Instagram Posting Times & How Many Posts A Day

hey what's going on guys my name is

Anthony welcome to the video today's

gonna be a quick one on when is the best

time to post and how consistently should

you be posting so this is going to

depend on three factors the first one is

hitting that like button the second one

is whether or not your account is brand

new and whether or not your account is

already existing and it's already

running so first off we're gonna start

with hitting that like button so hit

that like button guys and secondly we're

gonna start off with if your account is

brand new okay so if you're starting a

brand new account it's going to differ

if your account is already up and

running because there's a different

research we want to go ahead and do and

we want to kind of see who we want to

target so if you're starting a brand new

account you trying to figure out what's

the best time for me to post well who

are you trying to target what is your

market okay what's your niche who are

you trying to target are you trying to

target a certain location and start

doing the research okay just through

simple google searches and using a few

Instagram tools you can easily find out

what the popular times are so if you

want to figure out how to target United

States for example go on Google and just

start researching what is the most

popular times that people are online in

the United States usually target Canada

start researching what's the most

popular times that people are using

Instagram in Canada and start posting at

those peak times now as far as targeting

certain niches there's nothing you can

really do in terms of posting at a

certain time to target that that's

mainly going to come down to what type

of hashtags you're using

and who's in your DM groups but as far

as targeting people by location or even

just seeing what the most popular times

are on Instagram to get as many high

balls on your post as possible these are

easily researchable and you can find

answers anywhere whether you're trying

to figure out what's popular worldwide

but with popular in a certain area you

can easily see what the best time is to

get the best results on your pictures so

if you're starting a brand new account

that's what you want to do find out what

the most popular time is for wherever

you're trying to target and start

posting at those peak hours now if you

already have an existing account you're

gonna go about it a little bit different

because you already have followers who

are already engaging with your picture

so what you're gonna do is if you're not

a business account you really really

really need to open up as a business

profile or you need to get something

like I Economist Square if you don't

want to have business accounts possibly

limit your impressions in the future

once you do that you can go into your

demographics and your started looking at

where your followers from what are your

followers activity levels what days are

they most

no we're not just gonna post in the days

of their most active you should be

posting every single day but each day

there's gonna be an activity level that

is the most popular when most people are

online and you want to post it those

like typical oh those are your followers

that's when they're online you're going

to post when they're all online so

they're all possibly see your pictures

personally I think the absolute best

thing you can do if you're already an

existing Instagram account is post once

when all your existing followers are

always online and post another time on

another peak popular time that's

whatever you're trying to target so the

best time to post is really up to your

account and up to who you are trying to

target now moving into the second half

how many times a day should you be

posting and how consistent do you need

to be guys consistency is everything I

don't care how good your growth plan is

I don't care how many accounts you've

grown in the past if you don't maintain

consistency with your posting and

posting times you will not grow and if

you are growing you're not maxing out

your potential you're not growing nearly

as fast or as quickly as you should be

so as far as how many times a day should

you post it really doesn't matter you

need to be posting at least once per day

but what matters more is consistency

I've run a counselor posting eight times

a day and I've grown a counselor posting

one time a day what really matters is

the fact that you keep making that

posting you remain consistent with it

consistent isn't the times as well just

cuz you post every day doesn't mean it's

necessarily a good thing if you're

posting at 9:00 in the morning one day

and then 10 p.m. at night the next that

doesn't make any sense and that's not

consistent either yes it's every day but

you want to remain having consistent

times that you're posting so if you're

gonna post every day at 4 p.m. post

every single day at 4 p.m. and stick to

it if you're gonna post three times a

day like the morning afternoon and night

then do that and stick with it

consistently day after day after day

don't post three times one day four

times the next to the next day and then

five the next that's not consistent at

all so I've grown accounts through

posting one time a day and I've also

grown a counselor posting eight times a

day honestly I found the best results

not posting between two to four times a

day when I write your own account

posting two times or four times and even

three times that's personally when I get

the best results there some people swear

by posting 12 times a day for me that's

just way too much work to be put into

one Instagram account one time a day is

also suffice I have grown accounts

through one time a day but if you really

want to take a little bit more serious I

would encourage you

pick a pick a number between two and

four and stick with that and pick the

times if you're struggling with picking

the times and you're already an existing

Instagram account all opposed to one

time and when you're already existing

followers are most active and then pick

a few other places you want to target

and post it those times then also post

at the popular worldwide Instagram time

posting in all these peak hours a day is

really what's gonna benefit your account

the most and when you match that with

consistency that's really the best way

to go ahead and grow on in serum in

terms of posting go so I hope you guys

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in there so I hope for those of you who

are kind of struggling on how many times

a day to post and what the best times

are to post there's really no set

schedule there's no settings or no one

perfect formula that could pretty much

be recycled to everybody it really

depends on your account what countries

are you trying to target what niche are

you trying to go how much time do you

have in the day to really be working on

your Instagram account and go from there

but as long as you stick to those

principles you'll grow your account just

fine so with that said guys hope you

guys all have a good day keep crashing

on Instagram and I'll see you all in the

next video