Cremation Vs Burial - Which is Better for Departed Soul?

cremation or burial which is better from

the perspective of the departed soul in

this video we take a look at the

fascinating answer it is a little-known

fact that thousands of years ago during

the Vedic age in India people not only

cremated the dead but also buried them

the tenth Mundell of the Rig Veda

mentions both the customs of burial and

agni docta and cremation agni Dagda as

practiced by the vedic people in its

18th silk from the 10th to the 14th

mantras are found the customs of

complete barrier corroborating this

account of the Rig Veda archaeologists

have found complete skeletons buried

along with various offerings in the

ancient city of Harappa which existed at

the terminal end of the Vedic age as

part of the Indus Valley Civilization

now even though the Vedas document

burial practices the Vedic Rishi's have

always regarded cremation as the best

method for disposing of the body

in fact subsequent Rishi's of India have

emphasized cremation so much that this

method is now the chief way in which

99.9% of Hindus dispose of the dead

there is however still a tiny minority

of Hindus in southern India who practice

burials so wise cremation preferable to

burial Swami of havana

who was a direct disciple of sri

ramakrishna just like swami vivekanand

was has provided a most fascinating and

in-depth answer to this question in his

book life beyond death swamy obey the

nuns answer comes in two parts the first

is from the point of view of those who

are still living and the second is from

the perspective of those who are

deceased so from the standpoint of those

still living cremation is the most

desirable way in which to dispose of

dead bodies because it is not only

sanitary but also immensely practical

cremation is the best method from the

standpoint of health of living beings

why should we have so many dead bodies

going through the process of

decomposition all around us

this will only spread diseases so it is

better to get rid of

and let them go to the elementary

conditions another aspect of course is

that of practicality in a populous

country such as India bearing billions

of dead people would soon cause us to

run out of space now apart from this

Swami a baton and tells us that there is

a second critical yet deeply overlooked

reason why the Rishi's favored cremation

over burial and that is that creating

the dead body greatly assists the

departed soul in adjusting to a new

existence in the afterlife as we have

seen in an earlier video at the time of

death the soul leaves the physical body

clothed in the subtle body also known as

the sukshma sharir or the mind

immediately after death the soul of any

person is naturally still attached to

their body and also to the loved ones

that he or she has left behind so after

death the soul continues to hover around

the body in this situation if the body

is buried in a grave then the attraction

for the physical body which the soul

loves so dearly and which it took care

of for so many years remains strong and

the soul continues to cling to that body

even if a long time has passed since

death the soul still has the desire and

curiosity to come down and see what is

happening in the grave

thus the dead body lying in the grave

serves as a constant reminder to the

departed spirit of the life that he or

she has left behind this causes great

confusion agony and despair in the minds

of certain souls especially those who

have nurtured a deep attachment to their

earthly life these souls can see their

body lying in the grave but they are

unable to re-enter it and relive their

old life once again by which I mean once

more talk to their family and friends

once more live in their homes fulfill

their desires and enjoy their

possessions and this ultimately causes

such Souls to get stuck in an

unfortunate middle zone where they are

neither able to go back nor are they

able to cut their attachment with the

body and move on to a new existence in

the afterlife

such trapped souls are commonly referred

to as parades or ghosts they tragic and

is further compounded by the custom of

embalming the day in which the dead body

is injected with chemicals to slow its

decomposition in the grave this makes it

even more difficult for the deceased

spirits to break their bonds with the

body and so they remain imprisoned

unable to evolve and develop any further

thus it was with the precise aim of

preventing the departed spirits from

getting trapped as course that the

Rishi's of India favored creating the

body the destruction of the Broz body

releases the soul from its attachment to

the material body and helps it adjust to

new conditions in the spirit world

cremation is a signal to the departed

soul that the old life is over and a new

one has begun and so they must embrace

the change and journey on to higher

celestial realms now one point to note

here is that burials are not the only

reason why some people get trapped in a

parade yoni and become ghosts after

death in fact there are many other

causes and we shall go through some of

the important ones in the next video

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