hey beauties welcome back to my channel

in today's video I will be sharing

everything you need to know in order to

choose the best Chanel foundation for

you I did this video several years ago

now and to this day it's my second most

viewed video but so much has changed

since then so it's really due for an

update I'll be presenting these

foundations today and order a least

amount of coverage to most amount of

coverage that way it gives us some

organization it's a lot better than

trying to rank them or do least favorite

most favorite everybody's going to have

different preferences so we'll go

through each one we'll talk about the

ingredients the difference is between

them and then I'm also going to show you

what they look like on my skin that way

you can see the application by the end

of today's video you'll have a much

better idea of which foundation will

work for you

you'll have to pardon me I'm a peer down

at my notes every once in a while but

the first foundation here I have to talk

about is the Lee bass water fresh tint

which is sort of a foundation but it's

not it's definitely the lightest

coverage so this retails for $65 it's

available in six different shades I use

the shade medium this is meant to offer

eight hours of hydration it has a very

glowy finish and no SPF now this water

fresh tint comes with a little mini

kabuki brush it looks like a little

travel brush I lost mine you certainly

can apply it with the brush you'll

achieve great results but you don't need

to use that brush you can use any

foundation brush that you typically use

or you can just apply it with your

fingers I do like to use this with the


simply because I find that the bristles

break up the little droplets of pigment

so it just makes it a little bit faster

there are three different ways you can

use the water fresh tint the first way

you can use it is as a primer put this

underneath another foundation on the

list or another foundation that you own

it's going to help to correct your

complexion so if you have any redness

hyperpigmentation rosacea you can also

use it by itself of course there are

plenty of people out there who prefer a

no makeup makeup or at least they want

to see their skin shining through

something like this gives the illusion


your skin is perfect it's incredible the

third way to use the water fresh tint

listed on the Chanel website is for

touch-up when you apply it to your skin

you think wow because it also has that

really beautiful Sheen that glowy it is

really gorgeous on the skin as long as

you don't need a ton of coverage or you

don't want a lot of coverage this is

beautiful it's not going to be for

people who want coverage let me just put

it out there because I know some people

love this and they swear by it and other

people think it's the devil and they

have no idea what the purpose is the

second foundation has a little bit more

coverage than the water fresh tin this

is the ladies sheer healthy glow

moisturizing tin this is also only

available in those six shades again I

have medium it retails for $40 it has

kolonko extract which helps the skin to

naturally repair itself

it also has SPF 30 this would be the

equivalent of the Chanel tinted

moisturizer and I am so happy that I did

this video I don't remember the last

time I used the moisturizing tint but I

was really impressed it was nice and

glowy and gave a decent amount of

coverage it really is moisturizing so

this is going to be best suited for

anybody with dry skin normal skin as

well but if you have oily skin I would

steer clear from the moisturizing tint

this is going to be great for anybody

who spends a lot of time outdoors

because it's a great everyday complexion

product you have your SPF 30 it's not

incredibly heavy if you live in a warm

climate you're outside all the time and

that Sun is always beating down on you

this is really great

anybody who likes lake coverage with dry

skin is going to love this

the third foundation I want to talk

about is Vita Lumiere aqua this is one

of these Chanel essentials and it has to

be the most popular foundation from

Chanel it's beautiful

I've owned it in the past I don't

currently have it on the last day that

the stores were open I ran into my local

Nordstrom and I picked up a little

sample jar of all of the foundations

that I didn't have so when I show you

video applying the foundation it truly

is the Vita Lumiere aqua and I wear

beige 30 this foundation retail

for $50 it comes in a bottle that looks

nearly identical to this Lea beige

moisturizing tint it's just a different

color bottle it's available in 17

different shades it has SPF 15 it's

water-based so you definitely have to

give it a little shake you'll notice a

difference if you don't shake the bottle

properly each and every time I know it's

annoying it'll come out very thin and

then in a couple months you'll realize

that suddenly it's incredibly thick and

you have nothing left so you have to

make sure you give it a nice little

shake there's a ball in there so you can

hear it rattling around it's light to

medium coverage it is buildable and it

has a natural finish because it's water

based versus moisturizing oil based if

you have oily skin I told you to steer

clear from moisturizing tint you're

better off going with the Vita Lumiere

aqua it only has SPF 15 versus the 30

depending on where you're wearing the

foundation that may not be as much of an

issue because it's not incredibly mapped

it's not incredibly luminous

it doesn't have a ton of coverage it's

buildable it can be light it's just kind

