A Video to show you the difference between a Vented and a Condenser Tumble Dryer

hi welcome to Ruislip appliances this is

a video to show you the custom of a

difference between condenser tumble

dryers and vented tumble dryers it's a

question we get asked all the time in

the shop so we thought we'd do a little

video for you

condenser tumble dryers have a vessel

inside them somewhere where the water is

collected and when a light comes on at

the front

usually container or empty container we

take this to the sink and you empty it

out a vented tumble dryer doesn't have a

container it usually has a large

flexible elephant trunk type hose here

which if you can come around here

connects onto either the back of the

tumble dryer well there is sometimes the

option to move the spigot to the side so

you can come from the side there are

some tumble dryers that have venting

from both sides this specific Bosch one

is from the rear or as you're facing it

the left-hand side with the condenser

tumble dryer on the Bosch machines

there's a nice feature that you can have

where you can buy an optional plumbing

kit which is this which connects into

the back of the tumble dryer here and

instead of pumping the water up to the

vessel in the top of the machine it will

push it out of this waste pipe so you

can connect it to your plumbing at home

so the differences of how they operate

both of these tumble dryers are sensor

dryers the sensor dryer instead of you

telling it how long to drive for will

have a preset level of dryness and

inside there's a humidity sensor which

monitors the level of moisture inside it

and will stop the machine when it

reaches that preset level of dryness so

if we put these two on this vented dryer

on Cotton's covered extra dry you can

see it's anticipating now to take two

hours and 18 minutes on the condenser

dryer we put it on a cot

is very dry which is the same program

it's going to say that's going to take

an hour and 59 minutes so from that we

can see the condenser dryer is going to

be faster the vented dryer is going to

be slightly longer now confusingly the

condenser dryer average is 504 kilowatt

hours per annum of electricity and is B

energy rated whereas the vented tumble

dryer will average 482 kilowatt hours so

less energy but is in actual fact a C

energy rating so not as technically

efficient as the condenser Bosch now you

have to bear in mind that you can't

compare the energy efficiency between a

vented and a condenser dryer you must

compare the energy efficiency with other

condenser or other vented dryers quality

is the same both these machines come

with the manufacturers two year parts

and labor warranty looking inside there

are some subtle differences the

condenser dryer is featured with a

polished stainless steel drum which will

reduce the amount of static on your

drying to make sure that it's less

ironing whereas the vented dryer has the

galvanized drum which will generate

slightly more static and therefore

you'll be ironing for slightly longer

filters are both nice easy access on the

front here this is a small filter you

just clean the fluff out on the

condenser dryer it's a slightly larger

one which opens up let's double the area

and you clean that through now the

condenser lives down here and it's

basically a metal matrix that the hot

air passes over and when your hot air

passes over that metal matrix it

condenses back into water droplets which

is collected at the back and then on

this machine either pumped up to the

vessel here where you empty or if you

engaged the diverter and fitted the

optional plumbing kit it will push it

out of the waste pipe there

it's important to make sure you do clean

the condenser periodically we'd

recommend every 10 drying cycles give it

a rinse under the sink with nice and hot

water and you'll get some fluff out of

it you will notice if you're not very

good at cleaning the lint filter here

this will overflow and block the

condenser if you don't clean the

condenser and you're not very diligent

at cleaning either machines lint filters

it will make the tumble dryer less

efficient so it's very important to keep

your filters clean in your machine

literally after every wash or every

dryer should say if you clean that lint

filter it will dramatically improve the

efficiency well I hope you've enjoyed

that information video from Ruislip

appliances we should have some more on

line please give us a look back soon