Best Carpet for Pets

everybody it scary again from RC Willey

and I'm here again with Randy who's our

resident corporate expert it's been here

for 22 years and we want to talk to pet

carpeting essentially I'm a pet owner

you a pet owner yes what do you have I

have a dog and about six horses okay

tough to keep track of the number of

horses I have yeah I definitely know you

know you're talking about I've got a cat

and a dog puppy actually which is why

never place in my carpet yet because

he's already messing everything up right

accidents as they call them yeah they're

accident just accident they're learning

yeah exactly

they'll have accidents yeah well tell me

about same master pepper attacks I mean

this is apparently the carpet for pet

owners yeah one of the better carpets

first a master pet protect it's a

solution-dyed nylon which makes it sole

that it's very easy to clean take care

of the stains will come out they're

guaranteed to no durability and where's

fabulous there are the 25 year warranty

on that so you can't go wrong with a Pet

protect carpet Wow okay so rocketship my

puppy he goes the bathroom on the carpet

you what blot it how does it even come

on you clean it up if you if you have

trouble cleaning it up you get a you get

that professional esteem clean it if you

have trouble with that and does come out

then you could call Stainmaster they

send out a representative to inspect it

to see if there's a problem with the

carpet itself if that's the case I have

known of times in which we have replaced

carpets and so at the time that you put

your pony in the house you have to worry

about it we went too quick oh yeah yeah

and just looking at here it looks like

it actually comes in different piles or

whatever you call right where it's like

right so can you swing that is there

guile yeah it's a different pile this is

all loops but this was a cut and loop

and so and then this is all all cut it's

all sheared off so multicolor patterns

they come in all different kinds just

depends on what you like and then we put

a stain master pad underneath that that

has a moisture barrier which helps to

prevent anything getting into the pad

because once it's in the pad is tough to

get the stain back out

right alright well I remember my buddy

in high school his family put in school

grade carpet for their dog and now you

don't have to worry about it where you

can actually get a good looking carpet

the rugs yeah some people like the

little softer some people want more

durable and so a shorter pile is always

more durable than the and they're tall

soft stuff but most people buy soft

stuff because that's what they want

their home that's right now yeah cool if

you guys have any questions about the

right carpet for your pet whatever that

may be AG wanna to a horse let us know

we'll take care of you