The Benefits of CBD Capsules vs Oil: Which is Better?

see that he capsules verse oil sea

wheedies popularity with the general

public has skyrocketed in the last few

years with that boom the number of

products available has also soared and

it's not always easy to know the

benefits and differences between

products like CBD capsules and oils in

this video we will dive deep into what

CBD actually is the benefits of both CBD

capsules and oils the differences

between the two and why you may want to

take one over the other let's start by

defining what each product is to make

CBD you need to take CBD that you have

after the extraction process and combine

it with a carrier oil if a high-quality

oil is used then you are left with a

product that has both the health

benefits of CBD and that of the oil

the result is an oily substance that you

can take by placing a dropper of it

under your tongue most adults have taken

capsules both many medications and pain

relievers can be found in gel cap form

CBD brands started doing this because of

the ease of use and familiarity it

brought to their products and to the

average consumer the gelatin substance

that is used to suspend the CBD protects

and preserves the cannabinoids until it

reaches your digestive tract now there

are a few key reasons that CBD oils are

still the most popular way to ingest CBD

despite all the other delivery methods

that have been developed CBD oils are

still number one in fact most of the

other methods have been developed

specifically to overcome objections

people have to taking the oil by far the

biggest benefit of CBD oils is the

bioavailability this is a term used to

describe how easy it is for the body to

use a substance ingested and how much of

that substance makes it to the cells

into the bloodstream

when CBD is taken under the tongue it is

absorbed by the mucous membranes there

and is shuttled directly into your

bloodstream and bypasses the digestive

system what does research like

taken directly past your digestive

system by the MCT oils which is a key

reason why that type of oil is used as a

carrier these two factors give CBD oil

an enormous advantage over something

like a CBD capsule it has to be digested

before reaching the liver the

bloodstream and being shuttled to your

cells CBD oil was the first way that CVD

was consumed for health purposes and is

still by far the most widespread way to

take the product this allows you to

choose from a huge number of companies

the terpene profile of different strains

of hemp can change the way that a CBD

oil affects you so this allows you to

try different brands until you find one

that you really enjoy in the works to

treat your malady you can also get a

wide variety of dosing the strengths

this way a first-time user can get

something with a lower dose while

someone with chronic pain or an

experienced user can opt for a stronger

version CBD capsules on the other hand

have several key benefits that make them

appealing for some users with only a few

drawbacks many of us have taken medicine

supplements or vitamins in gel cat form

since childhood and no it is as simple

as swallowing the pill if you have taken

other vitamins or medication you can

simply add CB capsules to the pills you

already have to take it's also extremely

easy to dose there is no guessing how

much CBD you'll get with a gel cap as

the package clearly will state the

dosing the laws surrounding CBD hemp and

all cannabis related products are still

very much in flux in the United States

if you are traveling and unsure of the

laws surrounding CBD in the area that

you are visiting then gel caps are a

good option regular consumption is also

less noticeable with gel caps you can

easily take one out in the middle of the

day and drink it down with water and

most people won't think much about it

and lastly taste well a lot has been

done to improve the taste and texture of

CBD oil it still tends to have a woodsy

bitter taste to it because of this

some people also struggle with using the

substance under their tongue as you

would guess CVD capsules have no taste

and are no different than any other pill

so in conclusion CBD oil has much higher

bioavailability and you have a lot more

options for concentrations flavours and

brands than with capsules capsules have

the benefit of being extremely easy to

take and dose and are very inconspicuous

and have no bitter aftertaste now we

know this is just one of many common

questions about CBD oil so head over to East new