Which Cruise Line Is BEST For You?




hey everybody

hi guys mr. and mrs. travel in here

al-kahf beauty channel thank you for

joining us for another tip at Tuesday

yes today we want to discuss the

differences and helping you make an

educated decision on Carnival Royal

Caribbean or Norwegian yes so we'll give

you some of our professional advice and

insight and some differences between

these cruise lines being as we have

cruised in all three lines we've been on

25 poses going on 26 very zone

and I also sell these cruises to people

on a daily basis and I get the feedback

from them oh so so well let's start with

a little bit of the background Carnival

is the largest cruise line in the world

followed by a Royal Caribbean at lastly

Norwegian yes that's hard to believe

because Carnival if you should yeah it

doesn't seem logical because of some of

the different itineraries but with what

it really what it is is the cruise lines

and they all okay so car loans cost a

princess Ida Holland piano I broken I

write and Seaborn I'm actually reading

this listing it so my eyes are kind of

going down a little bit fill I would

remember all that well cream eons boomer

I hope I'm center-right as Mara

celebrity and CDF which is a French line

and Norwegian owns Oceania and region


all of those cruise lines are

independent and unique underneath the

major brand so you cannot use your

carnival rewards on another line so if

you're a platinum status on Carnival

that means nothing if you go on the

Costa cruise right so that's an

important thing to note carnival was

founded in 1972 world cream is founded

in 1970 and Norwegian was found in 1966

it was first a interesting tidbit dad I

just found out researching this is that

ten Arison was one of the co-founders

with Norwegian in 1966 in 1972 he left

and found Carnival wow what a great idea

so he left Norwegian hide dry really

loved him in bad kind of bad shape

Wow Carnival their maiden voyage was on

Mardi Gras and you remember what uh to

have with them think round it main

voyage got got grounded right outside

Miami and they just popped open all the

bottles on the ship and it just had a

big party I can see it had been too fun

ship ever since I can see those little

sounds fine yeah

it's anyway let's talk about comparing

the prices between the cruise lines if

you're thinking about doing Akuma

neither one of these lines five six

years ago I would say there was a

distinct difference Carnival was like

always the cheapest and then Royal

Caribbean Norwegian we're always kind of

battling back and forth there right last

few years they have been doing a really

good job especially Norwegian of

becoming very competitive with the other

two lines yes they have to where they

get our attention

yeah so even when I'm selling cruises to

people I've seen Norwegian be the the

most affordable or creamy or carnival I

mean it just goes back and forth they

are very competitive now yeah this is

race yeah you know you have to shop

around and you know that's the joy of

having a travel agent you know you can

you know if it's if it's a budget and a

destination type of thing where we can

look at all the cruise lines and figure

out which one fits your budget right

we'll get more to the specifics of the

cruise line because maybe there's

something about the cruise lines

specifically that you would like to do

for instance we like to explore the new

the newer ships that are coming out

mm-hmm so sometimes that's our

motivation sometimes it's diamonds

sometimes ship it depends

and sometimes it's budget sometimes we

just want to go somewhere we don't have

a lot of money we're like yeah what can

we get for fatter look right just need a

vacation just to get out of here yeah so

it depends in and and that's what the

video like this is to help you make

those kind decisions yeah so again they

all are pretty competitively priced they

all have different sales and things

going on and they're always battling

back and forth with each other

it's anyway a very popular subject is

who's at the best boom

uh what's your take oh and I'll have to

say so far a Norwegian like the New Eden

I've only been on one and I loved the

restaurants I wanted to know the other

thing the choice was my favorite the

food really go what I noticed when went

on norwegia was the stuff that we the

extras that we paid for like the

teppanyaki the steakhouse that food was

it was I was really better than the

restaurant there we go through here and

some of but there's some of the free or

a complimentary venues we went to in the

ship the food was okay it wasn't so much

right you know so kind of a back and

forth and that's my take on food on all

three lines I can't sit down and say

this one was the best this was the best

yeah we've been on some caramel shifts

with some excellent I mean excellent

food five-star and then we've been on

caramel shifts where it's just been okay

okay you know it's okay and and and

saying goes the same with Royal

Caribbean we've been who've been on some

really really outstanding ships and then

sometimes the food is just okay I mean

say it might be okay but some days is

good some days like wait a minute

yeah I I better well I never been on

whose words that the food was bad so I

don't think that that's right not a

consideration when you're picking the

cruise to me unless you're trying to get

into a specialty brand where they do

like the elegant 5-star meals like are

we talking about the education for free

yeah absolutely

mm-hmm so you know tie ballgame food for

food on all them yeah I can't choose one

but so far the Norwegian has my heart uh

entertainment on the ships good question

yeah all of them have you know they have

music varieties they'll have shows that

I have magic shows there's like that

they all offer entertainment you won't

be bored on any ship right let me sit up

off the top mm-hmm oh that just some

this better it's understated like who

were Caribbean yeah absolutely

Rock riff Ian in my book wins hands down

thing about anything

airships yeah even even they're from

their smaller ships have really good

shows and music and things like that as

the newer ships just have you know we

were on the Illumina seas they have the

diving show and then I really enjoy that

the ice rinks of the new the newer

quantum ships have bumper walnuts well

are they entertain you have they have

the bumper cars they have the trapeze

artists they have it

I mean they have a lot they have the

flying and see and homages like that

rockin it really has a place at the bar

high Oh fair tame it mm-hmm lots of your

work organs vs. it either of the other

two ships yeah

just know if you do the Royal Caribbean

a lot of times you have to book dildo

