What chokes do I need? | TSC Clay Shooting

lots of people get confused about why

jokes are there and what they do but

it's quite simple the choke is there to

either narrow the spread of the shot or

widen the spread of the shot so if

you're shooting a closer target you're

going to want a wider spread on the shop

and if you're shooting a further away

target you're going to want a slightly

tighter shot so it carries that shot

pattern further so you get a consistent

pattern went at the longer reach of the

target so you had a call to choke that's

quite an open choke and then you go to a

full choke you get a narrower barrel you

then in turn get a total joke most clay

shotguns have a variation of chokes the

most common are quarter half three

quarter and full and the most common

pairing is used are quarter and heart so

your average clay ground quarter and

half is going to be the two chokes that

you're going to use so typically

sporting shooters will we will shoot

quarter and half whereas someone that is

shooting skeet would shoot skeet and

skeet being a very open choke because

the clay targets are very close to them

then trap seekers tend to use full and

three-quarters or tight chokes to make

guarantee that they hit that clay target

that is traveling at some speed by the

time that actually hit the bird you're

probably looking at 35 yards plus when

the bird is out because of the speed of

the target when you start to get into

things disciplines like fitasc

because some of the targets are extreme

then you are going to need a total choke

to get a total pattern to hold for

longer to hit that clay target that's

further out some guns have fixed chokes

where the chokes already determined by

the internal diameter of the barrels

modern over-and-under sport or clay guns

now have multi choke a multi choke choke

is actually a tube that is

screwed into the top end of the barrel

with varying internal diameters to

restrict or open the spread of the shop

so it makes it a good all-round gun

there are aftermarket chokes on the

market to buy by various different

manufacturers you get some flush fit

chokes which are flush with the end of

the barrels or you get extended chokes

that stick out from the end they're not

so for one to taste that is entirely up

to you and I'll see there are different

manufacturers out there that do

different applications if you want it to

change your multi choke and the end of

your barrels what you need to do you

need to get your multi choke key put the

key into the end of the choke and unwind

the choke out the end of the barrels

okay so once you get it out you get two

there and you can pull that choke tube

right the way out okay and then what

would happen that you then replace it

with the choke that you wanted in the

barrel you'd pop it back in and you'd

wind it all the way back down always

make sure they are tight

there you are you changed your multi

choke so you'll see many clay suitors go

going round they're their local shoot

and every stand they get to they will

change the chokes according to what they

think that the clay target actually

needs in my opinion it's one more thing

to worry about one more thing to take

your mind away from breaking the actual

target I think you stick to quarter in

half there isn't really anything that

you can't hit on your average sporting

shoot with quarter and half a lesson as

we've discussed before if you go to fit

a stand something like that that is

extreme targets the way that I look at

it is the more juggling around that you

have to do when you get to that stand

you are taking your focus off of the

actual shoot itself and reading the

targets instead of standing there

watching where the targets are being

shot watching other shooters shoot and

see where they kill the target changing

chokes in and out every single stand it

seems quite a quite a lot of

personally I'll use quarter and half in

my clay sheet and gun which for me works

absolutely fine for your average clay

shoot the only time I'd ever changed my

jokes from quarter and half as if I was

going to shoot something like fit to ask

and then move up to slightly toe to

check just to make sure that we get that

more consistent pattern at that range