How To Clean Your Sofa / Couch With Oxi Clean

hi everyone how have you guys been I

know it's been a while since I posted

last the holidays have definitely been

keeping me busy and I hope your holidays

went by great happy new years by the way

today I am sharing how I clean my


something I like to do around January is

organize and clean my house this is our

microfiber couch the cushions have

removable covers that easily come off

and can be easily washed in the washer

however the arms are a little harder to

clean I actually tried to cleaning them

with rubbing alcohol at one point I

found it on Pinterest or asked it was a

total fail I feel like I made it

even worse but it wasn't so bad even

then one day we had a salesman come in

and advertised his handy vacuum and he

tried cleaning the couch arms and he

made them look like this all the dirt

was pulled to the top and just left it

hanging I'm assuming the suction his

vacuum just wasn't that great anyhoo

this finally pushed me to pull out my

Bissell vacuum I decided to use OxiClean

because I tried it in a small spot and

it seemed to do the trick you'll also

need a hard bristle brush and a clean

sponge in a microfiber towel I started

off by removing the cushions by the

couch arms and sprayed the stained area

down with OxiClean I literally soaked it

with hoxsey clean then I took my hard

bristle brush and scrub the area down

here's how it looked after the first

round of OxiClean I was kind of freaked

out about these stains right here as you

can see there's still areas that had

pretty badly embedded stains in the

fabric so I went ahead and repeated the

steps again I sprayed it down with hace

clean and scrubbed it you can also let

the OxiClean soak in for about 5 minutes

before scrubbing I feel like this

definitely helps and here's how it

looked after the second scrub you can

see that there is no more stains where

the areas wet so next I washed off all

the oxy clean I did this with my little

green Bissell I go ahead and add a link

down below if you're looking for this

same exact vacuum on the left side of

the vacuum you'll have your clean water

and on the right the vacuum collect all

the dirty water for my clean water I

decided to make some mildly soapy water

so I added a drop of dish soap and a few

ounces of vinegar to a gallon of water

when you push this button

water sprays out so I used this to spray

down the whole area that I had sprayed

down with OxiClean before then I've

vacuumed all the water out I repeated

spraying the water and vacuuming it

until the water being sucked out of the

couch was clear also these are not to

push down too hard when you're vacuuming

because this leaves marks on microfiber

fabric you can clean any awful Street

with this method actually I'm pretty

sure this will work on almost any fabric

if you're working with microfiber it's

important to work in sections and keep

them evenly wet I would not recommend

getting your whole couch wet at once

okay so I used a clean sponge and helped

wet the rest of the section evenly with

it then all that's left to do is use

your microfiber towel and rub the fibers

down until they look even this needs to

be done before that area dries this is

why you shouldn't get it all wet at once

okay and that's it here's how it looks

all clean once it was dry I still can't

believe OxiClean got all those stains

out I mean it was pretty bad

I hope this video is helpful if you

decide to clean your own couches or you

need to clean on full Street thanks for

tuning in everyone I will see you next

time bye