The Best Concealed Carry Guns & What I Carry


welcome back everyone today we're gonna

be answering a question I get constantly

and the reason I've never made a video

like this is because what you see here

changes relatively frequently for me so

folks are always asking me what my EDC

is so we're gonna go over what it is as

of today today is December 23rd 2018 as

I'm filming this so there are some

changes I have planned already to this

they're just not quite there yet and

we'll get into that as we go along so

the guns that you see here on the table

all of these are loaded and they are

currently in my concealed carry rotation

so I guess we'll touch on that topic

first why do I have a conceal carry

rotation instead of board and gun I'm a

believer that you should always be

carrying a gun and I follow that as much

as possible unless there's a place where

there is a law enforcement officer

scanning and actually present there to

arrest me if I'm carrying a gun I'm

lawfully I will be carrying a gun

anybody who ever comes up to me any of

you viewers feel free to ask I'll tell

you I'll show you I don't care I'm

always always always carrying a gun so

with that I have different choices for

me because I don't dress to concealed

carry if that makes sense I just dress

how I dress and then I conceal carry and

I know a lot of people out there on the

internet will tell you that they always

carry a gun I'm gonna tell you it's a

hundred percent not true and people lie

about that I don't know why but you know

I've gone to many events people who do

what I do in terms of running YouTube's

gun channels and more often than not

most people there aren't carrying a gun

that happens constantly because I bring

the topic up but what are you hearing

oh I'm not today because we're at this

event like you're just you're not gonna

see that with me again unless there's

like a law enforcement person there

who's going to arrest me for carrying I

will be carrying just count on it but of

course we want to be concealed as well

so there is that so I guess we'll just

kind of go this way just keep some order

to it what we have here is a Gen 1

shield 9 this is Dave DeSantis holster

that has a thumb lock on it so it has a

retention its owd rigged field 9


who I have 4mo in there we have gold

doctrine 24 green ammo and it's a good

rig one thing I really like about it I

should also mention I do have a merry

glow idot's on there and it's a good rig

what I like this for is actually winter

carry which doesn't make sense to a lot

of people but when I'm wearing something

like this which is like a hooded

sweatshirt or even a jacket I almost

never wear jackets honest I'm at the

range actually because I'm never really

outside long enough for it to be cold as

a civilian but I like this because I can

wear this outside the waistband have

eight rounds a nine millimeter and have

retention as well any time I carry

anything outside the waistband in public

and actually I don't have any other ones

here even if it's concealed I still have

retention on I just think the likelihood

of a gun grab goes up exponentially if

you have and outside the waistband rig

my personal opinion you guys can

disagree with that that's fun but yeah

so I also have some sort of retention

device for it if that's the case I also

carry a Glock 19 and a DeSantis or

rather a safari lamp for other ALS rig

just like this I think I said DeSantis

earlier anyway so far line and this one

here has the grip tape on there so I do

dig that as well

next up and I know I said to Santa's

next up is gonna be the Ruger LCP is the

380 pistol six plus one capacity and we

have it DeSantis pocket holster here I

really like these pocket holsters

there's you'll see some throughout the

review and only pocket holsters that

I've drawn with over and over and over

and over again at least like five 50 60

times that have never come out with a

gun do I actually carry with so I test

them pretty extensively but LCP here I

do carry from time to time and the ammo

in this one is going to be Fiocchi this

is their XTP bullet and so if you guys

have ever watched me gel tests of 380

one thing that tends to happen with it

with like premium ammunition is that it

tends to over expand on our under

penetrate so you'll get like eight

inches of penetration and like the

federally just he's a good example that

tends to go about 8 to 10 inches of

penetration because it just expands too

much well one thing about the XTP bullet

is that it's a very old design and it

doesn't expand really well and in 380 in

my personal opinion that's kind of a

good thing so you just get just a punch

of expansion or none

and it'll penetrate 16 to 18 inches

generally speaking out of a 380 so I

like that in terms of penetration in

terms of spare mags let's cover that now

really the only gun I ever carry a spare

mag with is this one and yeah you know

like I said should you carry a bigger

gun sure I get all the time but I'm

always carrying a gun but the reason I

carry a spare mag with this one is

because the mags are so small and just

easily concealable they kind of are no

bigger than a pen so our two pens I

guess next up is going to be the Walther

this is the PPS m2 again DeSantis

holster the exact same type this one

here has the true glow sights on there

these are tf-x is maybe I'll annotate

