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what's going on guys welcome back to a

brand new video now as of the recording

of this video it is currently September

the 14th and Apple had their press

release about I think two or three days

ago and during our release we were able

to see the three new iPhone 11 that they

released the 11 the 11 Pro and the 11

Promax now in today's video I'm going to

be showing you guys some of the best

deals at least here in America that you

can take advantage of to get the iPhone

11 for a fantastic price so first off

we're gonna start with Apple directly

and then we're gonna lead into our three

main carriers which are Verizon AT&T

t-mobile and Sprint alright so let's get

the ball rolling and we're gonna start

off with Apple alright guys so we're

gonna start off first by taking a look

at what Apple has to offer so here we

have the 11 pearl and the 11 Promax and

just I just want to say this thank you

for not increasing the price Apple at

least they were able to maintain the

same price point as the older XS any

access Mac's

so we have the 11pro starting at $9.99

which is the equivalent to the XS and

the pro max at 1089 which was the

equivalent to the XS an egg so Tom's up

for not increasing the price guys now

you can either buy them cash through

Apple or full price or you can do

monthly at 41 for the pro and and 45 79

for the pro Mac so if you guys have some

older iPhones and you want to trade them

in this is what Apple is offering for

trading offer so pretty much from the SE

all the way to the X as a max it

offering something back for those phones

so I'd say for example you currently

have an iPhone X which a lot of you

probably have you probably skip the XS

the XR on the Macs and you still have

your X then X according to Apple is

going to give you a total of 400 to put

towards one of these phones now let's

say you're gonna go ahead and get the

pro because the X is about it's exactly

the same size you're basically gonna be

saving 400 so you're going to be getting

the phone for 600 bucks at 4

price or if you want to go monthly we're

gonna do 600 and we are going to divide

that by 24 months and 25 dollars a month

guy so you can either get it for 25 or

you can just go in and get it for 600

off the RIP so not a bad trading offer

here by Apple and that is for the iPhone

11 or 11 pro max all right let's go

ahead and take a look at the base 11 and

see what promos they have for that and

the price point now this one here I was

kind of impressed by Apple for not

increasing the price and not only

maintaining the same price but they were

actually able to drop the price by 50

bucks when compared to the XR because

this is actually the x-bar upgraded my

opinion now they were able to add two

additional colors the green and the

purple they took away the blue and the

coral but the green and purple looks

pretty nice alright so here's the prices

they're starting at $6.99 on all these

phones are the base model of 64 and you

guys can if you want to get the bigger

memory you have to down pay a little bit

of extra to get those memory but right

here um $6.99 at full retail price or


one d24 a month payment plan now if you

have a for the trade-in once again we

will hit yes right here and same prices

like the pro they're offering you so

let's say you have the X and for some

reason you want to go and get the 11

you're getting $400 off now being that

this phone starts at $700 we have 700

we're gonna - 400 if you have an X

that's gonna leave you with $300 guys

which is a steal for the 11 now we

divided into 24 months you're basically

going to be paying a staggering $12.50 a

month until you're finished paying for

it so some great offers here by Apple I

think I think it's a good one guys if

you guys want to go ahead to the Apple

Store trading your own your iPhone so

the international countries out there

the money exchange might be different

but I'm pretty sure they're offering the

same deal worldwide and you

this is what Apple has to offer let's go

over and check out Verizon and see what

they have to offer so here we are on the

verizon website now I was able to chat

with one of the representative and shout

out to Stacy you were fantastic and she

pretty much answered every question I

have so similar to what Apple's offering

Verizon is offering a trade and

promotion as well but in my opinion it's

a little bit better so right here when I

ask question if there's any trading

offer she said absolutely you get five

up to five hundred dollars off she asked

what four and a half I said an iPhone 7

and pretty much I was gonna get that

$500 off for an iPhone 7 trade in

towards the 11 now I did also Ana had an

ask her what this also applies for

upgrades because one of my friend

actually in fact does have Verizon and

she confirmed it yes right there so do

not feel left out current Verizon

customers these new promotions are

trillion offers still applies to you now

500 off in my opinion for seven is

