OUR INSTAGRAM SECRETS: Editorial Collages + Film Filters + Feed Planning | ToThe9s

hey guys it's Cassie so for today's

video we're going to be showing you guys

how we edit our Instagram photos

specifically collages and more filmy

kind of pictures don't worry Ritchie is

also in this voiceover hello so this is

my photography folder I pretty much used

all of these apps to achieve the photo

PC on my Instagram along with Lightroom

and Photoshop if you guys want to see an

in-depth video on how we edit our

Instagram pictures you can click the

link down below but for this video we're

mainly focusing on the three apps below

which is Pixar film board and on them so

the first app I'm going to be talking

about is an app called tick art you

didn't really use it for a lot of

different things but I like to use it to

create collages so we're going to go

ahead and press the plus button and then

go to the option called draw these are

all my previous projects so to create a

new one all you have to do is press

create new and these are the different

kind of backdrops you can choose from

I'm just going to go with a white one

and pick the square so this is how the

editing Bay looks like as you can see

it's just a white blank canvas and I'm

going to import photos of Amy because I

like them we took them at Laguna Beach

but before we start collaging you guys

are wondering how to create that cut out

logo to photo I uploaded on Instagram a

while back so for this we're going to be

using the app called after light and

selecting the frame option and yeah you

can adjust the frame to whatever width

you want I usually make them relatively

thin now it's time to put the two photos

together since I want them to be layered

on top of each other I'm going to select

the horizontal photo and place it in

first and since I want the close-up

photo of Amy to be on top

I will layer it so that it covers a

little corner of the first photo we

placed in so if you don't want the

backdrop to be wide you can import a

photo or you can choose a different

color from pic art selection but I like

to use the color finder and select the

color right from the photo just to give

it a more cohesive look this app works

in layers and the backdrop must be

underneath the photos imported and what

you need to do is make sure the first

layer is invisible then you have to

select the layer underneath it from here

all you have to do is go to the shape

tool and fill in the background so if

you want to add a little some some you

can play around with a draw tool and

doodle around the photo there's

different kinds of brushes you can use

for this and you can also change the

width for some reason I like drawing one

squiggly line I think it adds a little


yeah and Richie posted a picture with a

star doodle and you guys are one

doing how she did it to just use the

brush tool hey guys it's richie and i'm

going to be talking about an app called

unknown Kathy and I have been using this

app for a while now and honestly it's a

game changer especially for bloggers and

those that want to plan out their in

champaign so what you do is you log on

to your Instagram account through the

app and it automatically imports your

existing Instagram feed from here you

can plan out new posts by uploading them

onto uh num and click and drag them

across your feed the Instagram icon on

the corner of the photo indicates the

photos that is currently on your public

Instagram feed which you can turn on and

off you can even temporarily delete

photos to see how your feed looks like

if that particular photo is deleted

what's cool about this app is the shift

icon and what that does is that you can

shift your fee so that you can see how

the photo looks in a different position

there's also an edit option so that you

can crop and edit your photos right in

the app itself for those of you handle

more than one instrument ow you can

easily log on and off and switch back

and forth between your accounts as you

can see you can plan your feed up to 18

photos in events but if you need more

than that you can purchase more space so

this app obviously isn't for everyone

but we thought we would share it for all

these bloggers PR managers and artists

out there hey guys it's me again so the

last app I want to talk about is an app

called film born I found out about this

app recently and what I like about it is

that it gives your photos kind of like a

film effect without looking too overdone

film born includes nine different

filters the first row is Fuji film which

is a classic the second row is Ilford

actually all the more classics really

but the Tilford row contains filters

that are all black and white and it

gives that you know iconic black and

white effect and the last row is the

Kodak row and the filter called port row

160 is probably my favorite one of the

bunch so what drew me into this app is

that it gives it a pretty authentic film

role and you can also adjust you know

the color contrast saturation and

clarity all that fun stuff yeah so all

the photos have been edited let's see

what we've done


we hope you guys enjoyed this much

requested video of our Instagram tips

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