down below if you guys aren't gonna pick

them up but I do like I might have a

full review of it I preferred B with

this gun as well

excellent pistol this is one that I

didn't expect to really like as much as

I do but I love it it shoots awesome I

can shoot this gun as well as most

full-size guns and that's not the case

with a lot of compact options this one

here is loaded with 124 Green federal

HST you're probably gonna see if a theme

there but yeah this gun I really like I

said I didn't expect to like it as much

as I do but I did I love it it's been

100% reliable and I don't think I've

ever had anything crazy happened with it

it just works and it works well alright

continuing on we do have a Smith &

Wesson this is a J frame that has the

little sort of Bob hammer that you can

use in single action should you need to

do so it's a 638 I think this is a -

story and this one here what do we use

and I think we're using you have federal

HST the 38 special + p round it's

excellent I have a gel test on it in my

opinion it's the best 38 special round

for small revolvers and stand by that so

I carry this one actually pretty often

as well this is probably towards the top

of the guns that I carry again yeah do

you want more gun yep but you know you

know it's better than not having a gun

having a gun so this one here carried in

a Galco pocket holster this here is a

makes this sorry I don't know who makes

this but this is inside the waistband

holster and one thing I like about it if

I can remember who makes it is that it

has a

they're lining on there and I don't care

about messing my guns up at all but one

thing I like about that is it provides

like a really good kind of like snug

retention to it and this is for a Glock

26 and we'll move on to that this is

Glock 26 June 3 gonna carry a lot this

one here is in a Smokey Mountain

concealment holster with a belt loops

that walk in I like these because

they're very easy to put on and

obviously they're very good retention in

that regard so this again gen 3 Glock 26

10 round mag federal HST hundred twenty

four grain I don't like Plus PMO for

defense again personal opinion I suppose

but it's it I don't like it you get less

penetration and you get more recoil I

don't want to either of those so what

you get here we have our gun and exact

same sights as the Walter has or the

true goes the tf-x is I think I should

probably know what those are I don't

know but they're the new ones that have

the protected fiber optics and then the

white ring around the front I really

like them they work great in a day they

work great at night they're super

awesome sights there's tons of good

sites you guys are gonna see some others

as we go along but Glock 23

I'd rather Glock 26 gen 3 excellent

firearm very that want to get a bit this

here we have again another pocket gun

that I do use this one here has the

church Conte HD sights I like the HD

sights a lot for concealed carry though

I only use them on Pocket guns simply

because they do kind of poke at my hip

if I use them on the waistband but Glock

42 again xtp bullets just like before

but we've sto key and again we have a

pro 460 Galco holster the thing about

these gecko holsters like this one as

well that I really like is this hook

right here so it pretty much any type of

pants or force that you're wearing it

will hook and not come out and that

happens reliably which I do like as well

next gun up is this one here is a Ruger

LCR can you do a video on this one day I

really like this gun this here has a

spear Gold Dot 38 special not plus pmo

in there that's Hardy I'm going to get I

don't think it's really available

anymore they used to sell it but I don't

really see it out thirty moment it's a

good performer as well in terms of

penetration which is what you really

need to be focused on in my opinion if

you're gonna carry a 38 special gun and

we have a excess big dot sight there on

the front love it love it love it this


I pocket carry and I should also mention

it has the Hogue piranha grip on there

which I really like as well but I tend

to carry this one here in this I believe

this is Cardini a holster and I almost

never carry appendix let's talk about

that I suppose but if I carry appendix

it's this right here for some reason

it's just very comfortable of me has

that high strap here on the back with

the leather for me it fits me well and

my body type in terms of carrying

appendix and when I sit because it's so

short it doesn't poke me like I again I

almost never carry appendix and if I do

this is really the only one that I can

think of that I ever do but yeah that's

what I do and again it just depends what

I'm wearing and what I'm doing that day

as to how I carry and what I carry all

right give that moving along and we'll

go here all right so this one's probably

gonna surprise some people although it

might not surprise others so this is a

Glock 19 Gen 4 again trugo sights it's

kind of a theme there and that's not

intentional I like other site simply

know why it just so happens that there

seems to be a lot of true goal here on

the table but this one has the critical

defense 135 grain standard pressure one

of the mo in there

I prefer HSTs or the gold does

personally however it just happened that

when I was testing this gun for

concealed carry and I was running a

bunch of a defensive ammo through it

