Best Crossbow Broadheads For Hunting - Top 5 Best Broadheads For Crossbow 2020


hey it's Dakota Collins here from the

outdoor chef and we're out here on a

beautiful morning here in Ontario Canada

and I wanted to talk to you a little bit

about the exact mechanical broadhead

from Excalibur this broadhead is a

beautiful broad head if you're hunting

things with the smaller kill zone like

this beautiful Eastern wild turkey we

got here this morning what it does is

that does it impacts that animal it

spreads those blades out and gives you a

very wide diameter cutting radius so if

they have a smaller kill zone it just

gives you that little bit of buffer you

need when you're in the field hunting

things with a smaller kill zone and this

morning we were hunting with the micro

suppressor from Excalibur here and it

did the work on this turkey at 55 yards

if you're heading into the woods this

fall this combo with the exact

mechanical broadhead from Excalibur or

the Excalibur micro suppressor is what

you need for decades mozi has brought

you the most lethal broadheads on the

market but hours of design and

engineering have taken them step further

introducing the trocar HB and HB x a

hybrid Brodhead built off the ever

popular solid steel trocar ferrule

a set of 1-inch fixed plates set

perpendicular to one in five eighths

inch expanders combining for 2 and 5/8

inches of total cutting surface making

it the most lethal and accurate

broadhead for bow hunters and crossbow

hunters alive


you know

the trick went through them like butter


I'm John Siever so my ferry down

outdoors I'm here today to talk to you

about the rage crossbow X broadhead it's

available in 100 and 125 grains one of

the differences that we do when we

design a broadhead is we specifically

tailor it for for its function and this

particular one a lot of companies out

there will take one of their standard

broadheads and just put a crossbow label

on it and we truly design this to work

with a crossbow and it's engineered as

such it's got an aluminum ferrule that

we have a technology called fat which is

ferrule alignment technology and

essentially what that means is the

outside diameter of a crossbow bolt is

2260 force so we take our ferrule and we

swedge it out to that 2264 diameter so

they get a very aerodynamic flow back to

it standard is 5/16 and when a 5/16

ferrell butts up to your 2264 insert you

get a little bit of a lip there so we

have this this designed as such so that

it flows with that crossbow bolt and the

the big leading edge blade and this

current this broad head when it's opened

opens up to two inches and had two

inches one of the things that we know is

that with a crossbow bolt crossbow bolt

has a lot of energy right out of the box

but it does lose its energy as it gets

out to further yardages because it is so

short and compact and inherently light

for what it's what it's doing and so

we've designed it to give that that two

inch cuts that you get great penetration

even at those further yardages out there

it's truly an awesome Brodhead like I

say it's available in 100 125 grains and

it's truly designed for crossbows so if

you want to check out this broad head

and learn more about it go to rage

broadheads calm and check it out

I want to address a frequently asked

question of how the gravedigger flies

now we have two different models these

are hundred grains this is the cut on

contact and this is the chisel tip there

is a little bit less blade surface you

can see here on the chisel tip than

there is on the cut on contact but in

our they field point accurate is

interesting concept because MOBOT has

going to fly exactly like your field

point there's blade surface areas

there's different links but we're

talking exactly we're talking Olympic

archery type of exact I always tell

people go out to where you're

comfortable shooting a softball sized

group and shoot a gravedigger and then

shoot your field points behind it

because they should fly basically the

same now whether it's a quarter inch or

a half inch or whatever off that's up to

the individual archer to be able to

determine how accurate they are but

we're looking at a softball size group

we're not looking at 20 yards shooting

X's and so the closer you get the more

accurate you're going to be the broad is

going to be I can shoot I can't shoot

two broad heads at the same target out

to 30 yards or out to 40 yards because I

tend to shave veins and that's an issue

so that's more accurate than I can shoot

I can't outshoot this broadhead one of

the things in long-range after 80 yards

the block head will start to drop

comparative to your field point just

simply because of drag the other issue

that we always run into is front of

Center dollars front of center batter

and to me yes it does so if you take if

you take this air this is a victory bap

350 and I put a 50 green outside on it

and I scream this broad head in which is

a hunter game broad head and I go to

where my balance point is which is how

you're finding your front of center we

can basically take your front of center

and divided by what the equal part of

this arrow is tip to tip so if I mark

this here and unscrew this broad head

got 125 going broadhead and screw it on

and you see our balance point now

changes by almost an inch so adding 25

grams to the front of the arrow is going

to give you better long-range shooting

because it's going to carry the front of

you or more the mayor slows down at long

range the more the veins start to take

over and that's what floats the funnier

arrow so I hope that helps and that way

you can help to narrow a little bit more

from the center's good we want to keep

it around 13 to 15 percent you don't

want to go too much over that for a long

long range shooting and you don't want

to be under 7%