5 Best CRM Software for Small Business - The Best CRM in 2020 (REVIEW)



today starting a company has never been

easier but growing a company has never

been harder the problem is that

short-sighted tactics that used to work

things like forcing deals sending spam

and growing at the expense of your

customers doesn't work in a world where

customers know they have options today

word-of-mouth is more important than

ever if your customers are happy they

stay longer and her further friends but

if not they leave and tell the world

this means if you want to grow you need

to invest in creating a great experience

we call this growing better and we built

HubSpot to help you do just that

HubSpot growth platform helps you build

a flywheel for growth with everything

you need to market sell and service your

customers the right way all in one place

with marketing hub you can attract more

the right people by creating and sharing

useful content running tailored ad

campaigns and engaging with leads

through personalized messages sales hub

gives your sales team everything they

need to sell in a more personalized and

relevant way that's better in more

efficient not just through your sales

reps but your customers too and service

hub helps you engage with your customers

guide them to solutions and turn them

into promoters who help grow your

company even more and the best part it's

all built on hub spots free CRM which

brings everything together into a single

shared view of all of your customers and

because hub spot is a platform it

easily connects to other tools and other

parts of your business HubSpot works for

businesses of every shape and size no

matter how small you are now you can get

started with HubSpot for free

and no matter how big you become HubSpot

will grow with you with HubSpot you

watch us grow bigger you'll grow better

and you can get started for free today



starting a company is all about firsts

your first big idea your first product

your first sale but to grow your

business into something truly great you

need a lot more than just firsts you

need moments of WoW every day that's

where fresh sales crm comes in how do we

deliver these moments of WoW we bring

context collaboration and productivity

all in one place to help you sell better

first sales crm helps you convert

visitors into leads close leads into

customers and nurture customers to keep

them coming back for more we will be

with you every step of the way from your

first happy customer to your thousand

and beyond that's why over 15,000

customers across the world trust fresh

sales CRM to grow and scale their


introducing Zoho one Zoho one gives you

a unified suite of business and

productivity applications to manage your

sales marketing customer support HR

finance and operations custom solutions

and more all the business applications

in zopo 1 are fully integrated with the

unified app suite like Zoho one that

seamlessly connects your marketing and

sales you can now measure the

effectiveness of your marketing

campaigns based on the leads and deals

it generates you can also connect sales

with your inventory management system to

update stock counts likewise you can

streamline your invoices by integrating

your sales and accounting automate

sourcing tracking and hiring to recruit

the best talent and build great teams

when your business runs on one unified

suite of apps silos dissolve and

insightful strategies emerge when apps

work together your business runs better

Soho 1 the operating system for business

let's talk about pipedrive the weapon of

choice for salespeople and scalene teams

and maybe that's because it was built by

real salespeople in Estonia Estonia yes

it's a real country they created Skype

the founders of pipedrive spent years on

the front lines of sales they learned

exactly how hard sales can be with

pipedrive you'll know precisely which

leads need your attention the moment you

log in so instead of dealing with this

always be closing you'll be dealing with

this your one-stop Sales hub email

conversations are synced to your

opportunities and you can discover more

info about your contact with just one

click and there's also a mobile app

pipedrive be unstoppable revenue is the

lifeblood of every business it's so

important that no business can exist

without it every day you and your sales

team are working hard to get new

customers and grow your sales revenue

but it's hard to do that if you are held

back by this organization and

out-of-date processes between emails

calls and meetings you are dealing with

a ton of customers data on a daily basis

without having a great way to manage it

so a lot of your time is wasted managing

spreadsheets and manually tracking sales

activities that time that could have

been used to generate leads and close

more deals since 2008 we have worked

with thousands of small and mid-sized

businesses we have found that most of

you are having a very similar experience

maybe you have tried or implemented a

CRM software but usually it's too

old-school complicated and expensive or

so bare-bones that it doesn't do what

you need it to do without pricey

integrations or it's too manual that it

slows down your entire sales team we

have come up with a better way to help

you eliminate the busy so you can focus

on what truly matters sales made his


for the modern sales team everything

your sales team needs to sell more and

be productive is built-in build your

sales pipeline and visually track the

progress of each deal move deals through

your pipeline customize the stages and

communicate with contacts easily with

sales made no good deals will slip

through the cracks automatically capture

new leads from your website emails or

import them from CSV or excel file

automate lead assignment by any criteria

like industry product line deal size and

much more using automated workflows

sales mate natively integrates your

favorite Google Apps like gmail calendar

Maps Drive contacts and Microsoft Office

apps like Outlook when you sync your

email account with sales mate it

automatically organizes and attaches

your emails to the right contacts and

deals built an inbox allows you to send

and receive emails from sales made

instantly know which prospects open and

interact with your emails using real

time email tracking use email templates

to send personalized emails to contacts

with a single click also improve your

emails with powerful insights the

calendar integration automatically syncs

your meetings to and from your calendar

so you don't miss any important meetings

easily call prospects and clients both

sales made CRM industry-leading

telephony feature integration sales made

integrated telephony lets you handle

your inbound and outbound calls making

it easy to onboard new sales reps to

your team sales made automatically logs

call activities

call recordings and voicemails under

your context with sales made texting you

can swiftly pass a text message to your

customers when they need the most plan

your next actions and follow-up using

sales activities automatically create

and assign follow-up tasks or send

emails to customers and your team

endless for instance create a task for a

sales rep to followup with the deal when

the stage has changed to qualified or

the deal is inactive for longer than a

week all your meetings emails calls and

tasks get automatically logged as they

happen inside sales made CRM this lets

you easily see the productivity of your

sales team our system allows you to have

a 360-degree view of the customers so

you can keep conversations relevant know

when you last communicated with the

contact and what is the next step with a

single click use our sales pipeline and

activity reports to improve the sales

process and coach your sales reps you

can also build and share custom reports

and dashboards with charts and tables

for those of you who love to work from

your Gmail inbox you can use sales maids

Chrome extension to sell directly from

Gmail the iOS and Android mobile apps

allow you to keep selling while you are

on the move sales maids modern design is

both simple and intuitive you can start

using it in a few minutes without any

training on top we back sales make with

the best-in-class

support in the industry with 300 plus

features there is much more to explore

in sales mate try our award winning

sales CRM to help you grow your business