How To Select A Cut Of Meat For Roasting

hi welcome to Godfrey's I'm Chris

Godfrey and today I'm going to be

showing you a few of my tips about me

I've been running this shop in Highbury

for the last 30 years and it's been in

my family for over 100 years how that

could choose a piece of meat for

roasting firstly most important thing is

the amount of people you're gonna be

feeding if you could be feeding a lot of

people you're gonna want a bigger joint

and you're going to even once a bit

thicker if you're going to be feeding a

smaller amount of people say to a free

up to four even five you can use a loin

of pork because it's thinner and you get

more cracking and it's also easier to

cook for a small amount whereas if you

talk a piece off of the leg it's going

to be too thick it's going to be more

like a steak so it can be easier to cook

in beef the great if you've got to think

like a dinner party rib of a

marbles that is most incredible see the

quality at up that would look great on

any table that but that is a big joint

then you're looking at about four people

at woods and also there's like pot roast

as well like brisket under a teacup

brilliant cut easy to cook you put that

in the oven

on a low heat in some in beef stock and

forget about it it just comes out just

falls full so pieces brilliant brilliant

piece of beef if you do if you've got a

person that likes rare beef brisket

because it's what one of those cuts that

eats well well put you can put it in

there for four hours three hours on the

low heat and it be absolutely tender as

health lamb if you're going for a big

pile another people six people a leg

half a leg for people and if you've got

less people two people what you want to

be doing is looking for the rack of lamb

saying like that recommend you can take

half of that where you can do it in

three bones you can be you can feed one

person rose through what you can feed up

to six people one of those quite a

versatile and it's going to eat nice the


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