Types of Chemical Peels | Peels for Hyperpigmentation & Acne

At our office, we offer several

different types of chemical peels to

address a variety of patient

concerns. The lowest

grade chemical peel we do

is something called a superficial

chemical peel.

And what this does is use a very

light acid to promote a small

amount of chemical exhalation in the


These very superficial chemical

peels are excellent for

preparing for a big event as there

are no downtime sort of lunchtime

procedures that can be done in a

short period of time.

What these superficial chemical

peels will do is create more of a

glow to the skin surface and a

little bit of evening of tone and


The next category of chemical peels

we use a little bit deeper into

the skin.

And these are typically for patients

who have pigment that is

either stubborn to consistent

sunscreen use or topical

medications, or perhaps they're not

a candidate for another type of


There are a variety of different

substances we use to perform

chemical peels and at your

consultation we can discuss what

might be an appropriate treatment

for you.

Finally, we have something called

medium depth chemical peels.

These are typically performed with

the use of something called tri

fluoro acetic acid and

these treatments go a little bit

deeper into the skin.

So they not only lift off

some of that pigment help with your

tone, but they also help with

some fine lines in the skin

and smooth the overall texture.