it give me a break on

another scale to switch from grams to


you had to gently press the on/off

button while the scale powers up if you

miss that tiny little window of time you

have to turn it off and start again

now who thinks this is convenient but

even the basic tasks were difficult on

some of these scales displays were hard

to read buttons had confusing labels and

some of the scales put the display flat

on that weighing platform so half the

time you can't see it underneath

whatever you're weighing tip enos is a

problem with the really lightweight

scales they teetered back and forth when

we push the buttons or they slid around

on the counter we really like low flat

stable scales with smooth bottoms not

feet because these stay put and they're

really easy to store cleanup was a

little tricky we stained all the scales

with mustard tomato paste and oil and

let them sit for 36 hours before washing

them food got trapped in crevices and

water worked its way inside only two of

the scales had removable platforms that

we could take off and really scrub

completely clean the best scale was

still our old winner the Ox oh good

grips 11 pound food scale with pull-out

display for 49.95

and as everything we want it's accurate

and stable its light-up pullout display

is always easy to read and we love that

it's platform pops right off to make

cleanup super easy but if $50 is too

much to spend we have a Best Buy it's

called the O's re pronto digital

multifunctional kitchen and food scale

for about 12 dollars while it feels a

little lightweight and it doesn't have

the Oxus removable platform for cleaning

it's accurate it's easy to use and it's

pretty impressive for the money