pretty damn good guys so cuz I can

actually go purchase a seven for a Bobby

around two hundred bucks and then

they're gonna offer me five hundred so I

actually gain three hundred dollars out

of that which is to me a win either way

so here we are on the website there we

have the three phones right here now

we're gonna check out on the 11 because

the same promotion applies to the pro

and the pro max and in my opinion I feel

like the 11 is gonna outsell these three

phones unless you just want the actual


alright so let's click right here boom

so get up to 500 rolls off with selected

trading add a new iPhone 11 so you can

add a line or you can come in as a new

customer trading one of the phones below

within 30 days so you do have to pay

they're situated and and and they're

gonna get you up to 500 so the oldest

phone they have it for iPhone is 7 all

the way up to the X X max and X are now

you can also trade in Samsung so I mean

other devices so this is one thing

getting your phone through a carrier

come compared to getting to Apple Apple

Oni takes back iPhone according to what

we just saw here and Verizon they're

taking back and the other phones so

let's say you have an Android or you

know a galaxy a pixel or an LG and maybe

you want to go

to an iPhone there we go these are all

the Samsun that are gonna take back as

well as Google pixels LG and the red

Hydra one for 500 bucks guys that is

pretty good now if you have an older

phone not to feel left out you'll still

get something towards it but not as much


I'm just scroll down a little bit more

so here's the older phones if you have

some older iPhones all the way to the 5s

for Samson all the way down to the s7

pixel LG Motorola HTC it's a variety

they give you um up to 300 new lines if

you use these phones right here and it's

a new line of service you're gonna get

300 if you're upgrading you're only

gonna get 100 now I just noticed here I

think Stacy here was a little bit wrong

on the upgrade because right here on the

website it does say $500 off new lines

but only $200 off an upgrade so Stacy

you might want to double check that but

um good thing we're checking the website

now they have an additional promotion

plus get a $200 MasterCard when you

switch to Verizon oil and limited so

this is where it's gonna get big if you

are a new customer to Verizon you're

gonna transfer over to get the service

and you know the iPhone and you have an

iPhone one of these right here at the

top to get the 500 not only will you get

the $500 off the phone now these are

monthly credit so you have to you know

stick with it for 24 months now not only

will you get from the $500 off but in

addition to that if you're new to them

you're gonna get an additional $200

MasterCard which gives you a total gain

of 700 so let's say you are going to get

the 11 you give back your seven four

five hundred rise is gonna give you a

two hundred dollar gift card you're

basically getting that phone for free

guys in my opinion or you put it towards

them the max or the pro you're getting

seven hundred dollars off those phone

that to me is a fantastic deal so if you

guys are considering switching to

Verizon to take advantage of this of

this deal guys you're getting the x11


to acts 11 you're gonna be 11 for pretty

much free for a new customer if your

existing new line you still get 500 off

guys so Verizon doing some pretty

fantastic deal here and yeah that's

pretty much what Verizon have to offer

on to the next carrier so here we are on

the AT&T website and we're gonna check

out their offers now shadow to Andray he

was the rep I was chatting with he got

straight to the point when I asked him

directly what promotion to have did not

beat around the bush so thank you for

that Anju shoutout to you

so they're offering the same deal across

the three new iPhone so let's just hit

where it says reward and BOGO now the

only thing I'm not happy with is that

they're not offering any type of trading

deal according to website and what I was

chatting with Android but their current

offer to me is actually pretty good if

you're doing multiple lines now what

they're offering is a buy one get one

deal so this boat applies to new

customers say if you're coming into a

teen teen you're doing two lines or more

you buy one iPhone X I mean one iPhone

11 you will get another one similar to

if your existing if you're upgrading an

existing line then you can to an iPhone

11 then you can add a new line and they

will pay for the iPhone 11

so let's hit legal right here because

they do have a additional promotion now

the first iPhone it must meet all these

requirements right here then after that

the second iPhone which which it can be

an 8 8 plus XR or one of the 11s you can

get up to $700 off in monthly bill

credits or you can get the iPhone 8 in

256 a plus XR 256 or an even the X

access or access max 120 256 just pretty

much the higher memory configuration and

you can get up to $7 dollars off those

phones so it's not a bad deal in my

