How To Make A Chocolate Box Mix Taste Like Homemade

what's up sugar geeks lives here today

I'm going to show you how to make a

simple box cake mix tastes almost as

good as homemade by adding just a few

simple ingredients first thing you're

gonna need is a box mix I'm using Betty

Crocker chocolate fudge but any type of

chocolate box mix will do go ahead and

attach your a paddle attachment to your

stand mixer or you can use a hand mixer

if that's all you got and then we're

gonna add in one cup of flour 1/2 cup of

cocoa powder 1 cup of sugar 1/2 cup of

melted unsalted butter if all you have

is salted butter just leave out the salt

that we're gonna add in later 3/4 of a

cup sour cream or mayonnaise 1/4 cup oil

3 large eggs 1 tablespoon vanilla

extract 1 teaspoon salt and then lastly

a cup and a half of cold coffee this is

not going to make your cake taste like

coffee it's just going to intensify that

chocolate flavor and make it extra

delicious cover everything with the lid

and mix this for 2 minutes until it's

nice and thick

you can see that's nice and creamy and

thick and we're ready to put that into

three eight inch pans you could do two

eight inch pans if you want to I just

tend to like more layers of cake and

we're gonna bake these in the oven at

350 degrees for about 30 minutes or

until a toothpick comes out okay so when

the cakes are done I smooshed the top

and dome down with my oven mitts to make

them nice and flat this doesn't hurt the

cakes at all

I especially do this with a doctored box

mixes because they're so light and

fluffy so this kind of makes them a

little bit more the texture of like a

scratch cake and a little bit easier to

handle so now I'm gonna let this cool on

this rack for about 10 minutes before

flipping it over and letting it cool

further before wrapping it with plastic

wrap and putting it into the fridge the

reason I wrap my cakes in plastic wrap

and put them in the fridge before

decorating is so that the butter inside

the cake gets firm so when I'm stacking

and handling them they don't crumble

into pieces because that would be sad

alright so this is our ganache it's been

sitting overnight and you can see the

nice creamy consistency perfect for

frosting a cake but it is a little bit

chunky so I'm gonna mix it up a little

bit with my hand blender just to get it

nice and smooth and it kind of aerate it

a little bit so this is semi-sweet

chocolate chips ganache two to one

fudge ear yeah that looks nice and I'm

just gonna do a nice rough coat of

frosting because this is for my kid

she doesn't care as long as it looks

chocolatey and delicious this recipe of

ganache is the perfect amount for like a

little two layer 8-inch cake and if you

wanted to do a six inch you just make a

little bit less or you get you're gonna

just adjust it who knew that I would be

the type of person who just like rough

frosted cakes in my life team fondant my

whole life and then I start blogging and

I'm like man okay guys that's how you

make a chocolate box mix tastes almost

as good as making it from scratch

i'm liz merrick and i'll see you guys

next week bye