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hey it's Jenna here if you have been

experiencing constipation bloating gas

headache fatigue eggs low energy bad

breath of food cravings regularly well

these are some signs that your body may

be toxic overload a healthy digestion is

essential for your body to absorb all

the good nutrients and eliminate the

ways that we don't need this detox

drinks will help kick start your

metabolism burn fat reduced bloating and

as a result you'll have a flatter belly

all you have to do is add all the

ingredients include glass chill in the

fridge for a couple of hours or

overnight and enjoying cucumbers are

diuretic which will cleanse the liver

sludge our bodily toxins and prevent

water retention the athletes in lemon

juice helps slow down the digestion

process which increases nutrient

absorption better nutrient absorption

means less bloating mint has an

antimicrobial properties which can be

used to support oral health giving you

fresh breath


green tea is known as a superb fat

burner it increases the body's fat

burning ability turn appetite and

reduces cravings apple cider vinegar

keeps the body strong by helping the

body to maintain a healthy alkaline ph

level so this drink can help to increase

metabolism at speed up weight loss


apples are extremely rich in

antioxidants and they are delicious

cinnamon manager's blood sugar levels

reduce sugar cravings so you won't be

munching on those sugary treats ginger

will help flush out toxins in the colon

liver and other organs which supports

the entire digestive process it also

reduces the accumulation of fat

especially fat that is thought around

the valley if you want to you can also

add a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup

into the mixture stir and enjoy chilled

you can sit the mixture for another two

to three more times before it loses its

taste so consume these detox drinks on a

regular basis for a healthy digestion

this drink will promote a more active

metabolism and help burn fat and more

easily but remember guys you won't

magically lose weight just by drinking

this and doing nothing you will still

need to maintain an active lifestyle and

eat a well-balanced diet but try these

detox drinks drink them every day and

let me know which is a favorite in the

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