Best Cooling Mattress Toppers (2020) - Is Your Bed Too Hot?

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Sarah: Hey guys, it's Sarah form Sleepopolis.

If you're watching this video, it's probably because you're looking for a way to make your

bed both cooler and cozier at the same time.

You've come to the right place because I'm about show you my top five favorite cooling

mattress toppers all of which I've personally tested.

Before we get into the round up, keep in mind that I've tested and reviewed dozens and dozens

of sleep accessories from some of the biggest names in the game, including Purple, Casper,

TempurPedic, and so many more.

They're all on

First, let's dive into the round up.

Before we get into this round up, keep in mind that at the end of the video, I address

all kinds of questions that I get all the time about mattress toppers.

Also if throughout the course of this video, any questions come up or you want a personal

recommendation from me don't hesitate to give me a shout in the comment section below.

I'm always checking back and I'd be happy to help.

The first topper on my list is the Cooling Copper Topper from ViscoSoft.

I picked it specifically for folks looking for a topper that feels really, really cool

to the touch.

First of all, it's four inches deep which is pretty thick for a mattress topper.

It might be best suited to those of you who looking to add to a considerable amount of

depth to your mattress.

It's also got a medium-firm feel which is going to be probably best suited to back and

stomach sleepers.

It's made form 100 percent memory foam which is probably going to appeal most to those

of you who like that deep sink into memory foam and that really moldable quality that

memory foam offers.

The great thing about this memory foam is that it's infused with copper.

Copper offers some great anti-microbial properties which serves to keep those allergens at bay.

It also is very cooling because it draws heat away from your body and dissipates it into

the environment.

The really cool thing about this topper is the cover fabric that's made completely from

phase change material.

It really makes it feel like this topper has been refrigerated.

It's icy cool to the touch.

If you're a hot sleeper looking for a very cooling topper, this might be your best bet.

Price ranges from about $219 to $350, which is a little on the pricey side, but keep in

mind you've got a 60-day trial period to test it out.

It's also backed by a five-year warranty.

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Sarah: The next topper on my list is also from ViscoSoft.

It's called the Response Gel Topper.

I picked it for folks who love that memory foam feel, but don't want a topper that feels

so icy cool to the touch.

It is made from memory foam, but it's infused with a gel that keeps it from retaining heat.

Some of you might know that memory foam has a reputation for trapping and storing your

body heat and causes you to warm up throughout the course of the night.

The gel infused in this memory foam is designed to not do that.

Unlike the topper we just looked at, this one has a soft firmness rating so probably

going to be better for you side sleepers.

It also comes in two different depth options, two and three inches.

Those of you who are a little ore petite or only looking to maybe extra comfort layer

might be better suited to the two inch option.

Those of you who are maybe heavier, broader shoulders, or looking to add little more depth

are probably going to be better suited to the three inch option.

Price ranges from about $50 to $80, which is great for sleepers on a budget.

It also comes with free shipping and a 60-day trial period.

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Sarah: Next up on my list is the Layla Mattress Topper.

I picked it for folks looking to add just a little bit of cushy comfort to their mattress.

It's only two inches thick.

It's got a soft level of firmness.

It's made completely from memory foam.

The cool thing about this topper is that from the cover fabric to the memory foam, the entire

thing is infused with copper.

Remember that copper serves to draw heat away from your sleeping body which is going to

help keep you cool.

Another great thing about this topper is that it feature corner straps on all four corners,

which is going to help it stay securely affixed to your mattress and prevent it from rolling

around as you roll around.

Price ranges from $200 to $400, comes with a five-year warranty, and a very generous

trial period of 120 nights.

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Sarah: Allow me to introduce the only mattress topper in this round up that isn't filled

with memory foam, the Birch Living Topper.

It's covered in 100 percent organic cotton which is really soft and breathable.

Directly beneath that is one-and-a-half inches of Birch wool.

Beneath that is one-and-a half inches of Talalay latex.

