Best Carpet Cleaner 2019 - TESTED- Bissell vs Rug Doctor vs Hoover

hey everybody welcome to vacuum Wars and

to our best carpet cleaner competition

2019 edition since last year we've added

a few more machines and updated the way

we test them slightly for example we

made the stains a little tougher to pick

up this year and use the exact same

solution in each machine and there were

some pretty big surprises so links in

the description and let's get started it

should be noted that these carpet

cleaners generally fall into three


the budget category like the Hoover

power - in the Bissell turbo claim the

mid-level machines like the Hoover power

scrub elite the Bissell 2x revolution

pet Pro and the Hoover smart wash

finally we have the premium carpet

cleaners like the bissell big green the

rug doctor wide path and the new rug dr.

Pro deep clean most of them have a

slightly different take on how to clean

the carpet with one vertical spinning

brush of different sizes being the most

common way but we also see a horizontal

spinning brush system on the power scrub

or a single vibrating brush bar on the

wide path or vertical to brush systems

like on the 2x revolution and smart wash

the other difference is with these

machines are mostly about their tank

size and their build quality obviously

the premium ones are built to last

evidenced by the fact that all three of

these are used in the rental market and

get a ton of use I found that the tank

size is more important than you might

think though and tank size pretty much

follows price for example the budget

cleaners have a really small tank which

means that you'll be wasting a lot of

time filling and emptying these machines

if you're trying to use it for a whole

house cleaning as they're really just

meant for spot cleaning or really small

areas in other words if you're going to

be using these a lot or for large areas

than the larger the tank the better so

for the stain tests I took Georgia red

clay mixed it with water and applied it

to medium pile carpet with a paint brush

as equally and as evenly as I could for

some of the other stains I took exactly

one ounce of grape juice and one ounce

of v8 juice and really worked it all the

way into the carpet for some deep down

stains and let it all dry for 24 hours I

know we all want to get to the tests and

you can skip to the time stamp if you

absolutely can't wait but there are some

variables to discuss that are pretty

important for example in a recent video

we found that the type and amount of

detergent you use per gallon of water

significantly impacts the results of the

test so for this test I took exactly

four ounces

the winning detergent from that video

and in most cases mixed it with exactly

one gallon of water for each machine I

say most cases because in the case of

the Hoover smart wash and Hoover power

scrub you have to put the detergent and

the water into separate tanks and the

Machine mixes the solution for you so

yes I put the same four ounces of

detergent to one gallon of water in them

as I did the others but I can't be sure

how the Machine mixes the solution

internally as far as the amount and

speed of the passes I alternated passes

with solution spraying on the forward

pass and suction only on the reverse

pull making two complete passes each I

counted eight seconds for each pass one

final thing was that there was a

malfunction with the Bissell turbo where

it wasn't spraying water equally during

the test I've been using this particular

machine a lot recently at my house so it

could be starting to fail with a lot of

use as it is a pretty inexpensive

machine also I feel like the bissell big

green the premium bissell did much worse

than it did last year and my only guess

is that the handle on the top should

have been in the front position to

create a better seal so i think i'm

going to disqualify its results for two

years in a row as frustrating as that is

okay so there were two big winners after

all the testing was done the first one

wasn't really a surprise as it won last

year as well

and that was the Bissell Proheat 2x

revolution pet Pro it did the best with

the clay stain as well as the grape

juice stain but it also happens to be my

favorite in terms of features and

usability I like that it has an easy to

use hose lots of attachments for stairs

or upholstery and it handles just like a

regular vacuum which is nice really the

only downside is the one gallon tank

could have been bigger and it's a little

pricey the second-place winner though

and the one that really surprised me was

the Hoover power dash which arguably did

the second best with the stain test of

any in this competition especially with

the embedded stains the reason why it's

surprising though is that it's one of

the cheapest machines in this

competition which may be the reason it's

currently one of if not the best selling

carpet cleaner online the main downsides

are that the tank is extremely small and

it doesn't have a hose or any

attachments so it's basically just meant

to be a spot cleaner it's just really

impressive that one of the cheapest

machines did the best and I should

mention that I did better than the

previous test I've done with it probably

because of the type and amount of

solution I used

as far as the rentals and after my user

error disqualifying the big green I'd

have to say that the rug doctor wide

path was the winner with a stain test

but it should be noted that the new rug

doctor Pro is light years easier to use

with its removable clean water tanks

ergonomic handles so you can go back and

forth instead of just one direction like

with the wide path so I personally like

the pro deep clean version of the rug

dr. better although the rug dr. wide

path did better in the stain test a lot

of people asked me last year to test

which one dried the quickest and I tried

to devise a way to test which one was

the most dry the next day but they were

all so dry that there wasn't enough of a

difference to score it so I guess I

would say that dry time is not as big of

a deal with these cleaners as long as

you're not soaking the carpet with water

links in the description to all these

carpet cleaners and be sure to subscribe

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