Top 5 Best Crappie Fishing Lures, baits, and Jigs

what is up guys this is a commanded

escape so in front of me at my favorite

five crappie fishing lures I've caught

hundreds of copies over the year and I

want to just give you guys some quick

tips on how to catch them and what lures

to you so number one is going to be my

favorite and throughout this video I'm

going to throw in clips of me catching

some crappie with these lures but number

one my favorite is a marabou jig and

these come in all different shapes sizes

and colors and right here is a one

8-ounce marabou jig this I really like

to throw in the spring in the summer and

the winner I really like to downsize

because the fish'll are a little more

finicky and they like smaller baits and

I'll throw on a one sixty-fourth out

marabou jig guys I just got to is the

one right below it a second one to in

one cast doesn't get any better than


and then sometimes in the summer I'll

even use kind of a roadrunner hybrid

with in there a big jig to catch these

crappie there's also a little weed loose

up there's lots of snags in the area

this can help out there oh dang it

No what are you Oh kissing babies


and so now let me go ahead and start

with number two my second favorite

crappie fishing lure and that's any jig

head with a plastic and so here my

favorite plastic for crappie fishing

would have to be just a two-tailed

regular crappie jig and so this is

mimics a minnow right and it's a that's

a 1/8 ounce jig head I really like that

presentation especially in the

chartreuse color

my second favorite plastic is just a

twister tail like these right here

another excellent crappie bait and third

is the assessee shed another great

plastic for crappie fishing so these two

are must by far my favorite copy fishing

lures the marabou jigs and the plastics

and then the last thing I'll show you

are good for crappie but I also like

them because they allow me to catch

other fish species like bass but I'm not

going to be catching quite as many

crappie so let's go ahead and move on to

number three then and that's the end

line spinner so here is a Blue Fox

inline spinner that's a great brand and

here's a panther Martin in line spinner

another great brand I usually get size

one in size two in the Panther Martin

spinners they do catch a lot of crappie

and maybe not quite as much as the jigs

but I also catch a lot of bass and other

random fish and ponds and lakes and I

use these the same time instantly in

trouble in the bath

look at that it's pretty good

double-header it got a little crazy

there for a second and so now I'm moving

on to number four that's either a blade

bait or a lipless crankbait and so I

usually stick around the size of about 1

inch for these crappie maybe two about

one and a half inches these have a lot

of ver attic action they put off a lot

of vibration and I do catch a lot of

crappie on them and the nice thing about

these is you I catch a lot of bass as

well I is going to trolling I'll cut

this knife probably over seven finally

moving them to number five are just

crank baits in general and usually I'm

going to be if I'm crappie fishing with

crank baits I'm going to be using a

minnow style crank baits with a pretty

long and slender profile but no more

than two inches this one has a pretty

big bill so it goes down a little deeper

where the crappie are if they're in

deeper waters where this one has a

pretty small bill so it's more staying

closer to the surface so I'm going to be

doing this at the crappie or shallow and

finally sometimes will even throw a

little bit bigger of a crankbait but

still again no more than two inches long

and this has a pretty big deal it's

going down through some decent depths

and I believe this is a wiggle wart

which is another good lure for crappie

and a lot of times we'll catch bass on

the side big crappie

holy I'm seeing a lot of fish activity

are you alright that is a nice one he's

a really nice crop you get a huge crank

bait for pass

again I just want to re-emphasize jigs

are the best but if you want to catch

crappie handle their fish species these

other threes worth well too and finally

another tip is to use some crappie

nibbles with your jigs over the last

year is that first was pretty suspicious

that these didn't really help is just

kind of a marketing scheme but I have

found they have increased my catch a

little bit and I think it's only four

bucks for I don't know it's probably 200

baits in here it's a good deal last me

about two years so I hope you learned

something here today and you'll try one

of these out and thanks for watching