that I had the critical defense with me

so that's what I went with it's an

acceptable round in my opinion there's

nothing wrong with it I have Delta song

as well and this is in a crossbreed

holsters this is one of their new rigs

and I should kind of point that out I

guess one thing you're gonna see is kind

of a theme is that if there's a double

stack gun that I carry usually it's

going to be in a hybrid holster the same

is gonna be true here with this FN now

that's 26 kind of an exception but the

reason I say that is comfort for me

again because I always carry a gun

comfortable comfortable being

comfortable rather makes a difference so

having a hybrid holster for me they're

just much more comfortable I tend to

carry inside the waistband at the at the

3 or 4 Floral Clock position rather so

for me I just like the way it actually

you know contours to your body a little

bit better and then the Kydex outside it

gives you the option to our other

ability to reholster better than you

came with leather that's definitely a

downside of weather is that it

kind of shrinks down means raw but I

like this here allows a very easy access

to get a full grip on the gun because

you can see here nothing's blocked some

hybrid holsters have that this does not

it's a good rig one thing else we'll

recommend is whenever you get any kind

of holster that has screws in it which a

lot of these have any time you get a

holster that has screws in it in any way

lock type them blue or purple it's fine

you don't need red buttock type them

they will come loose over time again I

always carry a gun so and I have since I

was shoot 18 so 1919

so yeah definitely lock type those down

because they will come with it happens

trust me

but yeah Gen 4 Glock 19 the reason I

said it's kind of ironic is the reason

this channel started for those that

don't know is because I I had the gun

before two guns before this the Gen 4

Glock 19 is what I bought for my wife

when we first started dating for her to

carry and the thing wouldn't work this

again like I said it's the 3rd gen 4

lock 19 because I had to go back to the

factory over and over again and that's

the reason I started the channel which

is basically because I wanted to rant

about a Gen 4 Glock 19 that wouldn't

work and end up being two of them and

then this is the third one I think this

is a 2017 production and this guns had

zero malfunctions of any kind in any way

awesome gun it works just like the Glock

19 should've work I bought it originally

and the first two of course didn't but

it is what it is alright next up is

going to be this little rig right here

it's an alien gear holsters again hybrid

style I really like the hybrid this one

has like a neoprene type of fabric to it

feels like a wetsuit if you guys have

ever felt that and I like that

particularly when it's really hot out as

opposed to the leather it's just more

comfortable and it I mean if this one

you see it's all marred up and nicked up

because I use it a lot but it's

comfortable and again kind of has that

hybrid design everything's locked down I

can assure you and this is the FNS 9c

really liked the gun - excellent gun

again 124 Green federal HST non-plus P

10 rounds you get there in the magazine

the sights on this one are I believe yes

they are cheek on Trijicon sights with a

nice ledge there on them to you know run

up one-handed should you need to do so

but this pistol kind of like the PPS I


backed up like as much as I do but I

love it it's awesome she's great it's

got a decent trigger for a defensive gun

and I would love to see like the the new

509 come out and concealed-carry model I

would definitely dig it but we'll get to

that here in just a second actually so

that's that again here we have a Glock

43 this one I do carry inside the

waistband sometimes in this holster and

this holster is made by I believe it's

your head works I will annotate it down

below but Glock 43 we have excess sights

on there as you guys can see front and

rear a big dot tritium only for the

excess sights for defensive use I like a

tritium only the first standard XS I

realized they make a ton of different

ones now but I like just the front sight

index at low-light I do dig it again we

have federal 124 green HST ammo in there

so those are the guns that I carry we'll

get into when and why a little bit more

in just a second

current lights that I'm carrying these

change obviously much more than the guns

that I carry but currently we're

carrying a surefire EGD LED defender

this light is awesome in just about

every way there will be a full review of

it but it's got tons of output I

personally like the crenelated bezel in

case you have to whack somebody with it

and take their DNA with you you can do

that really bright very good for as soon

as you draw it out of your pockets very

ergonomic to activate and you'll notice

there that I don't carry currently any

guns with weapon lights on them I have

in the past I probably will going

forward but currently I don't

so I'm generally carrying oh I say

generally I would say 95% of the time

I'm carrying a light as well sometimes

if I'm going to the grocery store at 11

a.m. I don't carry like just kind of how

it is but this one's awesome the one

downside of it which will be in the

review is that it can tear up fabric if

you guys are wearing like normal pants

