Best Compact SUVs for 2020 - Drivers Only

the compact SUV segment is arguably the

hottest segment in the industry right


manufacturers are constantly trying to

leapfrog each other by introducing

refreshes and redesigns and the

competition is simply fierce because of

this most compact SUVs these days are

great however there are still a few that

stand out from the crowd as the leaders

in this video I'm gonna be picking out

the leaders of the compact SUVs I'll

highlight four of the best compact SUVs

this channel has reviewed thus far now

this video is part one because there are

still new cars waiting to be reviewed

and new cars waiting to be introduced so

part two will be released later on this

year and by the way in case you want to

see the whole list of SUVs I've reviewed

so far check out drivers only rankings

calm okay let's get started first let's

start out by looking at the VW or

Volkswagen Tiguan dimension wise the

Tiguan is the largest compact SUV being

3 to 5 inches longer in length and in

wheelbase from its competitors because

of this the second row legroom is

enormous for this class and you also get

a massive trunk in the rear and because

of this extra length the Tiguan still

offers a third row option besides the

space the Tiguan being German has a

German look which stands out from the

crowd the exterior is bold and stylish

especially the Arline trims which add on

20 inch wheels and aggressive bumpers

the German look carries into the inside

the design on a door panel seats and

dash make the Tiguan feel like a luxury

car it is unmatched by others in this

class the digital cockpit and

infotainment screen are big and bright

and our interface is fantastic these are

lightyears ahead of anything else in

this class - an optional features such

as the 360 view camera system and

panoramic sunroof are unavailable with

many of its competitors for 2020 BW

added us

a standard safety features such as

automatic braking blind spot monitoring

and rear traffic alert the Tiguan has a

higher driving position of most in this

class and provides a competent ride with

great seats acceleration is also good

for this class due to its turbo engine

turn the driving position I feel like

I'm sitting quite quite high compared to

some of the other compact SUVs I've

reviewed recently I'm definitely sitting

a bit higher than those and that means

you get a bit more commanding view of

the road and around you and I think

that's a good thing and these seats I

showed you guys how gorgeous these seats

look very sporty very bolstered right I

can definitely feel it in this class and

this price range this one I'm testing

this SEL Arline I mean it kind of just

sits above the competitors from the

outside it has a very sporty and

aggressive a modern design it looks like

it doesn't belong in this class right it

looks like a luxury car and on the

inside a cabin I'm gonna say I get that

same feeling too it just feels like

overall this is this is not in the same

class this is competing with the luxury

cars and not so much of normal cars next

up is to 2020 Subaru Forester the

Forester is definitely a bargain within

the compact SUV class with a starting

price of twenty four thousand five

hundred you get symmetrical all-wheel

drive standard as well as Subarus ice

ice safety suite which includes

automatic braking adaptive cruise

control and Lane Assist inside the

Forester is massive providing plenty of

room in all rows especially the second

row the Forester sport adds a sporty

vibe to a rather bland sea of crossovers

with orange hacen trims on the outside

and inside the Forester Sport definitely

stands out the steering wheel looks and

feels great and a dual screen setup for

infotainment system works

well together besides all-wheel-drive

there are a few drive modes to help you

get out of any spot as for to drive

itself I was blown away with how

comfortable the Forester handle the

roads and the precision steering

combined with comfortable seats and a

quiet cabin it was a blast to drive to

Forester in terms of driving position

this is a really nice driving position

because it feels very Airy these seats

are in a good height so it's not very

hard to get in but it's not too low

either because this is a SUV combined

with the visibility this driving

position is really fantastic and

combined with this amazing suspension

I'm really digging this ride right now

I'm really digging I'm not just saying

that this is a really really nice ride

you know I've reviewed a lot of you know

compact SUVs I can't think of any that

looks as sporty as this one Subaru done

a fantastic job you know with the the

texturing obviously the the contrast of

the pop the overall style everything you

know how it's all put together this is

one of the sportiest cabins if not the

sportiest cabin in this class next up is

the 2020 Honda CRV Honda nailed the

current generation of CRV because it

pretty much does everything well the

Refresh in 2020 adds more aggressive

cues on the outside and the revised

interior center console makes things

even better on the inside you could tell

that Honda spent a ton of time just with

the armrest it provides maximum

functionality and this is one area

others just skip upon

there's plenty of room inside and the

CRV has the most cargo room in this

class hands-free tailgate engine auto

start-stop and wireless charging are now

available Honda sensing which is

standard ads on auto braking Lane Assist

adaptive cruise control and blind spot

monitoring the cabin of the CRV has a

futuristic look with the modern steering

wheel a large doodle cluster and a large

infotainment screen the knobs and

buttons are well placed and easy to

understand the CRV is very quiet and

provides a comfortable ride with great

visibility I don't know how to did it

there magicians or Wizards figured out

how to utilize every single inch of the

Interior and you get so much space I

honestly this rivals the space and a lot

of midsize SUVs and I'm not joking about

that the backseat the second row I

showed you guys enormous amount of space

I'm not a short guy I'm 5 feet 10 and I

have a good 68 inches of legroom left in

a compact SUV its same with headroom and

up here too very wide very spacious you

don't feel cramped at all plenty of

headroom shoulder room as you can see I

can do that no problem it is just very

spacious I don't know Honda did it the

seats are pretty comfortable

the bolstering is just the right size at

least for my back and they're holding me

in so I'm not really sliding around

next is the 2020 Toyota rav4 the current

generation was completely chained in

2019 the outside looks more masculine

and bold and much more inline with the

trucks from Toyota the TRD off-road and

adventure trims add more ruggedness with

the styling and with its more aggressive

tires there's a good amount of trunk

space and legroom in a second row but

even more so of headroom

the cabin is fresh with modern styling

just take a look at this large pop-up

screen in the middle it is easy to use

as so are

large knobs that control the climate

controls the steering wheel is modern

and has the right thickness and the

large screen in a gauge cluster is also

very nice rav4 is not only have dry

modes but also terrain modes which allow

you to tune your rav4 for any mood or

terrain rav4 comes with Toyota safety

sense which gives automatic braking Lane

Assist adaptive cruise control auto high

beam and even road sign reading as for

the ride a steering wheel feels great

and there's a good weight to the

steering overall the seats are very

comfortable and you sit high up within

the cabin in terms of looks I'm a big

fan everywhere inside outside is light

years better than before it's more truck

like it's more in line with the rest of

Toyotas truck lineup and on this TRD off

road I think it looks even better

because of the large TRD wheels they are

black right and they they add a lot of

contrast to whatever body color you may

have like this red I'm driving it looks

great with it and and the more

aggressive tires just makes the rav4

look a bit more masculine right so

overall I think this is a really good

look and I do enjoy it quite a bit these

are the 4 best compact SUVs for 2020

notable mentions are the 2020 Mazda cx-5

and a 2020 Nissan Rogue I wasn't able to

review a 2020 Mazda cx-5 before this

video however my 2019 review was very

favorable as the powerful engine precise

steering and luxurious cabin made it

stand out from the crowd

I will definitely review this in a near

future the 2020 Nissan Rogue which is on

the verge of being redesigned is also

worth looking at it provides a great

amount of space on the inside the trunks

divided and high storage system is

unlike anything else in this class and

there are features such as panoramic

sunroof and 360 view available which

combat SUV do you like the most

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