Is it Bad to Use a Wooden Cutting Board? Is it Bad to Cut Raw Meat on a Wooden Cutting Board?


hi I'm Hannah and this is is it bad the

show where we answer all of your burning

cookware questions today is it bad to

use a wooden cutting board cutting

boards are a kitchen essential whether

you're slicing scallions breaking down

the whole chicken cutting bread or ship

and adding basil you need a good board

but there are a lot of options out there

wood plastic bamboo glass stone

composite and more we've evaluated all

sorts of cutting board materials and

we've learned a few things along the way

we've learned that glass and stone are

not good for cutting board materials

they're so hard they'll really do a

number on the edge of your knife here at

the Test Kitchen we actually use a glass

cutting board if we need to dull a knife

quickly for a demonstration composite

boards work fine but they tend to have a

funky odor kind of like wet dog so we

avoid them bamboo boards are okay but

they can't have durability issues we've

seen warping and splintering and some of

the ones we've tested so that leaves us

with two materials wood or plastic and a

heated debate which material is best

something you'll often hear people say

is that it's unsanitary to cut raw meat

on a wooden cutting board the theory is

that because wood is grained and more

porous than plastic that germs can get

down into the cracks and crevices and

whatting cutting boards typically can't

go in the dishwasher some people take

the extra step of spraying down their

wooden cutting boards with a bleach

solution what's wrong with good

old-fashioned hot soapy water is that

not enough to kill dangerous germs how

much of a hazmat situation are we

talking about here we don't mess around

with nasty things like salmonella so we

had to know if this was true especially

because wooden cutting boards like the

test kitchens favorite here from protein

can be really beautiful and pleasant to

work on to get to the bottom of these

questions we sent a stack of cutting

boards off to an independent laboratory

to see if one of the materials harbored

more or less bacteria after washing we

sent plastic wood composite and bamboo

boards bamboo actually has antibacterial

properties so we wondered if it would

have an advantage here but the lab found

that material didn't matter at all all

four materials were equally capable of

getting clean and as for how to clean

them hot soapy water or bleach again it

was a tie both methods were equally

effective at reducing bacteria levels to

ten colony forming units per board which

apparently how they measure this kind of

thing but we understand that some people

might still be squeamish about cutting

raw meat on a wooden cutting board so we

have some ideas for you to be super safe

you can wash your board in hot soapy

water like usual and then spray it down

with a bleach solution 1 tablespoon of

bleach - 1 gallon of water is best if

you don't want to deal with that you

might want to consider a flexible

cutting mat our winner here from Dex's

is light and super easy to use you can

just prep the raw meat portion of your

meal on it and then throw it in the

dishwasher when you're done so is it bad

to use a wooden cutting board the answer

is no it's not bad as long as you use

hot soapy water a wooden cutting board

will get just as clean as a plastic

board to keep them from cracking

splitting or warping it's best to oil

them periodically never put them in the

dishwasher and dry them right after

washing as for which material is best it

really comes down to personal preference

you might hear that plastic dolls knives

faster but the jury is still out on that

so if you're debating which board to buy

consider what material you like working

on how your knife feels and sounds on

the board what size board fits your

needs and how much board you're willing

to lift carry and clean I like the look

and feel but wooden cutting board but

it's really a matter of personal

preference alright thank you so much for

watching make sure to ask your own is it

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