but I don't I kind of wear cargo pants

that are like true specs or vertex or

whatever pretty much all the times I

don't really have that problem but I get

that people do the other one that I

carry well a couple more that I carry a

lot is this little guy here it's a

stream like Micro stream USB 250 room in

the coyote one these things are awesome


this one I have to sort of hide because

my wife has taken all these I used to

have four of them and she's taking all

of them so this one might hide away but

it's great super super small USB

rechargeable for review on the channel

already then another stream light that I

use here is the protec 1l AAA this one

here can take a number of different

batteries so it

double-a obviously triple I think in a

paint and then a cr123a as well great

output it's very light not expensive at

all can double as a weapon I actually

have a black one as well that I use as

little what might you guys have probably

seen it in several reviews here on the

channel already not a full review done

on this light yet but I will

carry it all the time the reason a lot

of these lights don't have reviews guys

is because I'm I carry liked to test

them as part of the review so it tends

to be an ongoing process this one here

is the gym this is going to be one of

the lights I highly highly recommend

when I when I do the review it's not

expected it's this little surefire

option here and it's design is genius

it's got this little pocket clip so you

can wear it it kind of looks like you're

carrying a knife if nobody knew any

better and it's USB rechargeable as well

it's got different different controls

you can control the output high low

medium always comes on high which I like

I preach that in all my like defensive

like type of videos and then if you want

to the back button here will always give

you that high output and it will

illuminate pretty much anything you want

it's super lightweight it's you don't

even know it's there it's an awesome

light so when and why do I carry certain

guns so rather probably one of the most

common guns I actually carry let's let's

get to that so I carry this a lot the FM

9c carry that a lot carry the Glock 43 a

decent amount carry the Ruger a good bit

the LCP

carry the the jframe here and not as

much I carry the PPS a lot during the

summer if I'm wearing cargo shorts or

something like that this is probably

what I'm going to be carrying the PPS

it's awesome for that so those would

probably be the ones I carry the most of

all of them and again it just comes down

to what I'm wearing because I don't

dress around

I don't dress around the gun like I said

I know some people do and some people

say you need at least 10 rounds and the

spare mag and all that stuff at all

times that's great if you subscribe to

that Bravo good on you fine sir I fit in

you know when I was younger I should

point that out too I said I've been

caring since I was 19 that's true when I

was younger i religiously carried double

stack max everywhere I went and I

dressed around the gun and you just

wouldn't have seen me without one

however as I've gotten older I've lack

injuries all kinds of other crap and I

just don't do it anymore

it is what it is are there were times

that if I were to get in confrontation I

would wish I had more rounds or an extra

matter all that stuff yeah absolutely

but the first thing you need to win a

gunfight is a gun so I always have one

on me like we said so that's the best

starting point and any of these guns

carrying them is better than not

carrying a gun in my opinion so that's

that I think we pretty much covered

everything I'm sure this was a long

rambly video I apologize for that

you guys have begged me for this video

for years so that is it oh I should also

point out what are we planning on

changing this gun here is probably going

to go away like dock 19 I don't carry it

much I do like the holster but the

reason it's probably gonna go away is I

shoot the 19 X and the Glock 45 way

better I do I just shoot them so

freaking well and I don't know why I

don't know what the heck magic secret

sauce is to having a mullet Glock and

shooting it great but for me that's how

it is I mean I shoot the Glock 19 pretty

well but I shoot those guns I mean as

well look in 1911 like a custom 1911 so

those will probably and one of those two

if I was to do this in 2019 will

probably be in this rig I also have a

LCP - that's going to testing that may

make it there it's got a ways to go in

terms of rounds of proving itself and FN

a 509 I don't know we'll see if I went I

may get into the concealed carry a

rotation if they came out with a smaller

one I would definitely give it

consideration but I like the 509 as well

a ton but yeah other than that and if

you're gonna stay the same for a while

that's pretty much it

hopefully we answered the questions why

I carry what I carry all the details and


stuff there should be links down below

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thanks for watching thanks for

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all means let me know down below just

try to keep it cordial and I see hope to

see rather all of you in the next video

clock 43 out here with some true goatee

FX's and just a little reminder guys

strain with your carry guns they're not

as fun to shoot I know but it's it