Altogether, this topper is three inches deep.

You're probably thinking, why would you include a woolen mattress topper in a cooling mattress

topper round up.

Allow me to bust some myths really quick about wool.

Firstly, wool is one the world's most breathable fibers and it's also thermal regulating, which

means it can adapt to your body's temperature.

Essentially, wool has this amazing ability to transfer heat and moisture along every

fiber and then release it into the cooler and drier environment, essentially keeping

you cooler.

It also serves as an excellent insulator in the winter time or when your body gets cold.

At about $250 to $500, this topper is the most expensive in this round up, but it's

important to note that costs associated with growing and harvesting natural materials often

contribute to higher price.

This entire topper is made from natural sustainable materials.

Not to mention, you do get a nice, generous trial period of 100 nights to test it out.

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Sarah: Last but certainly not least on my list is the Allswell Memory Foam Mattress

Topper infused with graphite and copper gel.

As the name suggests, it's made from memory foam.

It's four inches thick which is nice and deep.

Probably most beneficial to those of you looking for a lot of extra pressure relief.

It's also got a firm memory foam feel which is going to be great for those of you trying

to add a little support to your mattress.

In my experience, it's particularly beneficial for alleviating back pain.

The memory foam itself, as the name suggests, is infused with both copper gel and graphite,

both of which serve to dissipate your body heat.

It also features a targeted cooling section right in the middle of the topper where your

back would be.

Again, if you're someone looking for a topper that's going to help alleviate back pain,

you'll find that that targeted cooling section really soothes my lower lumbar area.

Price ranges from about $159 to $179, comes with free shipping, and a 30-day return policy.

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Sarah: Before we end this review, allow me to address some questions that I get all the

time about mattress toppers in general.

First of all, how do I choose the mattress topper thickness that's right for me?

It really all depends upon how much pressure relief and depth you're looking to add to

your mattress.

It also has something to do with your body type as well.

Mattress toppers generally come in two, three, and four inch options.

If you're really only looking to add a little small comfort layer to your mattress or you're

more on the petite side and not looking to add a lot of depth or pressure relief, go

with the two-inch option.

Conversely, if you've got broader shoulders, on the heavier side, or just looking to add

a considerable amount of depth to your mattress, maybe go with the three- or four-inch options.

Another thing folks want to know is which mattress topper is best for a side sleeper?

You're generally going to want to look for a mattress that advertises a soft firmness

rating because that's probably going to provide a little better pressure relief at your shoulders

and hips.

Keep in mind that you should always experiment with the toppers and the firmness and feels

that work best for you and keep you the most comfortable.

Always take advantage of those trial periods when they're offered.

Additionally, a lot of folks want to know how do I keep my mattress topper form moving?

Because your mattress topper goes beneath your fitted sheet, you really shouldn't be

doing a whole lot of shifting around.

If you're worried about it moving while you sleep, I suggest aiming for mattress toppers

that have corner straps that affix beneath your mattress because that sort of just going

to double down and really keep it secure so that it's not moving anywhere.

Next question is how do I keep my bed cool?

As a hot sleeper, I definitely relate to this question.

Here's what I'll tell you.

First of all, having a cooling mattress topper is a great way to keep your bed and your body


If you really want to double down on those cooling properties, I suggest you invest in

a set of cooling sheets and a cooling pillow as well.

Lucky for you, I've rounded up my favorite cooling sheets and pillows all of which can

be found on

Lastly and perhaps the most common question, what's the difference between a mattress pad

and a mattress topper?

A mattress pad is much thinner and doesn't range in firmness like mattress toppers.

Additionally, mattress pads come with a fitted skirt that go beneath your mattress so you

can kind of think of a mattress pad as a really cushy and plush fitted sheet.

Mattress toppers on the other hand are much thicker.

They range in firmness quite a bit more than mattress pads do and are really geared more

toward adjusting the feel and firmness of your mattress.

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