opinion now credit starts between three

bill cycles and we'll be applying equal

months up to 23 dollars over 30 months

now I'm not happy with the 30 month

period that to me seems quite a long

time to hold a smartphone especially

when they come out on a yearly basis but

if this is something that you might be

able to take it

and it's not a big deal for you then

definitely check it out now right here

but wait there's another offer when you

order online guys note online you will

get a $300 AT&T reward card now purchase

an eligible iPhone on a qualifying

installment plan

which must be an unlimited plan or add a

new line or existing line limit one per

account so you can only have one one per

cast I don't think you're gonna go add a

whole bunch and then try to stack up the

gift cards it's just one you will

receive an email or a letter which with

the redemption requirements where damage

done is required within 75 days from

reward notification so you have quite a

long time to do it so do not say you

never got your card just follow the

instructions and sign up correctly and

then from the day of signing up three to

four weeks you will get your card guys

simple as that of course you must

maintain your bill you know don't do

anything dumb on your account guys so a

teen teen has a pretty good offer from

multi lines no trading offer but the

BOGO offer is not exactly bad and that's

pretty much what ATT has let's check out

t-mobile so here we are on the t-mobile

website and just like the previous two I

was also chatting with a rep now I'm

gonna say by far the worst rep

experience this guy or this girl did not

get to the point they just pretty much

beat around the bush to kept asking me

about my plan when I just asked them

just let me know what's the promotion on

the phone that you have they eventually

got to the point but it took them a long

time so next time customer wants you

should just respond to them but I

understand you're doing your job but

shout-out to you anyways alright so

let's see what they have to offer so see

how you can get our best offer ever on

the new iPhone so let's just like the

other two we're gonna go straight to the

iPhone 11 and their website is pretty

simple it's pretty nice it's pretty laid

out so see how you can get the best deal

so trade up to the new iPhone 11 and get

up to 50% off alright so right off the

RIP at the most you're gonna get it's

50% off so so far Verizon's trading is


much better and even Apple all right so

here's how you can get the deals just

straight to the point

I love this buy a new iPhone 11 on a

monthly payment plan complete your

purchase and make a down payment if

applicable trade in a qualifying device

eligible diocese devices for trading in

good condition so do not go in and try

to give them a crack phone or a water

damaged one it will not qualify so

together 350 off you must read in a XR x

8 8 + 7 or 7 + so yeah verizon was gonna

give me 500 plus a two hundred dollar

gift card and t-mobile just wants to

give me 350 for my 7 ah

not that good $500 for the XS ok maybe I

can get a little bit more for that it's

little XS still sells for a high value

or eligible device for trading in good

condition to get five hundred and fifty

dollars off you have to have an 11 so

the training is not bad but it also does

not beat Verizon or even apples trading

after receiving a new phone send back

our qualifying phone you'll start

receiving promo credits within 2 bill

cycles after your training is received

so just like AT&T and Verizon these

credits are the the trillion amount will

be divided up into 24 months so I do

kind of like that 24 months when

compared to ATT at 30 months it's a

shorter term but actually giving you

less on the trading when compared to

Verizon and that seemed to be actually

they're trading offer now I'm pretty

sure it's the same thing towards the pro

on the pro max and is it it is exactly

the same thing now they get 550 same

thing here now it doesn't matter if it's

64 or 256 of the model of the phone but

um yes the 350 for the 7 not bad but not

as good as for Rison and yeah that's

pretty much what t-mobile is offering no

gift cards no so so far

Verizon coming in with the wind with the

500 on the 7

and the $200 for switching over so

that's pretty much what t-mobile has to

offer short and sweet

let's check out what Sprint has to offer

so here we are with the last and final

carrier here which gonna be checking out

Sprint now I did not chat with a replica

I did with the previous carriers because

I currently have Sprint so I kind of

went ahead and found out all the deals

prior to this video and the deals are

actually pretty good guys alright so

just like they are the ones we're just

gonna focus on the 11 and we're actually

gonna check out the 11pro and promesa

cos they have actually a different promo

when compared to the 11 so let's hit it

and so so far in my opinion once you

guys see this promotion that Sprint has

is actually really damn good guys really

