4 Best Cooking Ranges Reviews


cooking ranges are your old stoves given

an upgrade they let you cook multiple

items at once and many additional

features if you're looking for the best

ones then this video is for you

with 6.4 cubic foot capacity and fan

convection cooking the whirlpool 6.4

cubic foot electric range takes the

fourth place the counter depth range

cooktop features multiple flexi dual

radiant elements that expand to match

the size of the pan and a warm zone

radiant element that is there to keep

completed dishes warm at the end of the

meal this large ovens easy wipe ceramic

glass cooktop offers hassle-free cleanup

while aqua lifts self-cleaning

technology delivers odor free oven

cleaning without chemicals in only 50

minutes it's easy view extra-large oven

window helps make monitoring cooking

progress easier without opening the door

the two oven racks and several rack

guide positions allow for multi rack

baking in at number 3 we have the GE

cafe c2s 99 5 SEL SS a 21,000 BTU multi

ring burner that creates intense heat

that's perfect for searing frying and

sauteing it comes with a cast iron

griddle that allows you to cook the


it also offers Wi-Fi based operations

that allow you to control your range

anywhere in the house with the GE app a

full range of burner options gives you

everything you need to cook like a pro

the cast iron integrated griddle for

grilled cheeses - pancakes - quesadillas

for instant convenience choose when to

automatically sync clocks and the range

elements with the microwave surface

light and heavy duty roller rack lets

you easily access items with racks that

glide smoothly you can find additional

information on the products and links to

buy them in the video description below


the Frigidaire Professional takes the

second spot on our list

it comes with a host of proprietary

technologies under the name power plus

it's two and one burner and griddle

aides for ultimate cooking flexibility

you can use the simmer burner for

delicate foods like sauces or the

griddle burner for pancakes or flatbread

the power plus convection technologies

powerful performance delivers consistent

results the power plus temperature probe

ensures great results the first time

just set and monitor dish temperature

with the probe the power plus burner

lets you quickly boil saute and sear

foods at high heat with power plus

pre-heat your oven is ready in a few

minutes for a powerful start to every

delicious meal and the first cooking

range on our list is the Kenmore nine

four one seven three the four burner

kenmore electric range is perfect for

families who prefer to make home-cooked

meals with an easy to clean ceramic

glass cooktop spacious oven and radiant

heat this kenmore electric range can

help you tackle complex gourmet recipes

or simple one-pan meals stash baking

sheets pots and pans in the bottom

storage drawer and free up extra space

in the rest of your kitchen a warm and

hold function will keep foods nice and

hot until mealtime without drying out or

over baking the four burner elements

include a 12-inch element and nine six

dual element four cooktop versatility

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