of perfect all around and that's another

foundation that I was excited to wear

again and I remember saying to myself as

soon as I run out of my bottle I'm going

to pick this back up again but that's

sort of the YouTuber curse because you

end up stockpiling all of these

foundations and then it seems wasteful

to go ahead and repurchase restock an

old foundation before you get rid of

some of the ones that you currently have

but I do absolutely love you to lunar

aqua I highly recommend it and I think

it's sort of best suited for everybody

it really is that beautiful foundation I

know plenty of mature women I always

kind of laugh when we say mature but

people with more mature skin can still

wear we do Lumiere aqua I mean if you

are very dry is it going to be the best

choice probably not if your oily it

works for you it's not the most matte

foundation option either

and also it's a decent price point at

fifty dollars it is one of the lower

price points the Labor Schmoyer icing

tint at forty dollars is going to be the

least expensive option but if price

point is a

factor for you $50 is pretty reasonable

coming in at number four is the original

Vita Lumiere

which comes in a glass bottle this is

another foundation that I don't

currently own I've owned it in the past

but I do have my little sample and I

used the shade 30 but it's not 30 beige

it's actually 30 Sendra this foundation

is a little bit strange it's only

available in 8 shades this is not a

wildly popular foundation for that

reason it has medium coverage I would

say it's medium buildable

it contains walnut extract and marine

extracts so there are some skincare

benefits in there it has a radiant

finish this foundation is beautiful for

anybody with dry skin all of the shades

run a little bit yellow gold so if you

have a pink undertone if you're

incredibly fair if you're incredibly

dark you can't wear this foundation not

a lot of people can I mean eight shades

is not very extensive I pulled up the

website quick because I wanted to double

check and the Vita Lumiere moisture rich

radiant sunscreen does contain SPF 15 so

it's not a ton of sunscreen but there is

a little bit there and it retails for

$60 which I would say is the average

price point for Chanel foundation this

is a beautiful foundation it looks

gorgeous on the skin it gives a nice

glow but it's really only going to be

best suited for somebody with dry skin

who can find a nice shade match smack

dab in the middle of our list coming in

at number 5 is the CC cream which

retails for $55 it's available in five

different shades 10 20 30 40 50 I use

shade 30 beige

it also has SPF 50 muruga plum extract

which is chock-full of vitamin C it has

hyaluronic acid medium to full coverage

and it's a luminous finish I would say

this is sort of a luminous matte it is

going to give you some glow but I don't

find it to be too glowy

- gracie kind of right there in the

middle know if you are incredibly oily

I'm not sure this CC cream is going to

be the best option for you I would

probably go with the fetal me rock

the ultra lieutenant velvet would also

be a great option for you if your oily

but if your normal combination if your

dry the CC cream is beautiful I've

ranted I've raved about this product

it's one of my favorite Chanel products

one of my favorite complexion products

this like the water fresh tin can be

used multiple ways you can use it as a

color correcting cream so a little dab

underneath your foundation is really

going to help even out your complexion

you can also use it as your foundation

it's kind of easy it's a nice tinted

moisturizer it comes in this squeezy

tube easy to throw in a makeup bag easy

to travel with you don't have to worry

about dropping on the floor this is a

great tinted moisturizer replacement if

you like that type of product and has so

much skincare in it so this is a

standout to me because there are so many

yummy ingredients and at $55 it's still

towards the bottom of the price list it

used to be 20 30 40 they added the 10

and the 50 it's better than it ever has

been before but it's still not great so

lots of improvement needed in terms of

shades but if you can find a great shade

match in the CC cream it is a product

that is worth having on hand because it

has SPF 50 this is great for

spring/summer if you're somebody who

spends a lot of time outdoors you forget

your sunscreen this is perfect

at number six I have the ultra Lipton

velvet this used to be one of my

favorite foundations it's another one of

those foundations that I said I would

always replace and I just haven't gotten

around to it yet but it is truly one of

my favorite foundations they

reformulated last year there was a

little change some people felt like they

could notice a huge difference for me I

couldn't notice any difference I did

half my face with the old formula the

other half of my face with the new

version and I was looking as hard as I


closely in the mirror I saw no

difference between them so for me it is

just like the old perfection Lumiere

velvet which I also really loved so this

foundation also retails for $50 it's

available in 13 different shades it has

SPF 15 it's oil free

it has sheer to medium

average its lightweight with a matte

finish this would be the best option for

anybody with oily skin because it does

have a matte finish but because it's

Chanel it's not extreme matte it's not

going to be drying and I know a lot of

women with more mature skin who also

really love the ultra Litton velvet so I

think it works really nicely on just

