Top 7 Aggressive Chess Openings

hi everyone this is kevin from the chess

website calm today we're going to be

going over one of my favorite parts in

chess a very aggressive openings so sit

back relax and enjoy my list of the top

seven chess aggressive openings

number seven on the list we have the

Danish gambit one of the more common

openings that you'll see pani for pani

five and white just starts giving up

material as fast as possible starting

with pawn to d4 after it takes the pawn

just gonna come up here to c3 allowing

his opponent to continue to take that

material in his opponent doesn't have to

but the intent would be for this

opponent to take bishop here to see Ford

not even worrying if black takes more

material if black does continue to take

bishop here to b2 all of a sudden white

is down to pawns in material but as you

can see he has a very aggressive setup

both of his bishops are both eyeing down

on this King side black has none of his

pieces involved into the game

White has a fairly open lane for his

Queen to get involved both sides of the

board in the middle very easily can get

his Knights very easily involved Castle

queenside or King side depending on if

he needs some safety or if it wants to

be very aggressive so Danish gambit

definitely one of the openings that

you'll get a lot of opportunities to

play so it definitely makes my list of

the best chess aggressive openings

number six in our list is the cochran

gambit definitely one of my favorites

after pawn to e4 pawn e5 Knight here to

f3 pretty common moves from both side if

black tries the petrov defense which is

not the most common but you do see it

every now and then whites usually going

to respond with Knight to e5 followed by

pawn to d6 kicking this Knight back the

night usually comes back here to f3 and

then we see the knight take here on e4

and things continue but this is kind of

boring and I like aggressive opening so

instead of whites moving his Knight back

and the Cochran game he's actually going

to play Knight to f7 now he's going to

be giving up his Knights early on now

black pretty much needs to take this

material he's gonna lose his queen or

his rook which seems extremely bad so he

needs to take this but this is going to

be completely fine this is what white

wants in this position he's given up a

knight and material and in exchange he

has two pawns and his opponent's king is

wide open and white can pretty much

attack it the rest of the game so

there's a separate video on that so I

want to go into a but definitely a fun

fun aggressive opening

the next regressive opening to make our

list is the Scotch gambit starts out

with pawn to e4 upon e5

I love Pawnee of four openings Knight to

f3 knight c6 and then pawn to d4 this is

the scotch game the scotch game is

typically pretty slow pretty boring

until someone came up with these Scotch

gambits which makes it all the more

interesting so after the pawn takes here

on d4 White's going to forego taking

this material here on d4 you know you

could see an exchange of the Knights and

the Knights here but instead White's

going to play Bishop here to c4 and he's

gonna have a very very strong attack

that he's going to start so again the

Scotch gambit if you're definitely

looking for a way to kind of spice up

the scotch game this is definitely your


the next aggressive opening to make our

list you guessed it it is the Kings

gambits my favorite personal opening to

play pawn to e4 pawn e5 and then pawn to

f4 giving up material if you haven't

played this before it's definitely great

for an only beginners but those people

have been playing for a long time after

the pawn takes here on f4 usually Knight

to f3 this is kind of the way I play you

can play Bishop here to c4 if you want

to but so many fantastic lines that

actually want to go over one of my

favorites because it's also extremely

aggressive and so I'll keep it with the

King's gambit and that is the musio

gambit and so your opponent won't always

play into this but if they play pawn to

g5 the typical way for Kings gambit

would be to play pawn to h4 and then

when they push down you play your Knight

to g5 and then you look to get your

bishop involved but this pawn right here

is kind of allowing for an outpost on g5

the musio game it just doesn't really

care about all that it's always trying

to get more pieces involved into the

action so it plays Bishop here to see

for the pawns gonna push forward

attacking this knight white doesn't care

why it's just gonna castle on the King

side and pretty much give up that

material so after the pawn takes the

Queen takes right here and all of a

sudden if you look at this setup that

the King sides kind of weakened for

black he has no pieces really involved

into the action except this lowly pawn

here on f4 all of a sudden from White's

perspective he's castled he's got his

queen involved he's got his bishop

involved things are going to be very

very difficult for blacks to kind of

hold on to all the aggression that White

has so not only is the King's gambit

pretty fun and aggressive but the musio

gambit takes it to a whole nother level

the next aggressive opening we're going

to be looking at is the Halloween gambit

is extremely risky but it is so much fun

to play starts out with pawn to e4 if

people are curious why e4 is a pretty

common occurrence it's this opens up the

door for the LightSquared bishop to get

the Queen involved into the game usually

e4 is a much more aggressive opening so

that's why a lot of the openings have

efore in it but pawn to e5 and then we

have kind of the four Knights game so

Knight to c3 after Knight to c6 then we

have Knight to f3 and the Halloween's

gambit is Knight taking here on e5 which

seems a little crazy and it is which is

why it makes the video Knight ticking

here on e5 the pawns gonna push forward

to a d4 if the knight comes back here to

c6 we kind of just push forward again we

can kind of force it to come back here

so very aggressive just continuously

pushing forcing black to really just

move his Knights across the board he

could try another Knight move but all in

all Weiss is gonna be pushing forward

with his pawns trying to control the

center give his Bishop involved his

queen has some support right here

definitely a fun opening and although

Weitzman down a material many times if

black doesn't play perfectly white can

get that back so definitely a fun

opening but very risky as well

the next regressive opening we're going

to be looking at is our only opening

from blacks perspective and it is the

Latvian gambit I've been playing it more

and more just because it's so much fun

to see your opponent's face when you

play it they really think you have no

clue what you're doing and it's really

fun to play

so pawn to e4 upon e5 pretty common

Knight to f3 which you're gonna see all

the times you're gonna have many many

opportunities to actually play the

Latvian game it and then you're gonna

play pawn to f5 pretty crazy opening

there's a lot of different ways that

white can respond to this especially if

they've never seen it they may try

something super crazy so that's why

there's another video specifically about

that but the lab being game it is

extremely aggressive opening up the King

side over here there's a lot of

different ways to bring the bishop here

to c5 and actually give up material even

the rook or the Queen if you want to and

just go ahead and attack this square

here on f2 so a lot of different ways

you can do this but no matter how you

slice it the lab and gamete is

definitely one of the best aggressive


rounding out our list of best aggressive

openings is the fried liver attack it's

just so much fun I had to include it on

the list pawn to e4 pawn e5 Knight f3

knight c6 Bishop here to a c4 gotta love

the light squared bishop in an

aggressive opening Knight to f6 all very

very common moves White has many

different ways you could play could play

pretty passive with King castling on the

kingside he could play pawn pushing

forward Knight to c3 these are all fun

but these are all boring and that's why

we play the fried liver attack and

that's with Knights here to g5 getting

ready to play Knight taking here on f7

could also if you really wanted to play

Bishop here on f7 but all in all White's

looking to exchange material off the


a lot of material get that King here to

f7 go ahead and get that Queen involved

into the game attacking if he needs to

and just chase this King all over the

board if you haven't played it I

definitely recommend if you haven't

watched the video also recommend

watching that there's a lot more to this

so many different lines that both sides

can go to but all in all it is a

fantastic opening and definitely makes

the top of the best chess aggressive

lines that I have so hopefully you guys

enjoyed this video if you have any more

requests for top video openings or

anything else you'd like to see let me

know if you have some other aggressive

openings that I didn't include in this

list feel free to leave a comment let me

know I'm always looking for some great

aggressive openings in chess but

hopefully you guys enjoyed this video

I'll see you on the next one thanks for