What Is The Best Coconut Oil To Buy? Refined Vs Unrefined, Extra Virgin Or Virgin?

Sall was in the store the other day to

grab some coconut oil all they had was

refined organics so I decided to

purchase it the first thing I noticed

while eating it was that it didn't have

any scent or flavor after doing some

research I found out that the scent and

flavor is removed but before it's

removed the coconut oil has to be

extracted the label on the bottle says

that the coconut oil is extracted

mechanically through an expeller press

during this process coconuts are chopped

up and put through a machine and

mechanically press to extract the oil

another grade of oil can be made using

the leftovers from the first press once

the coconut oil is extracted it is then

refined bleached and deodorized to

remove the flavor and scent

this is why the coconut oil I purchased

didn't have any taste other methods of

extracting coconut oil is through

centrifuge and cold press in centrifuge

extraction fluids of different densities

are separated this leaves a light

coconut flavor made from freshly pressed

coconut milk cold-pressed coconut oil is

pressed from coconut flakes and it's

left for the oil to naturally separate

from the coconut protein and milk both

centrifuge and cold-press extractions of

coconut oil are considered raw if you

want to see more of how the extraction

process is done there will be links in

the video description below so what is

the difference between unrefined and

refined coconut oil while refined

coconut oil is bleached and deodorized

this is mainly for people who want to

cook without the scent and flavor of

coconut because it has been refined it

can usually withstand slightly higher

cooking temperatures before reaching its

smoke point most refined coconut oils

are made from copra culprit is the dried

kernel or meat section of the coconut it

can be made by smoke drying Sun drying

kiln drying or a combination of the

three once you dry it the coconut oil is

extracted from the copra

things to consider when buying refined

coconut oil is that it will be a lower

quality oil since it's been processed

with unrefined coconut oil it is closest

to its natural state extracted to keep

the highest amount of nutrients it is

labeled as extra virgin or virgin and is

considered to be the best grade of

coconut oil keeping its scent and taste

the oil is extracted within 24 to 48

hours upon the picking from the coconut

tree and uses fresh coconut and not

copra what about extra virgin and virgin

well unlike olive oil there is no

significant difference an extra virgin

or virgin when it comes to coconut oil

olive oil has specific guidelines when

it comes to different grades of oil I

already did a video about olive oil and

you can check that out links in the

video description below so the benefits

of coconut oil is that it has healthy

fats it lowers your cholesterol you can

cook with it at medium to high

temperatures there are plenty is your

skin and hair having plenty of vitamin E

and you can use it for oil pooling to

clean out your mouth and teeth if you

aren't able to find high-quality coconut

oil in your local store you can

definitely find some online check out

the reviews and find one that fits for

you remember for high grade coconut oil

make sure that it is labelled extra

virgin or virgin that the oil is

extracted through cold press or

centrifuge and made with fresh coconuts

and not copra this is suwanee from

planet suwanee signing out