about everybody it photographs

beautifully it does up the SPF 15 but

it's not such a huge amount of SPF that

it gives splash back or anything like

that it looks very smooth on the skin

and it's pretty long wearing in my

personal opinion the last few

foundations on the list all have similar

coverage they're all medium to full so

you could sort of lump them all into

that category but what separates them is

the price the finish and the ingredients

so this next foundation is laid H this

retails for $60 it's available in 14

different shades it has SPF 25 culantro

extract hyaluronic acid it has a natural

matte finish but it's very thick and

creamy far more thick than the ultra the

tint velvet so they're both sort of

matte but very different formulas and

this is intended to give you a summer

glow or a healthy glow but really what

that means is that all of the foundation

shades reflect a pink light if you

prefer a neutral or a golden olive

undertone with your foundation I would

steer clear from lay beige I would

instead go with the ultra Litton velvet

as long as you like coverage and you

want a matte finish if you want

something with more of a hydrating

luminous finish I would go with the soup

Limoges Litton which we're going to talk

about later next we have ultra latent

this is the foundation that I'm wearing

today I wear beige 30 it's a very slight

difference between ultra low tint and

lay beige I almost think that since this

was released there's not really a point

having lay beige except that it does

have the culantro extract and it does

have SPF 25 all truly tint has none of

those things there is zero SPF in this

it is long wear 24-hour wear full

coverage it retails for six

two dollars it's available in 30

different shades which isn't really that

impressive by industry standards but for

Chanel 30 shades is as good as it gets

and they do have a nice variety so it

does get pretty pale it does get pretty

dark there's not a wide spectrum in

between but chances are pretty high that

you should be able to find a great shade

match with ultra lutein this is the

formula that I always recommend for

brides anybody who's going to a special

event if you have photos maybe you have

headshots if you want something that's

long wearing this is going to last

morning at the office until happy hour

and then late in the evening for dinner

and it lasts a long time but it looks


that's a very important distinction

because if you guys remember the formula

that this replaced I think it was ultra

tint to knew something like that that

foundation was the long wear formula and

it was terrible it dried down really

fast it got sticky and tacky and it

would crack and it just didn't look

great for a long time the ultra latent

was the perfect reformulation it's a lot

softer it's far more forgiving because

it has a luminous matte finish if you're

incredibly dry this may not be great for

you if your oily normal combination

it'll be beautiful

problem-free the last foundation I have

here to mention is the sue blemish lit

int this retails for 135 dollars it's an

elevated price point because this is

Chanel's anti-aging skin care foundation

it's available in 10 different shades

here I have beige 50 which is very dark

for me normally but this is a great

shade match when I'm sunless tan the

soup will modulate in tons a little bit

light and when I have two layers of

sunless tanner on my 30 beige is a

little bit too pale for me honestly I

mean I don't like to make a habit of

buying foundations that are super super

dark just because it limits the time

that I'll be able to wear them but it is

nice to have a couple foundations that

truly are dark enough for me so this

actually works really nice

it contains the stain

vanilla plaintiff olya that's the key

ingredient to the entire Superman tea

aging skincare line according to Chanel

it's medium coverage I would say this is

medium to full it's one of the most full

coverage foundations I have it's a

luminous matte finish because it has

skin care it starts off looking sort of

matte ish but then not long into your

day you will realize that it is very

hydrating I learned that lesson the hard

way because as much as I love this

foundation when it's dead of summer

outside I cannot touch it I really can

only wear this foundation fall winter

when it's a little bit drier because

it's just too much for my skin I think

it looks beautiful it just feels a

little bit too heavy for me sometimes if

you have more mature skin this is the

best option for you even if you just

like coverage if you're a little bit dry

this is sort of the best option for you

I think it works for you regardless

because of the elevated price point you

may want to wait until you really need

the skin care benefits and it does come

with a little brush but just like the Li

beige water brush tint I have no idea I

think I probably held on to the brush

the first week and then it disappeared

and I haven't found it since just like

ultra latent it doesn't have SPF so it

would be great for special occasions or

any times that you are going to be

photographed if you don't want something

that's a matte finish the super Maj

really is beautiful best suited for

anybody with dry skin who wants skincare

benefits but could work really nicely

for just about everybody as long as

you're not oily if you are oily you're

not really going to love this foundation

and that completes today's video thank

you so much for watching hopefully you

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