really good and I'm not being biased

towards British is that they have a

pretty good deal so as you guys can see

I says zero on the monthly but I'm gonna

go more in depth on that we're gonna hit

details so pretty much it's the same

person all the other carriers now sprint

does a lease instead of installment so

it is from 18 months but here's the

thing guys so get the iPhone 11 as low

as 0 a month and save on the 11pro and

Promax when you trade in and selected

phone in any in any condition guys any

condition now I actually did a more

research on this now when they say any

the phone still kinda has to come on now

you can be cracked but as long as they

can get the IMEI and you're able to turn

off the Find My iPhone they will take

the phone back guys that's pretty dope

so you can actually just buy a crack

phone and they will take it for you it's

not that it's a pretty good deal alright

so here so they're offering you a twenty

nine dollars and seventeen credit

towards the 11 which is pretty much the

exact price and still as the 11 cost now

right here if you guys want to go ahead

and pause you can see the list of phones

out there that they're willing to take

back so not only I phones but I taking

exams on Google pixels and

geez so let's call this out so there we

go so it's 29 17 but if you trade in one

of those eligible devices you can get

the phone for pretty much a zero that is

pretty good now in addition to that

spread has something called a credit

union promotion so if you have a credit

union bank specifically like in my where

I live we have one call um

it's called MCU it's a mutual credit

union you actually get $100 back so if

you're gonna be adding a line to your

sprint account or if you're gonna be new

you get up to two hundred dollars for

two lines so if you switch over to

sprint not a new trading your phone not

only will you not pay anything for it on

the month at least for eighteen months

but you also get $100 if you have a

credit union so you're actually gonna

get back 100 which is not bad now being

that it's 18 months it's actually

shorter than the 24 months so it's an 18

months of lease so at the end of the

lease there is a remaining balance so

let's do the math right here now the

phone we know it's 700 we're gonna

divide it into 24 months and that's how

they get the 29:17 that you see right


now you're gonna well sprint is gonna

pay this with the trade-in for you for

18 months which would put the total cost

over 18 months at 525 then we're gonna -

out from the 700 and there we go 175 so

then with the credit union offer of a

hundred dollars you're basically getting

the phone for 75 dollars guys which is

pretty good even with this promotion

Verizon still has the engine down with

that gift card that they're offering to

make the phone completely free but still

a fantastic deal nonetheless now I do

believe if you're an existing customer

this can also apply to you you can trade

in and you can trade in and add a new

line to get this deal now the key thing

about this is that it's any condition to

phone could be in' so that might make up

for the difference in price when

compared to verizon for the overall cost

of the phone because you can trade in a

crack phone which is not that bad all

right so let's go over now and check the

Pro and the pro max and see what their

prices are offering now I'm pretty sure

is the same with veal however yes it's

the same deal so it's pretty much just

the twenty nine and you just pay the

difference on the monthly price on the

pro in the pro max now being that I am a

sprint a customer a lot of spring

customers out there and so if you are

one watching this video check your

account um if you're going to be adding

a line and the eleven is gonna be that

new line you may also get it two hundred

all a gift card for adding that line so

if you combine that two hundred dollars

with the credit union offer and the

trading offer you're actually gonna be

gaining a hundred dollars back when all

is said and done it covers the whole

cost of the eleven which is not that bad

guys so do make sure to check that out

when you go into the store ask them

about that and yep that's pretty much

what sprint has to offer so we covered

all four carriers and Apple fantastic

deals have going on for all three of

them in my personal opinion I think

Verizon and Sprint has the best deal on

the phone itself I'm not talking about

their plan as a carrier but just the

promotion on the phone you guys seem to

do your own research on the plant or

check out some of my older videos

Verizon and Sprint has the best trading

deals and 18t has the best BOGO deal if

you're gonna do multiple lines t-mobile

has an okay deal but it's not as good as

the other carriers

now with that that's where I'm gonna end

the video hopefully you guys learned

something from this and hopefully this

video can help you make a decision on

buying these phone on until next time

thanks for watching and I'll see you

guys in the next video