BEST Dictation Software - Voice Typing Google Docs 2020 (FREE!)

hey it's Hosea and today I have a great

tool to share with you and I'm hoping

that it's going to be a bit of a

surprise it seems to be in my experience

with everybody that I tell so this is

dictation software but it's free

dictation software and it comes from no

one other than Google so let's dive in

and take a look ok so what we're going

to do here is we're going to type in

Google Docs into a browser and find the

Google Docs website so if you click on

that it may take you to the home page

just click on go to Google Docs by the

way you'll need a Google account so if

you haven't done that for some reason

just sign up it's free and I realize

that you may use Microsoft Office and I

did for many years in fact I still have

Microsoft Office installed on my machine

but I also use OpenOffice because I like

the simpler interface on that but I also

started using Google Docs a few years

ago and really it was for the cloud

convenience now I know that Microsoft

Office now have office on the cloud but

I use Google Docs almost exclusively now

and there's one little handy feature

that many people don't seem to know

about at least when I tell them so

that's what I want to show you today

I'll just click on a blank document and

here's the clever feature you can go to

tools in the menu and go to voice typing

and all that you do there obviously if

you click on this you'll get a mic and

you start talking and the screen fills

up with words now I'm going to show you

that so you can see exactly how that

works but let me just say that I've used

dictation software over the years

because I used to type a lot and back

when I was doing a lot of freelancing

work years ago I had a lot of clients

and it meant spending almost a quarter

of my day replying to emails and I

thought I have to find a better way of

doing this so I invested in some

software that was called Dragon Dictate

or something like that it was it was a

dragon so

but I just can't remember exactly the

title of it and back then that was the

software that was the most advanced

software but you used to have to sit

there reading all these passages to

train it to train you to understand your

accent and they used to struggle with

mine so after about 20 minutes or half

an hour of repeating these passages over

and over again for the software to try

and map the way that I say things to the

words that were on the screen even after

that was done the accuracy of the

software in my case wasn't great now if

you have a voice for radio and it's

crystal clear then that kind of software

can were really well for you but in my

case I still have to do a lot of edits

now fast forward a few years Google's

speech engine is second to none now to

be fair I don't know what the dragon

people do these days it's been a long

time since I've used this software and

I'm sure that it's a lot better these

days but the one thing that we all know

is that Google has very deep pockets so

if they want to get something right they

have the money to spend and as I say the

speech engine is unbelievable

it's just super accurate even with me it

understands me finally someone or

something understands me and what's more

you don't have to train it you don't

have to sit there reading passages you

just switch it on you start talking and

it starts writing on the screen and

whether you're writing a book or a story

or an essay or you just replying to

emails this can be a great time-saver so

with all this said I'm now going to show

you how to do this but I'm gonna have to

turn my recording off and then do a new

recording where I'm not actually

speaking so that I can engage the mic

and talk and then you'll see the words

on the screen and I'll add this on the

video so let's go and do that now okay

so this is the new video and I just

realized that I can indeed actually

speak as I record the screen

I don't know why it was grayed out

before but all I've done is I've given

the document a title just anything

random so if your voice tool is actually

grayed out try that try giving it a

title and you can even try saving it and

then you actually have a real document

to work on so let me do this little test

I'm gonna click on voice typing and then

it says click to speak so it does give

you time you can sip your coffee and

just get ready and oh look English us

yeah you actually have different options

here okay so English United Kingdom

obviously it's going to be mine so I'm

gonna click on this and I'm gonna speak

hello this is a test of me speaking

okay so I've clicked the mic off and you

can see that you don't have to speak

like a robot like with the old dictation

software sometimes you would have to

speak like a robot and slowly and really

pronounce your words well in order for

the software to be able to understand

you with this you can go as quickly as

you want so I'm gonna click on the mic

again and I'm just gonna rifle through

more stuff okay today is Tuesday the

25th of November and I actually got that

wrong it's actually the 21st of November

and this is a video presentation of me

demoing this speech-to-text software

which is completely free and it comes as

part of Google Docs and I think everyone

should be using this if they are

interested in talking actually everyone

is interested in talking especially me

what I mean is anyone who is interested

in saving time will probably find this

software really useful because it

enables them to just speak there

answers and hey if you're writing a

novel then even this can help okay so

I've switched that off now you can see

that in terms of accuracy this thing is

about 99% accurate there's a little

thing here in there like it enables them

to just speak the answers that was

actually their answers but that's down

to my accent and the way I say things

and I suppose I could work on that a

little bit and speak a little bit more

clearly in fact if I spoke just a little

bit slower and made my words a little

bit clearer then it would probably save

me a lot of time editing but by

comparison you know that when you're

typing a paragraph like this on an email

and you have to think of your answer you

can be spending one or two minutes just

polishing that paragraph so even with

the important communications you can

have the basis of your conversation

don't underst it in just a few seconds

just like this and then you can edit

that and just add that finishing touch

but yeah super useful tool love it to


I don't use any other dictation software

this is the only one that I use and the

only one that I need so I hope that you

can use this in your day to day stuff

because it really is handy and as I said

at the beginning it's free while you

here please subscribe to the channel and

that way you don't miss any of these

resources that I keep putting out and on

that note take it easy and I will see

you in the next video