Best Office Chair in 2020 - Top 5 Ergonomic & Comfortable Chairs

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another buying guide with ten best ones

today we'll talk about which are the

five best picks how to choose the

correct product and what you should look

at before buying we've ranked these

products based on their price quality

durability performance and more if you'd

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let's get started

before we jump into the best office

chairs first I want to talk about a few

things that you should look at before

buying one number one comfort an average

business person spends about 40 hours

per week in one chair which means that

they use that chair approximately 1900

hours over the course of a year which is

a lot that's why you need a good chair

if you want to prevent back pain and

discomfort the first thing you need to

look out for when buying an office chair

is comfort because there are many

benefits to having a comfortable chair

in addition to having less back strain a

nice comfortable chair prevents fatigue

and discomfort that come from sitting in

the same chair for plenty of hours

number 2 adjustability adjustability is

another feature that you should check

out you should know that almost all

office chairs have an arm and height

adjustment but the thing is that these

are not the most important adjustments

to look for the high end office chairs

have at least five adjustments and some

even have up to 14 which is amazing they

include the lumbar support seat back

width and height arm width and height

tension control seat and back angle etc

number three price another important

determining factor is price as you may

know price is always related to the

quality of the product and it always is

important that a chair feels solid

another thing you should check is the

build quality and see whether the

mechanism is made of plastic or metal

don't go for the cheapest one as you may

feel a lot of discomfort and back pain

but don't go for the most expensive one

either check out our top picks and see

if you can find the one that suits your

needs and then before weaves something

else you should look at before buying an

office chair is the wheels and the wheel

base as you may know nearly all office

chairs have a wheel base but you should

know that if the office is carpeted you

may need a chair with a wheel

specifically made for carpet because

rolling is important in order to prevent

strain not all types of wheels are

suitable for every surface and that's

why you should check out for

multifunctional casters

without further ado let's take a look at

our top five picks at number five

it's the Alera illusion Alera illusion

is a pretty nice-looking and comfortable

chair that might help you a lot during

your working hours it's one of the best

economic chairs that has plenty of great

features and on top of that it comes at

a very reasonable price which is amazing

it's a very good-looking design great

build quality and the adjustability is

great on this one when it comes to

design I can say that it looks pretty

good and it features a contoured seat

cushion with a waterfall ledge which is

meant to relieve the pressure on your

legs this is an amazing feature because

the blood circulation will be improved

throughout your legs furthermore I

should also mention that the five spider

legs include wheels and deliver greater

mobility so you can move from one desk

to another very easily the seat of this

chair can rotate for 360 degrees and

you'll be able to access your files from

your office and be more productive the

arms on this one are finished with a

soft polyurethane pad with the intention

to gently hold your arm in place without

causing any pain also the mesh back is

pretty well designed and it works well

in keeping your body posture properly

even after long hours of sitting the

lifting mechanism works pretty smoothly

on this one and it allows the mesh pack

to adjust at the right angle anytime it

surely is one of the best office chairs

in the market and the best part about it

is it comes at a very affordable price

number 4 h o n ignition 2.0 moving on we

have the hom ignition 2.0 this chair is

an excellent choice for those who want a

great office chair for their long work

sessions it has plenty of great features

and it feels very comfortable overall

however it has some disadvantages like

the additional cost for lumbar support

the difficult assembly and the mixed

options and overall comfort for long

term sitting these are some

disadvantages that make the H o n

ignition 2.0 a bit hard to recommend

over some other options but anyway it

still delivers great performance for the

money and you should check out what this

one has to offer

it has a pretty nice and simple design

and the company claims that this chair

fits everyone between the 5th and 95th

percentile this one has an adjustable

back that can move to six different

vertical positions

which is amazing another excellent

feature that I like is the alehrer

stretch mesh to replace the standard

high density polyester mesh of the

original model and this material is more

durable and its softer it also features

a gliding mechanism that allows it to

move backward and forwards before

locking into position furthermore the

adjustable arm rests on the HLN ignition

2.0 allowing you to position your arms

in an ergonomically friendly position

for long periods at working the entire

chair pivots are calling to a point on

the front and the back of the chair

reclines at a two-to-one ratio to the

seat angle it may not be the perfect

chair but it has a very beautiful design

