Creatine Powder vs. Creatine Pill (big difference)

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here these are not my product I'm sorry

this is a something I want to bring up

you guys

creatine these are beasts creature

creatine there's the powder version and

then there's pill version so this one

has 60 servings three capsules and this

one 5 grams one scoop 60 servings

it contains creapure and of course it's

the personal mix so creapure brand

creatine monohydrate which you guys

should know by now that's one of the

best and most preferred if not the best

and actually a very impressive list of

creatine's here different different

absorption rates and you know how they

tweak the creatine to have different

effects within the body so this is the

powdered version you guys can't see it

powdered in the pill you can tell what I

want to bring up with you guys today is

that I feel this one is different from

this one now if you could guess real

quick which one would you think I feel

is more effective which one the the

powder version that you drink you know

pink lemonade I remember tasting great

or the pill version easy for pills

Popham in a 3.43 after six bills total

which one would you say well the truth

is I think this one is much more

effective now how can that be it's the

exact same is the exact same supplement

the exact same dosing z' so if it's the

exact same supplement and the exact same

dosing how can one be more effective

than the other now you guys have to

understand that you're putting a product

or a chemical or a substance herbs

whatever it may be in your body

your body is going to react and that's

that's kind of what you want the desired

effect is to be increased strength and

thus increase muscle size water

retention which is a good thing so they

both do it but why do I feel so much

more strength games off of the pill

version well the answer guys is that

this one will not die this one will not

digest until it's in the stomach

this one as soon as soon it's I mean

it's very accessible the powder you're

drinking the powder straight up this is

the same powder but it's in a capsule

the capsule has to digest first so I

will feel the results from this

instantly like within 15 minutes I'll

take it fifteen minutes before ten

minutes before I don't know how fast the

capsule died salt dissolves but I find

it very effective the pill form of

creatine so you guys want to take and

take into account there might be the

same product a lot of companies are

coming out with these powdered forms

which are great I love drinking it

especially because you can kind of take

a little bit at a time depending on a

supplement like a pre-workout but for

creatine you want to kind of have it all

in your system by the time you're

working out or just consistently every

day after day if you stay real

consistent with it so in my opinion the

pill form is much more effective than a

powdered form of creatine now this is

very big advice guys because a lot of

you could be going had no idea that the

creatine comes in pills and actually

typically comes in a powder so I know if

it's just this product I've taken other

creatine's before but by far this

product which I do not so you know I'd

love for them to pay me but I don't sell

one of my favourite creatine's and I've

taken bottles after bottles I've taken

I've done the same workouts on it in the

same workouts off of it and I find when

I'm on it I have 10% which is ridiculous

amount of strength increased 10% that's

a lot of strength that's very noticeable

I mean you cover quickly it's almost

like a pre-workout it doesn't beat you

hyper but you feel like you have more

energy more ready energy you're not

sluggish or anything so very big fan

pill form guys what do you think pill

form versus the powdered form chances

are if you're taking creatine in powder

and in my opinion I think as you try out

the pill form of that same product and

see what you can see the difference what

do you guys think what's your experience

when it comes to creatine what's your

favorite type of creatine and that brand

mine would be this like I've said pill

form and that and the main ingredient is

creapure so you guys should know that

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