Best Time To Post On Instagram In 2020 Revealed | More Likes And Engagement

one of the biggest mistakes I see

creators on Instagram who are looking to

find the best time to post make is they

go up to their analytics they click on

their insights they see that Instagram

says that most of their followers are

active at 5 p.m.

see that little number right there and

then they post at that time now that

would be a perfectly decent strategy if

Instagram was still chronological and

not algorithm based now how instagrams

algorithm works is when they show your

content they only show it to a certain

percentage of your followers so let's

say you post a photo Instagram will show

it to around 10 percent whatever the

number is the small percentage of your

followers and depending on how it does

with those few followers then it will

extend it to the rest of your Instagram

following so with that in mind just

posting whenever most of your followers

are active on the Instagram isn't

exactly the best strategy instead what

we need to do is pivot and we need to

focus on finding our most active active

users that's our Instagram followers who

are not only active but will engage with

our photo when we post it in that 10

minute time frame so when we do post our

photo Instagram shows it to our active

active followers and then shows it to

the rest of our audience so in today's

episode of building influence with bobbi

I'm going to show you how to find the

best time to post by finding your most

active active Instagram users and

catering your Instagram posting time to

them ready let's get right


I got to get these couple things out of

the way one there is no blanket best

time to post for every single user on

Instagram everybody's posting time their

ideal posting time is going to

completely vary depending on who you are

and what type of content you post so

with that being said I can only hope you

do the research and find the best

posting time that works for you

and that being said number two is to

find the best time to post your new

Instagram audience that's going to take

testing like I said there is no magic

number so now that we know what we know

about instagrams algorithm that it's not

just about finding when all of our

Instagram users are active instead it's

about finding those small active active

Instagram users that will like our photo

and then Instagram will show it to the

rest of our active audience so we need

to really find these people well how do

we do that

unfortunately there's no other way to do

it but testing we need to test by

posting different times during the day

now what are we gonna do we're not just

gonna sit around and post one day at 7

p.m. one day at 2 p.m. one day at 6 a.m.

that would be ridiculous that would be

ridiculous but thank God that's not what

we have to do because there's actually

only three times during the day that

Instagram users are active so let's take

a look at this data that Instagram gives

us right here now we all know that we

can go to Instagram press insights and

it will show when our users are active

on Instagram it'll also give you some

location data some things like that

however if we hop on to a place called

creator studio which is actually

instagrams free creator app that's meant

for us to use to get extra analytical

features to schedule our Instagram posts

and if we click on this it'll actually

show us some more detailed Instagram

insights so not only will it show you

when your Instagram fan base is most

active it'll also give you the

hour-by-hour timeframe of when your

instrument audience is on the platform

now I can almost guarantee you yours

looks a lot like mine during the hours

of 12:00 in the morning to 9:00 in the

morning it's almost dead and then after

that it picks up and then it gets most

effective at around 5 p.m.

to 9:00 p.m. it's almost guaranteed

that's what you look like so from this

we can gather that posting from 12:00 to

9:00 in the morning is a no-go

right nobody is active on Instagram at

that time and I can almost guarantee you

yours looks the same way so we already

know that our active active audience is

not going to be hiding out during those

time frames so with that being said we

will only have three different times

during the day which is actually even

feasible to look for active active

audience and that is the hours of 9:00

to 12:00 anywhere between those time

frames and then hours of 4:00 to 5:00 to

6:00 and then little later on in the

night from like 8:00 to 10:00 those are

the only three different time slots that

we need to test to find which works best

for us now I know what you're thinking

Bobby that's still three six nine hours

that we would still need to test right

well that's not the case because from

data we know that Instagram users spend

over an hour on the platform meaning if

we post at 8 p.m. we're still catching

those 9 p.m. users and those 7 p.m.

users so we're going to be able to test

this in three different time slots so

here's what we're gonna do we're going

to post for three weeks the first week

we're gonna post somewhere between 10 to

12 p.m. then the next week we're gonna

test 4 to 6 p.m. and then after that

we're gonna test 7 to 10 p.m. then

simply record your results on a Google

spreadsheet find what works best for you

you don't even have to go through that

what you can just do is simply do the

eye test and see what works best for you

so for me what I found was my ideal

posting time was somewhere between 10 to

12 so now I post at around 11 a.m. every

single day and this is really

contradictive to what Instagram tells me

Instagram tells me that 5 p.m. should be

the best time for me to post well turns

out that it's actually 11 and I see

almost double the engagement whenever I

post at 11 a.m. now it seems that I

found an app that does all of this hard

work for you called slick hashtags I

found this website called flick hashtags

and it will actually tell you the exact

time that you should post and when

you're active active audience is on so

it shows you when you're active active

audience is on and it will tell you the

time that you should post now I would

have started with this tool

but I reached out to the owners of Flik

hashtags and asked where exactly are you

getting this data now the data that they

have certainly aligns with the

independent testing that I did but I

don't know that they're pulling any

special data so I'm sorry I couldn't

start with that that this website does

that but it seems like this website

gives you that extra data that shows

when you're active active audience is

engaged it looks from the surface that

they pull data only from the people that

like your Instagram posts not from your

general following which would it be

amazing when they get back to me and

confirm that then I'll make an updated

video or I'll let you know on my

Instagram account my Twitter or my

Facebook group if that is the case all

right so let's just recap what we went

over really quickly and I'm sorry that

there wasn't much magic to this video I

think a lot of people clicked on this

video wanting an immediate answer of

when they should post now like I said

this website acts like hashtags does

seem to have that answers but I can't

give it the full bobby seal of approval

because they have not gotten back to me

yet so hopefully in this video I got the

point across that our objective when

finding the best time to post is by

posting at a time that most suits are

active engaged users because we know

that Instagram is algorithm based not

chronological based meaning that it

shows our content to a certain subset of

users who then engage with that content

and then it shows it to a larger pool

depending on how it performs in that

subset so we need to do whatever we can

to make sure that when we post that

subset is as happy as possible so when

they see our content they like it and

one of the ways we can do that is by pay

during the time we post to our active

active followers now the way that we

defined our active active followers is

by simply testing now we don't have all

day to test we're not going to post at

1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

and all that so we discovered that

there's really only three different

times that we can post during the day

which is afternoon late afternoon and

nighttime right so there's only three

things we have to test and so I

recommend just taking a week to post

during the afternoon a week to post

during the late afternoon and then a

week to post during the night kind of

comparing seeing Express

for you so that's it for today's video

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