with plenty of great features and has a

great design that would fit well into

any contemporary office setting to sum

up I would say it's an amazing office

chair that can help you during your long

working sessions and you should check

the hom ignition 2.0 and see if this is

the chair you were looking for number

three Herman Miller embody the Herman

Miller embody chair is one of the top

performers in the market it has a very

nice looking design great adjustability

and many more great features that might

be very helpful however you should know

that it is pretty expensive and that is

a turn-off but if the price is not a big

deal for you then you should check out

the Herman Miller and body to see if it

fits your needs

this premium office chair is very

comfortable and it has an exceptionally

good set of adjustable features design

wise this chair looks and feels very

premium it's very well built but you

should also know that it's not the

easiest to assemble it measures 21.5 by

26.5 by 42 to 45 inches in height and it

has a seat height from 16 inches to 20

point 5 inches as well as a weight

capacity of 300 pounds it has a lot of

custom molded aluminium and plastic but

also the chair has a lot of steel which

means it's heavy enough and it feels

substantial this one has a very specific

look and the parts fit together and

function smoothly something else I

should mention is that the backrest is

not adjustable

however the armrests are and they're

adjustable for people that are small

wide and tall further Mall you should

know that the seat is pretty large and

it features a slight contour it has a

seat depth adjustment which is a nice

feature because it ensures that the seat

is the

right sighs for you the backrest is

meant to align with your spine and

support your entire spinal curve which

is great for those that spend plenty of

time in the office

to sum up I would say that the company

wanted to create one the highest and

ergonomic chairs on the market and I

must say they did a pretty good job

the chair has some flaws but if those

disadvantages are not a big deal to you

then you should definitely go for the

Herman Miller and body and see if it's

the one you were looking for number two

it's the steel case and leap one of the

best office chairs in the market right

now is the steel case leap the steel

case leap task chair has a strong design

and great build quality that's allowed

the brand to remain a strong performer

in the market for cool furniture for

many years it has many more great

features that'll make your working hours

pass without any discomfort on this one

colors range from basic black to bright

oranges and yellows to deep blues and

grays if you choose fabric covering

while leather covers are limited more

towards neutral and darker colors moving

on this one has a very cool looking

design and it covers its chairs in

dozens of different colors either in

fabric or leather the frame is available

in polished aluminium platinum or black

all of which look stylish with the

overall design of the chair furthermore

I should mention that the backrest and

seat cushion are made of polyurethane

foam and they provide a good mixture of

comfort and support the leat office

chair provides plenty of lower back

support and you can adjust the firmness

of the lower back support and also

adjust the support area for the mid-back

which is amazing furthermore the reason

why this chair is so special is the

variable backstop and adjustable seat

depth where you can set the amount of

pressure required to support your

favorite angle in the chair

it also contains armrests that are

adjustable in full directions and

something else I should mention is the

material in the seat cushion which feels

very durable and allows to keep its

shape throughout the work day to sum up

I would highly recommend this office

chair to anyone who wants one of the

best it's not cheap but it's worth every

penny for its quality and at number one

it's the Herman Miller Aaron as our top

pick we have the Herman Miller Aaron it

gathers everything you're looking for

starting from a handsome-looking design

a high level of stability and the most

pleasing comfort that can satisfy even

the most

users on the market it has many more

great features and the best thing about

this one is that it doesn't come at a

very high price like other high-end

office chairs when it comes to design

this one features a graphite finished

construction that consists of a quality

so called posture fit SL backrest that

does a highly effective job in

supporting your spine plus you should

also know that the included adjustable

individual pads of new great lumbar

support with the intention to keep your

posture properly aligned

furthermore the armrests on this one are

fully adjustable and they're made of

vinyl along with a high-density foam

which is amazing you can adjust the arm

rests up and down as well as a pivot in

and out

moreover the seat has a tapered shape

that improves the circulation of your

thighs and legs and is amazing because

you're working sessions will be more

productive and you won't be distracted

by pain I should also mention that this

one is suitable for users with a height

range that stretches from five foot

three to six foot seven and with a

weight that ranges from 180 to 300

pounds which is good enough also the

base is armed with five durable 2.5 inch

carpet casters that roll pretty smoothly

on a variety of different carpets I

would highly recommend this chair to

anyone who's looking for a comfortable

and affordable office chair that'll make

your working days less painful thanks

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