shows and especially shoulder head time

time for going to shoot we had to sit

down and plan out the stuff that we want

to do forgot the ship right and we took

into consideration our poor days and

things like that so but they win hands

down but again you won't be disappointed

with the others other lines sure

entertainment they all have really

believe it really has a big variety

versus the other lines mm-hmm yeah but

they all have they all have really good

stuff so but we'll get that one to Royal

Caribbean yeah we want to kind of talk

about ports and things though

specifically we want to talk about the

private islands all three of the lines

have their own private island but I

think one sticks out in our mind if you

wanna ace us what's our favorite we're

gonna say Half Moon Bay

yeah that's a living thing yeah cuz

Honolulu is on the private island China

- everybody

yeah Half Moon Cay is absolutely

beautiful now we're talking about just

the private islands because we know

Royal Caribbean has the placing in a

Dominican nation they've got those other

destination ports but we're talking

about their private islands that are in

the Bahamas mm-hmm

and that one we have definitely have to

go to to Carnival Half Moon Cay is

absolutely beautiful white sand beach

breathtaking don't have to see it

the water is so clear like when the

waves break you can see through the ways

like glass literally the water is that

clear all the time

and then part of the beach down is got

like a big fielding and they bring the

DJ out there and they have like a beach

party out there everyone - or you can

keep walking out of Beach it is quiet on

the other end if you just want to have a

secluded time and the guard is delicious

- yeah something is so this so private

island were given to Carnival yeah now

to talk about the rest of the port's

here's kind of where the differences

come in carnival you've got your

Caribbean your Bahamas your Bermuda they

do have like carnival Australia they do

go to Hawaii and that's kind of where

they're limited at if you want to go to

any of the worldwide destinations you

have to go to some of their other brands


Norwegian does to set those same ones

but they also do Europe and South

America itineraries as well they do some

Panama Canal stuff you want to go

through the Panama Canal which that's on

the list yes that's all not bucket live

yeah well Caribbean they're worldwide

they go everywhere yes you don't play

they don't go yeah I mean you can get

Dubai Russia you know any Mediterranean

they have a large outreach they reach

this further yeah so they go they go do

a lot of destinations so I definitely

have to give the ports of call to Royal

Caribbean mainland yeah they definitely

have a very big variety and you know

it's very easy to book with them which

you're on the ship and you sit down with

their cruise planner right and figure

out which I change I do and you can

still your travel agent will still get

full credit they'll help you with your

booking after you get back home

monitored for price and changes and

things like that or you can contact mr.

travel absolutely yeah

the last thing we want to talk about was

the the vibe or the layout of the ships

between the cruise lines Carnival is is

there the fun ships okay party

everything their theme so like your

sunshine was

sunshine let's say for instance a

sunshine that's my favorite carnival

it's just like the Sun when you

don't the colors is the same it looks

like something has big gold runs

everywhere the theme is the Sun so take

for instance the sunshine is the Sun

well were Caribbean there there is

luxury yeah so that's a little different

yeah Royal Caribbean is yeah they just

have a lot of nice little various

touches yeah they don't think their

ships like that versus like the Liberty

and yeah the Valor with the American

flags everywhere a little different and

Norwegian we start with our experience

with the newer ships with Norwegian then

just abroad contemporary hit like the W

Hotel yeah yeah when you're on the ship

it kind of feels more like a loss it

feels like you're in Las Vegas hotels

like a Las Vegas hotel is very very

upscale but it's not to where it is

unapproachable it's very comfortable

yeah so they all have their different

unique vibes and everything all three of

the lines have smaller older ships that

are generally cheaper in price kind of

get what you pay for

are those ships then they all have their

newer more luxurious ships sure so just

like kind of what has 2.0 well how does

the work working to it they have like

the freedom line and promenade lines

yeah yeah they just yeah just nothing

quite a class and yeah in class saga

class and the different classes

different classes the chef be at Carmel

dos 2.0 upgrades where they have all the

guy workers and yeah those are good and

you know so author lines have really

their own distinctive flair and touches

and I was you know Carlos the fund share

what Caribbean is kind of when you want

to be more laid-back just feel vacation

if you don't want to be bothered and

Norwegian Norwegian somewhere in the

middle there they feel they filled in

all the gaps where the other two lines

have missed yes yes so do they have

rattles they have rave parties

they have everything they were Caribbean

Carnival don't ya oh the Freestyle

element is really nice

you don't have to make a time for dinner

yeah if you don't want to you know have

to wait for dinner if you want to just

go to dinner and go to bed early or

whatever you want to do right versus

convoy were Caribbean you have to set

times yeah when they do have that my

time dining also but if we didn't really

care for it ourselves but some people

admitted to do like it though

because it depends on what ship but we

didn't care for it it ends up being

sometimes there's been a line depending

on what time you go into kind of the

thing so Hadi hands and and and having a

sit-down dinner on or we are excuse me

on Carnival Royal Caribbean you know

you're waiting waitstaff you didn't know

the people that you're sitting with so

time fires yeah there is something to be

said for that

we're Norwegian you're different every

night yes maybe new people every day and

we really enjoy that yeah so it was fun

to mmm um you know so it just you know

sometimes about butter sometimes about

ships sometimes it's about destination

and it's depends if you have any further

questions I would love to talk to you

guys you wish me a WWE truck mister -

traveler calm yeah we can talk further

about helping you find a cruise the

right ship and the right destinations

for you and your family to help make

wonderful memories yeah life's short

guys have fun bye bye guys