Creamy Macaroni and Cheese Recipe | How to Make Mac N Cheese | Macaroni and Cheese Recipe


to get started i will be using

one 8 ounce block of cream cheese and

this is softened

i'm also going to be using eight ounces

of sharp cheddar cheese you could use

the cheese of your choice

i'm also going to be using one 12 ounce

can of evaporated milk

you could also use half and half or

heavy cream

here i'm also using two tablespoons of

unsalted butter

and i'm also going to be using a quarter


of salt a quarter teaspoon of onion

powder and a quarter teaspoon of paprika

you could change the ratios of these

ingredients and salt to your taste

the last ingredient i will be using

which is the most important

is elbow macaroni here i have one pound

of cooked elbow macaroni

i basically brought water up to a boil

salted it

and let it cook for around 10 to 12

minutes or i just followed the

instructions on the package

okay so here i've preheated my pot and

i'm adding my two tablespoons of

unsalted butter i'm going to let those

melt down

and i also want to mention that i am

cooking on a

low to medium heat somewhere in between

nothing on high and here is some cheese

that i reserved from the eight ounces

that i shredded

for the top of the macaroni and cheese

when i bake it

okay so now that my butter has melted

i'm going to add my

dry seasonings that's the salt the onion

powder and paprika

you could also add a quarter teaspoon of

mustard powder i know sometimes i do

that if i can't find a sharp cheddar

cheese or i don't have it

and i'm using more of an american style

cheese just to give it that zip or that

tang i like adding mustard powder

but today i'm just using salt onion

powder and paprika

and now that those have warmed through

and started to get aromatic i'm going to

add my softened cream cheese

and if you've seen some of my other

videos where i make a cheese sauce and

i've worked with cream cheese

it's not a pretty process

so when you're doing this and you're

like what's going on with this cream


just keep breaking it apart mixing it

let it sort of melt down and eventually

it'll end up being smooth

melted and creamy so that's what i'm

going for here at this point and again

it's not going to look nice in the


and i also want to mention if you notice

sometimes when you're making a cream

sauce or you look at recipes they start

with a roux because they're making


a gravy or bechamel sauce to add cheese


but because i'm using evaporated milk i

don't need to do that

it's creamy enough but if you're using

something like two percent milk

or possibly whole milk you probably want

to start with a roux

and create a bechamel sauce because then

it won't get creamy and thick it'll stay

runny so that's just something to think

about but if you're using evaporated

half and half or definitely heavy cream

that's not necessary to make a roux so

my cream cheese is

melted down it's smooth it's creamy so

now i'm going to add

my 12 ounce can of evaporated milk again

you could also use half and half

or heavy cream but anything like whole

2 percent you'll have to use a roux

because it might stay a little too

watery the water content

in the milk would just be too much for

this okay so right now what i'm doing is

just continuing to whisk

and make sure that the cream cheese and

evaporated milk combine well

i'd like to take the time to mention

that for those of you that are

interested in the types of pot

or cookware that i use in my videos be

sure to check the description below this

video and i will post links or just


that might be useful as far as

substitutes for ingredients

or techniques or just additional


okay so now that everything is combined

well and brought up to temperature

i am going to add the cheddar cheese now

if you notice

nothing's boiling nothing's simmering or

bubbling rapidly and that's because

again i'm working with a low to medium


and if it does start boiling and kind of

simmering a little bit out of control

you want to lower your heat you want

everything to just

marry well on a low temperature just low

and slow because you don't want to burn

any of the natural sugars in the

evaporated milk or singe the cheese

so just keep that in mind nothing on

high so again i'm just going to whisk

and combine everything well

until the cheddar cheese is melted and

then this cheese sauce is done

so everything is melted creamy and

smooth i'm going to turn the heat off

and now all i'm going to do is add my

elbow macaroni

and it's basically ready to serve but

what i'm going to do

is bake it in the oven just to get some

cheese melted on top

and it makes it nice especially if

you're serving this for a special dinner

or a family get-together or a holiday

macaroni and cheese so all i'm doing now

is just combining my cooked elbow

macaroni this is one pound

i'm going to mix it well and then i'm

just going to pop it into the oven to


some cheese on top melt and that's it

but if you don't want to do all that

you could just mix it right now and

serve it because it's

super creamy and delicious

okay so here i have a buttered

nine by 13 baking dish and

you could also use oil or just the the

spray oil

but i used around a tablespoon of butter

that was softened and just spread it all


and now i'm just going to add my

macaroni and cheese

into the baking dish by the way i have

my oven preheating at 450 degrees

i'm working with a high heat because i'm

not going to leave it in there very long

it's just basically to melt the cheese

on top


now if you notice when i'm spreading

this cheese there's some cheese that

looks lighter than the actual sharp

cheddar cheese and that is because i had

four lonely slices of deli style

american cheese

and i went ahead and shredded that right

in because it needed to be used so

that's why you see a different cheese in


but typically i just use sharp cheddar

cheese it works

i'm going to bake this in a preheated

oven at 450 degrees

fahrenheit for around 10 minutes or

until the cheese is melted on top you

could also pop this into a broiler until

it gets bubbly and golden brown

now this mac and cheese is definitely a

simple one

but it absolutely is a family favorite

in my house

it pleases adults and kids alike so if

you are planning to have a family dinner

a barbecue a holiday meal you might want

to try this recipe

because it truly is a delicious creamy

and cheesy macaroni and cheese

please be sure to check the description

below this video for additional


and the list of ingredients used in this

video i certainly hope you give this

recipe a try

i hope you like it and thanks for




good job