Is Tuesday the best day to book a flight? | KAYAK MythHackers

Taco claw it was complete taco swap this

is how I eat tacos hey guys I'm Brad and

this is kayak myth hackers

today we're hacking one of the most

widely held travel beliefs anything is

the cheapest date

I heard

this guy's super smart four years travel

experts the media and frankly anyone you

ask claimed booking flights on Tuesdays

was cheaper most people didn't even know

why they thought this but it originated

from Airlines lowering prices to match

competitors fare sales announced on

Monday nights but that was years ago

before the machines took over anyway

today prices are more automated based on

supply and demand

so the mid stack is our Tuesday's really

the best day to book travel if you want

to deal according to kayaks historical

data from searches over the last six

months Tuesdays aren't any cheaper than

other days but I wanted to put this to

the test

myself I chose a few destinations Vegas

LA London and Paris four of the most

searched destinations on kayak for 2019

travel and search for round-trip flights

every day for a week using weekday and

weekend travel dates just to mix it up

long story short not only was Tuesday

not the cheapest day to book for any of

the four but no particular day was as a

matter of fact prices from New York to

London were actually most expensive on

Tuesday for both travel dates and prices

didn't really change much over the

course of the week with some not

changing at all for multiple days in a

row want to dive deeper into the results

see the full breakdown right over here

the moral of the story if you see a good

price go ahead and book it okay so let's

recap be aware of any claims that one

day of the week is the cheapest day to

book your flight instead focus on how

far in advance you're buying your

tickets set up a price alert on kayak

and they'll keep track of it for you

sending you updates when the price goes

down consider this myth Tuesday is still

the best day for tacos though right well

I thought


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